I am Patrick Casey, President of American Identity Movement

My outlook can best be described as short-term pessimism, long-term optimism. I truly believe that order will be restored—it’s just a question of when. Civilizational decline can last centuries… For all of Trump’s policy failings, he laid groundwork for what *could* be a restoration of political order in America. It’s thus up to us to do what we can. The “send her back” chants proved what I’ve long suspected: that Trump’s base, deep down, wants a white country.

Unfortunately, the establishment is capable of channeling genuine white grievances into dead ends—conservatism and 1.0/neo-Nazism being two of the major ones. What America needs is an authentic populist movement, one that avoids the pitfalls of conservatism (inability to address real issues and dispense with progressive morality) and 1.0 (wacky, outlandish, and extreme expressions of white identity that repulse white elites and average Joes alike). The Alt-Right had the potential to be this, but it failed as a result of repeated gaffes, alcoholic leadership, and a lack of standards. Many lessons to be learned from 2015-2018. Fortunately, most of the bad apples have weeded themselves out by now, so future waves of interest in dissident politics will hopefully be channeled more productively.

If you would like to know more about AIM or would like to join our noble cause, our website is

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There is no "White™"
There is only Europe.

OH WOW another Jewish eceleb spam thread! How lucky am I to have been lurking /nupol/ exactly when this thread was made?! How do I give my hard earned money to these vulture capitalists?

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You misspelled 'jewish'

The term "white" to refer to Europeans was used naturally among Europeans who founded the United States.

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How exactly does a close up pixelated picture of a nose prove he is Jewish?

WA State Trooper 'L.A. Rider' is taking names of "ebil wyt raycis".
WA State Troopers unconstitutionally audio record "traffic stops" against your rights and will.
Inform them that jews are the enemy.
And their masters.
Point out the jew star on their door.
Call them terrorists.
And remind them that
The U.S. is not Palestine
End the occupation of America !

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That definition excluded "swarthy" Europeans, user, and was likely jewish subversion of the New World.

looks Scottish.

Also fuck off fags.

his surname, Morley, is either English or Ashkenazim Jewish. He doesnt' look English to me, Moshe, and apparently neither does he to (((you))).

Still no proof…


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is that what you're going with? good.

there is no amerikkkan identity, it is all kiked and bullshit. burn this shit hole to the ground

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Yes, he looks Scottish.
If we believed everything you paranoid freaks said, the entire world would all be Jews. Sober up Pedro.

Morley isn't a Scottish surname. It's either Old English or Jewish. Don't look English to me, Rabbi.

He's also not on the islands.

How is this relevant? He has brown semitic skin, brown beady jew eyes, jewish hairline… his entire phenotype is jewish. And he's a literal police officer… recruiting for a political movement. You do realize this isn't 2016, right? Zig Forums isn't buying your shit any more.

Bruh why did you post this one instead of one of the new one's?The new ones are way better

The fuck are you even babbling about? I wasn't on here in 2016 you faggot.

You guys recruited me at the end of 2017.

lurk moar then

Fuck off faggot, I run almost half of your operations now.

I am Northern German you retard.

You're a Northern German shilling for a honeypot exposed as using a Jewish police officer to recruit for them. You are suuuuuch a smart goy. How can I be like you?

Where's your evidence?

Kill yourself.


Does AIM have a "dont ask dont tell" homosexual policy like IE did?

What's the point of tantrum Nationalism? you are simply brodcasting to the enemy that you are not a threat, just a group of passive aggressive crybabies.

How come you need pictures of everyone's tattoos to join?

Why are you even here?

Patrick Casey is a Jew loving, Israel supporting Bolshevik.

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Now, now Patrick, it was IE, TRS and Daily Stormer that led everyone to vote for Israel, i mean Trump. dont blame "the establishment" thats was your doing

The Pitfall of Today's American Conservative is

Where's that evidence?

He su
ports Dugin, which you have to, unless you don't want to take the Russians seriously, you faggot.

tor faggot.

