The Solution to Our Problems: Debunking the Acceleration Myth

I came to provide you with two very hard to swallow redpills:

1) TV, computers, cellphones, radio, news, music, pornography and the Internet (especially imageboards) are all data smog that act as addictions and hinder our cognitive performance, too much information and also subversive information that fills our minds with degeneracy is EXACTLY WHAT THE JEWS WANT! Don't believe me? Try going without Zig Forums or porn for a week. Imagine how much time we waste on DATA SMOG that we could have used to improve our lives. We are literally killing our brains and making ourselves more stupid by doing this.

2) Accelerationism helps the Jews because it allows them to persecute us more violently. WE HAVE NOT YET CREATED THE REVOLUTIONARY INFRASTRUCTURE NEEDED TO FIGHT THE ENEMY IN THE STREETS. This is why we should be planning to do what Harold Covington and the New Awakening is suggesting, pic related.

Now imagine if we all permanently got rid of data smog in our lives, which would lead to us increasing our IQs by 20-25 points, and instead of ACCELERATIONISM started believing in RESTRAINTISM. By 2030, when the brains of lemmings are fried from data smog and the ZOG has fallen, we will rise up all across the white world and take power into our hands.

Criticize me all you want, call me a shill or a glownigger but deep down you know I'm right.

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Doing anything violent will get you killed or arrested. Any immediate political activism will get you put on a watch list and forced to become a federal informant.

On the other hand if you wait ten years, gather resources and execute a thorough plan, then you can actually help your race.

Accelerationism is not about violence. Don't let kikes and other bad actors co-opt every single word.

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Get out schizo. Filtered.

Stay defeated Moshe. We Accelerationism nao.

It takes an assload of resources to move somewhere like the NW, especially while looking for a new job.
Quite a lot of us don’t have that kind of capital on hand.

Reminder that this ( is your alternative to NW migration.

I know exactly what’s going on, but I don’t have shit to my name. Funs are at least still cheap enough to obtain, for now.

I like what you guys are doing, but you are all going to be killed by Yellowstone.


Who put you on the job to make a thread?What ever you do not call Tarrant something bad faggot He's a saint!You do not touch or insult saints.Also Accelerationism and mass killings both work faggot look at knight Breivik he made a whole country become right leaning and stopped them from importing invaders.Even this image you posted disproves you we need to take action against the system im with the new awaking and having a ethostate but the hard truth is the system needs to be destroyed we can't wait for the colapse we need to fucking start is the system will not let happen

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Retard their not going to get killed by yollowstone

What im getting is fine have tons of kids while we do the heavy lifting and kill the system it would be good for both of us

This is not getting out of the system. They WILL raid you like they did Waco and the lemmings will eat it up.

Their not saying to live in one big ass place.It's community structured

Sure but don't propagate accelerationism violence as the ONLY solution.

If you read the New Awakening plan on their website, you will see that it is the best plan we've got. As long as we keep on the down low (((they))) will not Ruby ridge us.

A mix of accelerationism violence is good

Violence is the infrastructure. It is all that is needed to genocide the jews and to kill all who support them and all their paid pigs.

No brakes on this train, faggot

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Shut the fuck up (((conservative boomer))).
You have been poisoning our well for too much long now.

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I'm reporting the spammer for being anti gringo!

Fuck off spicnigger, Knight Commander Breivik told us to protect the jews

I raped your mom


Forming white communities is OK but fighting for collapse is also needed.
You also don't need to form big communities and it is possible bad when the race war starts. We want to get as many white people on our side as possible. That's why we must be anonymised so the fight will be between whites and non-whites, instead of white nationalists and everyone else.
If we target blacks, they know who to hit to hurt us. We must make them attack random whites to get sympathy for our cause.
Also the colors (green and blue) are suspicious though. I've seen them somewhere else

This person is not completely incorrect

This is some of the gayest shit I've ever read. Let's say that all your members aren't subversives and DO play things by the book as good ole fashioned law-abiding citizens. Even still, ZOG will inevitably do everything within its well-funded power to play it as dirty as possible and outright fuck you all in the ass without the courtesy of lube before anything meaningful could be accomplished. At this juncture only lonewolves and decentralized networks operating in the shadows can enact meaningful change. Go home with your lofty fantasy and read Siege, faggot.

This image that blatantly condemns those willing to die for their race is the supreme level of degenerate. The effeminate creator of this image can fuck right off with his cowardly fear of death. Valhalla awaits.

gucas itt

This cannot be reposted often enough.

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Learn the laws of nature, user. A host needs to fight the parasite to death or it will be devoured by it. Only the parasite can chose to flee, the host is forced to fight or die.


