Uralic Languages in the Ancient Near East

Finnish Master Race and the Sumerians

A couple of papers, one looking at the Uralic language element in Sumerian the other in Hattic/Minoan/Linear A.



The reasons for this has to be Uralic speaking Northern Eurasian migration into Anatolia at the end of the Last Ice Age some 13,000 years ago this being the population group of the core Neolithic region that expanded and developed into Northern Mesopotamian Halaf culture and then the Ubaid of Southern Mesopotamia and Iran, the Sumerian language that emerged from that containing Uralic and Dravidian elements as well as Northern Caucasian from NE Iranian groups.

The Hattic region of Anatolia then having been the core region for expansion into the Eastern Mediterranean and Mesopotamia.

The Hittite records have bi-lingual Hattic texts as well as the oldest recorded Indo-European Luwian/Hittite and Northern Caucasian/Hurrian as they were close neighbours, ethnic groups and languages having contracted into that region.

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Kike free. sumerianshakespeare.com/2701.html

How is this possible if Linear A is undeciphered?

The paper discusses a method to decipher and gives examples.


Alright. I'll check it out but I am skeptical.

Really makes you think

Still reading the article and I will admit, I am impressed. I've read articles comparing Sumerian with PIE and modern IE languages and have been unconvinced. However this cognate comparison, at least at face value, seems compelling to me.

Yes it seems good and ties up a few loose ends, establishing the importance of Hatti land.

The standards and figurines, which represent some of the most elaborated metallurgical craftsmanship in Bronze Age western Asia,do not find comparison in contexts outside of north-central Anatolia

The forms may have been created to be consumed in the burials they were found in.The fundamental innovation at Alaca höyük is that metal forms had become imbued with sacred associations.


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There is no evidence from the archeogenetic record of Siberian related migrations into Anatolia from that period…BUT there is indeed evidence of Siberian related ancestry in Iranian neolithic farmers, which would indeed very likely be a population ancestral to Sumerians in all likelihood. What these Siberians spoke back then it's unknown for sure, but some form of proto-Uralic wouldn't be out of question I think.

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This blog is full of links between Hungarians and Sumerians. Hungarian of course being related to Finnish as well. The articles contain many occult references, but since you mention Sumer you can probably handle those.

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The PDF files are actually small enough to be uploaded here.

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Based on how they have words directly from Proto-Germanic and the ancient phonetics, The Uralics are humanity's God language.

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Finno-Ugric is not Indo-European and neither is Sumerian.

Those artifacts you posted… how old are they?

scythians lit kickstarted that shit if i am not mistaken… they kickstarted tons of shit

but they were indo, or kinda everything really.. so little is known about them this way

I am no expert but if I remember right, the were never united behind one language

and there it is again…

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the sunwheel is very very old though, ffs you find this in both north, middle and south america… that tells you a bit how old this symbol is… so that does not have to mean it came with these new people there, it was probably there from before too

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This is obviously proto indo European ancestry, most likely the ancient North Eurasian component of it.

Around 4.000 years old.

That is what they remind me of.

There may not have been much difference if they'd been living in close proximity with other ethnic groups for thousands of years, just the retention of language and some cultural traits, the region is noted as having been a genetic bottleneck.

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Here is a related article:

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