That retard. He does not look at jewish.
he is just looking down, which is why he turned his head.
BTW aquiline nose does not mean jewish at all. It is just that jews have more aquiline noses.

Common sense

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it's over.

imagine trying to run damage control on Zig Forums.

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The Russians will not deal with you, if you don't understand their philosophy.

answer the question. you had a literal cop recruiting, you take pics of everyone, and you definitely seem like a company man to me

not to mention your avoidance of questions, and your obvious hatred of the working class, who you only mention as a talking point, like a politician does.

>implying the majority of Russians support (((dugin)))
Casey is either a Bolshevik/Duginist or he's weak and caters to Bolsheviks/Duginists. Pick your poison.

Moarpheus is a faggot. Everyone knows that.
Aquiline nose is not "confirmed jewishness". Most people with white skin and Aquiline noses are whites.

he has brown semitic skin you disinfo agent

that skin in this picture is completely white

And this one


whiter than most Germans have.

I am a 100% for Hitlerism, I understand Duginism and Bolshevism. I respect Duginists, and detest Bolshevism. The Russians know my opinions. We get along because we understand that.

What proof is there that this is you, Patrick Casey, and not someone LARPing? Post a screenshot with thread title and timestamp or GTFO.

kys shill

pic related.

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Being a police officer is a valid and respectable occupation.

We don't. If you want to participate in activism and show your face, that is your choice. If you don't want to, you don't have to. There are many of our members that don't participate in on the ground activism.

what?! yes bro. im totally exposing (((AIM))) and (((Patrick Casey))) because I am Patrick Casey. Do not reproduce you absolute brainlet.

So what? I am not a member of AIM? Most people I encounter are leeches.

Moarpheus is a schizo faggot, who thinks everyone is a controlled opposition (maybe to justify why he does nothing for white race) and thinks that there is a global Duginist conspiracy

fuck off kike shill

You'll never be white, moarpheus.

can homosexuals join?

what efforst are made to remove jews who make their way into your group?

can non-Whites or halfbreeds join AIM?

answer ALL of these, stop avoiding question you weasel

Can you name one Alt-Right/political eceleb who doesnt support Dugin? Just one.

The only reason I get associated with Israel, is because the Jews hide behind me when they start taking flak in the media.

That's a weak position for a supposed Nationalist to take.

not an answer

are you saying people with tattoos are subhumans or something? please use the word optics in your response.

Your response has nothing to do with mine. You claim to support Hitlerism while defending Patrick Casey who has denounced National Socialism. Are you a kike shill or simply lack integrity?

Hitlerism is not National Socialism.

So you support Hitlerism but not National Socialism? How the fuck does that work, Moshe?

Duginism is somewhat good because from what I read on wikipedia, he thinks it is good idea to ally with Iran which makes it harder for (((jewnited states))) and Israel to control the world.
The most important thing about politics is that US collapses so Iran could nuke Israel.

I asked you to name one political eceleb who does not support Dugin. You can not because there is a Bolshevik conspiracy. Isn't that right, Rabbi?

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welcome to AIM, this police officer here is going to photograph your tattoos and hold your doxx. dont worry, a police officer is a valid occupation. they have never been used to arrest White Nationalists in sting operations.

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Hitler created a system that achieved his goals. National Socialism was that system.

Only a fool thinks the same system will work in every instance and permutation. Variables exist in reality. National Socialism was a defined system, and was very detailed.

Homosexuality is largely irrelevant. We do not promote homosexuality or a homosexual identity.

We make sure those who join have good intentions and are not bad actors, as our screening process is vigorous. Those who seek to undermine America, white people and our movement in any capacity are strictly dealt with by expulsion

AIM is strictly an organization for European Americans.

Define "Hitlerism." -ISM means to be like or part of something. How can you "be like" Hitler while denying National Socialism… the very thing which made him "Hitler." Also your assessment is nonsense. NatSoc was planned for the whole of Europe and eventually the world.