From Bangladesh
A student(?) possessing a sword, a flag of pakistan and a crossed out picture of Bangladesh's current PM was found to have been illeagally residing in the hostel of a medical college nearby the PM's residence last night. She even had a fake college id card and seemed to be attending the college though irregularly. The police had taken her under investigation but seem to have let her go for some unspecified reasons.
The current conspiracy is that she was planning a repeat of August 15 (
Further info is limited as of now.
Is this a part of something larger Zig Forums? Can we get to the root of this?

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I was about to say "not your personal army" but what the fuck, what do you think she's up to?

Link is broken

They alsonfound that she had a diary will all the names of the war criminals from the liberation war of 15 August

Seems like she deleted her account…

Does anyone know how to recover lost fb data?

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What happened to the old Zig Forums?

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But it's not just about subhumans killing themselves. It seems like someone or some organisation was planning a coup

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What if the cia or fbi 's involved?

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