The globoZOG system must collapse first (accelerationism), only then will creating white communities and ethnostates be possible. For that, each one of us needs to be as subversive and do as much damage to the system itself as possible.

Let's say you create your FBI honeypot state, it will give the government an excuse to crack down on it, even militarily if needed. Let's say you somehow win a civil war in the US and the country becomes Zig Forums tier, you will get attacked by Russia, China, (((UN))) etc, most likely even during the war. Do that in some other country, and you get bombed by uncle ZOG. The initiative needs to be global, and simultaneous, because kikes always have a backup country to flee to.

Accelerationism doesn't mean listening to JIDF and glowniggers praising mass shootings though

Why do you have to D&C? Always? Why always? We're not fucking asians and don't subscribe to your hive mind mentality where everyone has the exact same approach. We need to fight on ALL fronts.

It's a race against time you dumb fuck, if everyone were to become wage slave cucks and have kids (not that I have anything against that) we would be outnumbered in a blink. time to get a little bit /uncomfy/ coward

I agree with your post but this image is better.

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Fuck off you faggots, why are you running to the northwest like a bunch of cowards!? Stand and FIGHT! Like a REAL Aryan man! We have to stand out ground and fight until the glorious Endsieg or the bitter end of this world! READ SIEGE FAGGOT!

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How's the weather in Langley?

Wow, great insight. Powerful redpill.

…… You're retarded.

Okay you shill glownigger. Deep down I know you're retarded.

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Hitler tried to forcibly take over the country.
It made him world-famous, landed him in prison for awhile, and led directly to his rise to power.

The game will be over by then you idiot. You can't help your race when they're 30% of your country.

I agree that acceleration is not the answer, but neither is relocation to one central region. That would make ZOG roundup once the shit hits the fan far too easy. Of course you should relocate if you're in any sort of diversity ground zero area, such as the southwest, whose fate is already sealed. Just move to a majority white area and try to become a part of the community, get married ASAP if you aren't already, start having kids, and just propagate the knowledge you have to your friends and family. As shit gets worse, and the endgame becomes more obvious (as if it weren't already) the seeds you've planted will blossom. We need thousands of small communities who are willing to band together when the gang violence amalgamates into literal race war. And here's the other thing, that you might not want to hear, but even Harold Covington knew to be true: you need a connection to God. You need Christ, as a moral compass, for what is here and what is coming.

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That's what got us into this mess!

No more jew shit. Jew shit is dead. You don't even believe in the jew shit, you're just desperate for an identity.
Stop with the jew shit.

Christianity is not "jew shit". The very word "kike" speaks to that; the entire jewish identity, for 2000 years, is centered on a rejection of Christ. Christianity is the moral foundation of Western Civilization, and our decline and collapse of sexual morality was perfectly inversely correlated to the regression of Christianity in the West.

Oy vey.

The Northwest Initiative will result in our genocide.
There is an active volcano there that could erupt, completely eliminating us.
Do not go. Create a new initiative, and locate elsewhere.

Feels good.

Yes, it is. That you can't come to terms with that is demonstrable of the fact that you're hopeless.
There's no point in arguing about it with you, you're a sycophant who claims to be anti-semitic while worshiping a literal jew and the god of the hyksos.

Kikes reject christ as you reject coal-burners and communists my man. Its nothing more than that, and they are not scared of christianity in the least. All you ever do is 'deport' them to other christian lands.

It isn't, its only been extant for like 2,000 years, and wasn't adopted throughout the West for large portions of that.
Whats more, even if it were? Christianity is what led us to where we are today.

Traditionally Europe, philosemite, since before you traitorous ilk existed. Now go worship your demon and STFU.

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Enclavism is suicide.

Christianity is based around the worship of a jew.

We should have a religion that is based around the reverence towards our Aryan bloodlines. Then we can choose our own morals, instead of using Jewish morals, which are all the rules in the Old Testament/Torah, or the words of the Jewish male called Jesus.

This would solve the issue.

If your objection is, "But Christianity is already popular," then that's a fair point. Unimportant however, because I think it is best to completely eliminate all worship of Jews, no matter if you think they are on our side or not.

The best way to deal with modern Christians is to ask them simply:
If a Jew genuinely converts to Christianity, is he still a Jew?

If they answer no, then they're retarded civnat faggots.
If they answer yes, then they're not really christian.
Its one of those fun questions like "If you had to choose between a non-White Christian Europe or a White non-Christian Europe, which would you choose?" that gets them squirming around and engaging in ridiculous mental gymnastics to try to justify loyalty to their creepy jewish demon cult.

