Glownigger Help Thread: Acceleration Tactics

Euro glownigger here. Got tasked with examining possible acceleration scenarios that right wing extremists might undertake after Tarrant managed to livestream his terrorist attack.

ITT: we theoretically discuss Brenton's mistakes and what white terrorists might do to hinder our governments - in order to help the FBI, CSIS, MI5, etc. do their jobs and adequately prepare for any and all scenarios..

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Who needs Jews when we have White Nationalists.


Trade you… tell us what we want to know first - dump files on Epstein and explain why the law doesn't apply to the rich like it applies to us, and then we might tell you want you want to know.

You are trying way too hard, Schlomo. Like here

You zogbots (((tarrant))) retards have ruined this board. Mods should unironically hand over your IP address to glowniggers so they can arrest you for terrorism

Imagine being not only yid, but also seething yid.

Can you read? I said euro glownigger. All I can tell you is that rich jew bankers are in a conspiracy with white degenerate elites to commit satanic rituals through pedophilia. Search Ted Gunderson and Project Monarch.

In the US alone there are an estimated 4 million degenerates who are in on the pedo ritual abuse.


This thread is literally to help glowniggers catch white terrorists. Can you not read?

Arrest us for what?
Your sperg-out is not sufficient to take away someone's liberty you fucking tyrannical, thought-crime pussy


based and redpilled

Isn't Britain in Europe?

/rolleyes here we go. the euro "glonigger" is anti-pedo when pedos are natural and white traditional culture. we need girls sent to anons like the hikis said.

How do you think America came to exist in the first place?

Better to ask how came Israel to existence, his home country.

that's just bullshit. pedophilia would be LEGAL if they were in control.

what YOU are talking about is postituion that is voluntary. how about white women start sending these little brats to us anons rather than helping them go to the corporate pimps by suppoting neoliberalism all the time?

Yeah because raping little children in satanic jewish rituals is totally (((traditionalist)))

You don't think that pedos will be legalized just like homos were?

Do you have proof he's from Israel? No, you don't.

that will be the tipping point to DOTR

Prove you're a glownigger

NO, if pedophilia remains illegal, htat will be the tipping point to DOTR. You anons are really screwing yourselves by being anti-pedo.

This is not pedophilia, but about the rituals. Pedophilia is consensual. It's non-theatening to anyone.

Yes it is traditional. Literally anons posted the data several times PLUS you can look at WHITE history in WHITE countries.

If anti-pedos think they're DOTR includes being anti-pedo they will get a huge counter-reaction. You can't be against traditional white culture.

KYS degenerate. Reminder that all pedos should literally kill themselves for the betterment of humanity.

Are you female?

t. white grammar terrorist

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shill harder

also lrn2ID

Lying about being a cop is an offense, you know
Reported for committing criminal acts on a board of peace.

if you're female what's your problem? ssly? because we need to know what the issue is particularly you have. older women are not affected by pedophilia.

in fact women would have more power over themselves by being pro-pedo. you don't lose any rights but gain them.

Where did the "glownigger" go?

He might have died from radiation poisoning

we really need any female anons to be honest about it. if the age of consent was 30, the neoliberals would be outraged at you saying it should be 25.

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Hail Tarrant
Tarrant is not a terrorist, you niggerbrain mongrel
He is a formal combatant in the war of invasion

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ITT: a psychotic retard arguing with his sock puppets

cucked and zogpilled

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How is this horseshit thread still up?
Report and remove this trash

(pic related)

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It's a shill, he's paid to make these rants.
You on the other hand should post some proofs to your claim of being a glownigger.
Otherwise sage.

Eat a bullet, nigger.

Off to make many more slides for shabbat.

Derailed after only two posts, impressive.

Kill yourself censorship fag.

I'm doing the long march through the institutions and memeing the overton window to the right until I can fire you at the least, and maybe executing you legally for being a left-wing terrorist traitor. You got a way to prepare for that fucknugget?

Violence is not Accelerationism.
Violence results in the Enemy gaining sympathy from the sleeping masses; violence is de-accelerationism. Let the Communists and Jews be violent then and Zig Forums will play the victim card instead.


Good thing I'm not a terrorist, extremist, or right wing then, newfag.

Shut up fag.

So the shills migrated away from the idea that Brenton Tarrant's rampage was an inside job and now are threatening anyone with getting doxxed and v& if they post anything even politically neutral about Tarrant? How pathetic can these losers get?
pic related in case the shills switch back to their classical tactics of claiming that it was all a psyop or inside job

I give you credit. Even said you glowed and people still flipped out and started arguing over “muh kikes” and shit. If you can prove your claims of being Euro intelligence are true, I’ll gladly cut through the cancer and provide you with the info you want to know.

His mistake? Forsaking God and becoming a pawn to this scheme.
The guy with the miracle socks.
The miracle magazine
The miracle carpet that changed pattern

The "mistakes" that his handlers made were in that it was a poorly produced piece of propaganda.

Things are accelerating, but not due to whites. They are accelerating due to the Narrative Craftes seeing fit to accelerate them, evidently.

I'm just not sure what it is they are accelerating towards.

i want to know what the government can do about this!!!!

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Stop Kvetching, you're never getting rid of em.
You tried to convince people he was mossad.
Didn't work, now you're throwing a tantrum because we have someone who isn't a false flag attacker being idolized by the only people stopping you from world domination…

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