What happened with this? How are people in the USA so forgetful of this shit...

What happened with this? How are people in the USA so forgetful of this shit? 30 years ago this would be an unforgettable national furore similar to the events which coined the terms "Streisand Effect" and "Stockholm Syndrome", now it's just ignored and forgotten in a few weeks?

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My guessing is that they'll let the niggers deal with themselves and somehow Darwin will see the way.

Because anyone not thoroughly redpilled is an irredeemable normie, so brainwashed as to be effectively non-sentient.

Cause Americas fucked and everyone knows it, everyone at this point is just hunkering down waiting for the fall to come and try to make it out alive

Whatever, I trust the courts. The USA could use more courthouses, actually. I think we need more legal infrastructure so we can give people fairer, speedier trials.

The majority of people don't want to remember and there's nobody in power who wants them to.
One day the shiny, distracting things will come to an end and the real world will be a huge shock to them. Our victory will be Pyrrhic, but at least we'll be prepared and able to say 'we tried' with a smugness specially reserved for seasoned Zig Forumsacks

No one forgot nigger, it was deliberately ignored.

He already got arrested again after setting up another camp

I'm still waiting to hear the true story of what went on with that Las Vegas massacre from some law enforcement authority with all the evidence made public. Like that will ever happen.

Americans only listen to what their talmudvision tells them, if it's not on TV or popular media, it gets forgotten as it never happened. If it is, it becomes a number one issue even if it did not actually happen.

Nobody is watching TV now except some senile boomers and they only have it so they'll have some voices talking in the background to make them not feel so lonely.

What about that Imran Awan guy who sold all your secrets to Pakistan and is currently probably living in a mansion with 10 white teenage slaves being paid for by the US taxpayer.

America is a country in ruins and is full of neutered faggots Thats why.

The American people are as hopeless as the Romans were at the end of the empire.

t. American

America’s judiciary is generally comprtent and generally honest, so we don’t have to worry too much about the details of cases that have gotten to the judiciary. Bump.

Lmao you’re a retarded kike

Uh, I don't think anyone really gave a shit about the Franklin scandal. Although I wasn't alive then so boomers are welcome to set me straight (or vindicate my assessment)

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Because clown republic.

Because the country is run by a corrupt cabal of pedophile clowns who all fuck their own sibblings?

Making grossly inaccurate generalizations like this is both ignorant and retarded. It cannot even be proven to a 100% degree that everyone on Zig Forums has stopped watching the electric jew. Large numbers have stopped, but to imply everyone has is simply stupid.

Who cares? There is no rule of law. What are you going to do about it? Nothing. There is no rule of law. You won’t hunt them down. You won’t kill the judge that let them go. No one is going to do anything. There is no rule of law. Get it through your fucking heads.

There is no rule of law.

You know why: who runs the medias (and the banks and the government)?

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Checked Satan

spbp. Zig Forums seems to be laboring under the delusion that the masses are capable of critical thought. This goes against Natural Law and might as well be belief in unicorns.

Trips of Evil, checked.

am i supposed to know what this is? no link, what happened there?


Glad I'm not the person only one who thinks one retirement aged accountant who made a living playing penny slots at the casino who produced 500 casualties with 20 rifles on hand by spending only 800 rounds from a distance of 400m because of …umm… bump stocks is completely absurd.

OP, we're entering a phase of information circulation that's completely divorced from reality. Also, MSM gets talking points from Media Matters and the like, and we're in election mode now.

LOL genX here and that's all it is for me too. background noise. Thankfully my cable signal is free. I also write off the business phone I use for internet hotspot so Uncle sam pays a third for my surfing. Oh shit, I'm a parasite, aren't I? back to lurking!

it was going to be 9/11 part 2: School shooting edition.

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Dr. Pierce said trying to wake up normies is a lost cause and he was absolutely correct

What do you expect? The people that are supposed to focus on it (the media/press) and do something about it (the federal government) are the ones that condone it.

It's much worse than just that user.

Another one? Why the fuck isn't he in jail or kicked out of the country by now?

Because hes a fucking nigger. If this was a white nationalist camp you can bet he'd be doing a thousand years right now. And its only going to get worse.

Anons, it's reach utter insanity. The amount of shit that gets falsely reported or memory holed is insane, and nobody even remembers or cares. Remember when leaks showed us the CIAniggers have literal black sites around the USA for holding American citizens? Neither does anyone else. There are so many incredibly shocking and important stories that just don't reported, or don't get emphasized, and the normalfaggots don't even remember or care. Every news outlet in the USA should have been up in arms screaming that a terrorist training camp was found in the USA and most of the leadership were just allowed to walk free of charges, only set up a second training camp a year later. But instead they work with the authorities to cover it up.

Based america first listener

People are retards and they are still trustful of the system. The ones that are not have too much to lose. You need to erode the trust (discredit the media, colleges any source of ZOG propaganda) and have an economic crash, before something starts to happen. There are too many rewards for serving the zog (career, social status, pat on the back) and punishments for not serving the zog (loss of a job, social media/MSM ostracization, prison). The system needs to be weakened to the point where it no longer gets to sufficiently punish or reward people.