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Hello, Schlomo!

No, it's based on the remission of sin. The concept of sin is the most important of all concepts which have been discarded by post-Christian modernity. The notion that you will be called to account for misdeeds is vital to the self-regulation of behavior. Our fleshly desires are destructive. People revert to an animal state when they follow the Law of the Prince of This World, namely: Do what thou wilt. This mantra permeates our culture in overt ways. It's the theme of almost every pop song, it is written on the hearts of every adulterer, liar, and thief.

I'm not arguing for Christian revival because of its pragmatic use as an identity: it's not an identity. It's a moral framework, and it works, and its True.

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Retreating is not an option, it never was.
The government will force your pure white ethno-colony to be multicultural at gunpoint and if you're not willing to fight now I hold no hope you will fight back then.

I'm not planning on relocating anywhere at all, but if people really do want to leave and make new friends, then I figure it's best to warn them about Yellowstone.

What the fuck does that even mean?
I've studied kikes extensively, and unlike you, I'm not restricted by my jewish cult.
Your 'God' is a the demon you call 'Satan'. You're just too stupid to realize it.
Who cares? Its all jew shit. Seriously, that's the best you can do? Jews were shit before the Talmud kiddo.

And no, its literally based on worship of a jew, because you literally can't be a christian without worshiping the rabbi Yeshua.

Enclavism is suicide. Its just another form of escapist White flight.

And here's why enclavism is suicide.

By the way, this bit?
This is why Christianity is so shit and why this outcome was inevitable.

The cognitive dissonance this causes in Christians leads them to say some of the most outlandishly retarded shit you could possibly imagine with a straight fucking face. Shit like "Jesus was not a jew! He was a European!" or "Saul/Paul was not a jew either, he converted!".

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Do you actually believe in Christianity, or are you just arguing for it in an intellectual manner?

Definitely a jew.

Sin and holiness are the key concepts. If people lived perfect lives without sin, they wouldn't need a savior.


Abandoning Christianity is what led us to where we are today. Christianity says kikes are the literal direct descendants of satan, and are the eternal nemesis of Adamites (white people). The things we call jews today have no relation to Judeans of the bible, they only say they do because it let them deceive Christians into supporting their conquest of the middle east. The entire reason jews started pornography, rap, nigger culture, etc was precisely to undermine Christian values. The Lord said clearly that only white people have souls, race mixing is a sin and mongrels are abominations, that faggots go to hell, and that women are to be obedient to their men. Which part of that is bad for us again?

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The thing about Christians is that they actually believe that it's literally true. No matter if you go full-creationism, or just the fact that they believe that they will go to heaven when they die, it's all a complete and utter clownworld show. It's so obvious it's a cult, that the only way to trick people into believing it is to brainwash them as children. And they do. They literally do, because it happened to probably more than half of us.

We already know the truth about Christianity. We were born and raised into that cult, so it's not like you look sane when you claim that Jews are the "direct descendants of Satan."
Jews have chosen to be our enemy, but how do you think sane people feel when some cultist says something stupid like that?

Christians lie. They lie like Jews.
They will say anything to get you to join their cult. They will say true things, partially true things, and utter falsehoods to get you to join. They literally have no other objective in life but to convert people until death, where they believe they will be rewarded for their obedience to the cult doctrine. Afterlife.

They can't deny it either. I was one of them, so they can't say something to get out of this accusation. Christianity is false. It is a cult invented by Jews, and it will lead to our demise.

We need to find a better answer.

Nice try rabbi. You are the sons of satan, who say you are Judean but are not. Exactly as it says in Revelation.

There are no 'chosen people' you fucking kike.
Fucks sake, you are so JEWISH!

What a shitty attempt at subversion. Send better shills please. SAGE.

Also, I love how you go all "No Real Christcuck" when it suits your narrative…
… Even when it goes against the dogma of your cult, lel

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The law is written on every man's heart, because we are all made in the image of God. We all know that murder, adultery, theft are immoral. These principles have been codified by many other cultures besides that of the ancient Israelites. Again, even though you pose as some sort of aryan, you reveal your jewish supremacism by claiming some sort of monopoly on the knowledge of good and evil. It's comical how transparent you are, yet you keep doubling down, even as multiple people ITT have recognized (((you))).

You're not arguing in good faith, kike. Speaking against LGBT is blasphemy in all formerly-Christian nations. Preachers are arrested routinely for speaking against it. You will be deplatformed and fired for taking a stand against. Trying to put this on Christians, when this evil only arrived after the Christians retreated from the mainstream, is dishonest. This will be my last reply to you, as I'm filtering you for this remark.

We can both agree that that's bad, but again, it is a peculiarity of modernity. Christianity has historically been opposed to jewry and recognized its corrupting influence.

Yes there are. White people are God's people. It doesn't matter how hard you cry about this Shlomo, it always was and always will be true.
Says the yid while insisting that kike lies about them being Israelites should be believed despite all evidence to the contrary.
It is pretty clear that you are regurgitating kike bullshit without even attempting to understand it. The word you keep seeing as "Jew" is in fact "Judean". Judean means someone from Judah. The things we call jews are not of Judah. They have absolutely no relation to Jacob, or Abraham, or Adam. They are the descendants of Cain, who was fathered by satan. What the bible says is that Christians must accept all white people who have faith in the Lord. Judean or Greek, does not matter. We're all white. Jews are Caananites and Edomites who have traditionally followed the satanic rituals of babylonian talmudism, although many in the modern world now follow the satanic rituals of progressivism or communism instead.
What questions? Your kike derangement is making you hear voices or something.

You already proved you're a yid, you don't need to keep trying. Just because kikes want to claim credit for everything white people have ever accomplished, while giving whites blame for everything kikes have done, doesn't mean we're going to just swallow that shit like a bunch of retards.

The summation of conversations with both pagans, christians and atheists has led me to the conclusion that this is the correct stance looking towards the future.

Empty philosemitic blather. We had conceptions of what was right and wrong before your stupid jewish shit showed up, and it was better than what your stupid jewish shit espoused and espouses to this day.

Yes, I am, and the irony of a philosemite calling me a kike because I hate all kikes including the rabbi Yeshua? Priceless.

That shit is a micro-component of the downfall happening around you, all of it orchestrated by jews who your ancestors let walk amongst you based on… Wait for it… Christianity!

They didn't retreat, they're still there, they're the largest religious group on the fucking planet.
What the fuck are you talking about? You're just doing more "No Real Christcuck" shit you sorry loser, because you can't come to the reality before you: This isn't the post-Christian era, this is the summation of Christianity, of Christianity ideology, or your stupid jewish conception of 'sin' taken to its inevitable paramount.
Translation: You're a cowardly philosemite.
Protip: I knew that the moment I started engaging you, and I was proven correct.

Its the end-product of your jewish subservience. Again, you're just too stupid, and too indoctrinated, to internalize that, so talking to you about it is like talking to a brick wall – Christians are basically NPCs when it comes to questioning their cult, you just shut down.

A lie as you typed it. More attempt to spin a kosher yarn into an non-kosher product. Yet another failure for philosemitism.

Hey man, I was you. I grew up in a lukewarm Christian household, and rebelled hard. I'll spare the details, but hedonistic lifestyle led to major dead ends. Also had to reject atheistic materialism on intellectual grounds, vid related. There is a creator, there is right and wrong, and if you pray for faith, God will answer. Hope it works out, I will pray for you.

Accelerationism vs. Restraintism seems like kind of a silly debate. People should just be smart in what they do. If you're going to practice restraintism, practice self improvement, and focus on redpilling others in a way that wont make you seem like some kind of nut job. If you're going to practice accelerationsim, do shit that will actually count for something, rather than shit that will be a net benefit for (((them))) by giving (((them))) pity points.

No, there aren't. Stop being so jewish you CI loser.

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Talking about Christianity is a waste of time.

Focus on political, financial, and social solutions that are true to the volk, so that Christianity can be replaced. Leave Christianity immediately, or you are branded a traitor to the Aryan people.

Checked for extremely wise post.

I'll leave it at where it started:
Christianity is jew shit.
No more jew shit. Jew shit is dead. You don't even believe in the jew shit, you're just desperate for an identity.
Stop with the jew shit.

Christians are traitors. Look what they've done.

Two people in this thread should be friends and allies, but the Christian is blocking people for disagreeing. Christianity leads to brother wars. Christians will serve their god before they serve Aryans. They put Jesus before their own family.

Christians are traitors to their blood and will instantly betray you if told to by their cult.Dd not trust Christians.

Christians: Leave your cult and become Aryan again. You will not be accepted here if you are Christian. Your cult was proven false.

Saying that "jews hate jesus so he's a fucking based jew guys!!" is logically similar to saying

They are ALL the enemy. Just because they speak against each other doesn't mean they're on OUR fucking PRO-EUROPEAN side.

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Christianity birthed the worldview which produced the Scientific Method. No other belief system has been anywhere near as successful at understanding and interacting with the natural world.

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I love how much it burns you yids up to hear the truth. Your eternal hatred and envy of God's people gives you away just as easily as your nose does.
So you are going to prove you are not regurgitating kike lies, by posting a "recreation" of what a group of kikes say Jesus looked like? Even a nigger can see the obvious problem with your kikery:
Pocahontas was from Virginia.
People in Virginia are white.
Therefore Pocahontas looked like pic.
Please show me a kike saying that kikes are the spawn of satan and that white people are the only humans. If you can not, then obviously I am not regurgitating kike bullshit.
Not pretending. You didn't ask me anything retard.
"no u!111" isn't an argument. You literally quoted a rabbi saying the same thing you are saying, to support your argument.

That's completely illogical. Serving God is serving mankind. It is one and the same.

Nobody says that. Jesus was not a jew. Jesus was fair skinned and blond, like his mother. Yids are not Judeans, they are not Israelites, they are not Hebrews. They are Caananites and Edomites whose ancestors converted to talmudism.

Oops, forgot the 100% accurate recreation of Virginian Pocahontas.

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Holy fuck condense your message

op is a faggot

>Most of their Holy Book is (((Their Book))) with a few extra stories
You're a part of the problem. Try Aryan Paganism or into the oven

Seethe harder, kike.

>Most of their Holy Book is (((Their Book)))
Christianity does not include the Babylonian talmud. Where did you get such a stupid idea?

Based Christian user, it's nice to know that there are many of us out there. God bless. There are many prophetic passages in the Bible that point to the empowerment of a small, warmongering, prideful, anti-White, deceitful and filthy rich minority; Edom.

What is old Testament?


You certainly don’t know, you stupid fucking faggot. Nothing in the Torah or the Talmud is Christian law.

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I wonder why when Yaweh is foretold as the protector of jizzrael and the jews, why would anyone anti-semitic would worship him? It's silly.

If white people were following talmudic judaism, we would have conquered all spaces.
The only thing white people lack is thinking for themselves

This is how far Zig Forums has fallen.

Low quality of this thread is astounding. Am I on cuckchan suddenly? OP made three mistakes. Intellectual, tactical and moral one.

Is building whole predicament on a strawman and misinterpretations about acceleration. He did not understood elementary basis of the whole accelerationist practice or just fell for shill memes.

I personally believe that white separatism, be it to NW or not, is one of the valid (note ONE OF) and good choices for any radical white idealist. Especially since Butler's plan and late Covington's work is rather well-thought and detailed. It's something tangible and doable. HOWEVER, the accelerationism is not it's enemy, quite the contrary. These two are literally made to be deployed together and can supplement each other just nice. Even if it was just white separatism, the acceleration would come later anyway.

This cancer is widespread in white movements. Pierce once said that he will never talk bad about white men taking action, no matter his personal conflicts or opinions on them. This is something that must be adopted again. Don't shittalk your own people. Especially your own people who actually did something other than useless shitposting on anonymous cantonese manta-ray hunting forums, like we do. Note how left never talks bad even about the worst of them? Because they understand the value of social cohesion. NSDAP as well cared for this. They cleaned their dirty undies at home, behind closed doors, secretly. All you have to do is to keep your mouth shut. No one expects you to fake praise or interest. Just keep quiet.

no, christianity is jewish slave mentality. Christianity is being the servant while Judaism is being the master in abrahamic hierarchy. It's a cattle faith.
Aryan Paganism is the best though.

The old testament. What kind of retarded question is that? The yids call the old testament the tanakh. The torah is yids taking the first part of the old testament, but discarding the rest because it doesn't suit their narrative, pretending they are the people of Moses, and then tacking on centuries of rabbis writing about how to not follow any of the laws given to Moses by trying to exploit made up loopholes so they can claim to be God's people while doing the opposite of what God commanded.

You seem pretty stupid. Are you black?

You're definitely black.

no, I am from Eastern Europe and all my ancestors were white.
Old Testament is what Christians and Kikes follow, it is their abrahamic world system where whites are slaves of jews.
Whites are cattle who might do nothing and jews are the masters who will get all money through usury and are able to murder the cattle when they want. That is abrahamic bullshit. You must fear hell, freaking cowards.

Why does anyone take these retards seriously when they post a shill thread nearly identical to this once a month?

Prove it. You can't. So don't claim it. Nigger.

Networking is the only thing that has ever worked. Thanks to kosher White Nationalists that has become nearly impossible.

Forgot youre red text at home shlomo?

The marxist/abrahamic indoctrination technique of repeating something until it normalizes in the minds of your enemies doesn't work on national socialists. It never has, and never will.

That's all you larpers have left. Nothing ever changes and the Jews always win.