Italy's Matteo Salvini accused of racism after 'dirty gypsy' comments

"Be good, dirty gypsy, be good, for the bulldozer is arriving soon".

>Meanwhile, Democratic Party politician Roberto Giachetti said the comments showed Salvini was "out of control", and suggested (((people))) begin (((worrying))) "before it's too late".

"I'm going ahead until the goal is reached: zero Roma camps in Italy."


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What else is new

How is the weather in Tel Aviv?

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You tell me.

Could this be the fearsome art known as Jew-jitsu?

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Great job, you're both retarded.

Good to see Salvini isn't backing down from what he promises. If only us burgers could have a leader like that. Hopefully the blatant attack on him for a meany-weany word instead of on the woman for calling for political violence will cause a few more people to start noticing (((things.)))

I love racism

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just what he wants, I'm sure

but he is correct ?

Doesn't everyone hate dirty gypsies? No way that is controversial to most people. Just empty smear.

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The entirety of jewish strategy is to force normal people to accept filth with a smile.

look at the seething yid LMAO
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Can someone explain why, regardless of whether he reduced illegal immigration, the % of foreigners in Italy is still increasing, not decreasing, under Salvini? This is what the demographic year-to-year data says. We know already since Trump that words are one thing, action another. Maybe ZOG simply discovered that you can keep the rubes voting for their candidates by telling them what they want to hear while not actually delivering on your promises in a significant way.

I live in Romania and gypsies are annoying animals

Italy's birthrates are the lowest since the time we have been keeping record of them.
The foreigners have higher birthrates.

That may be but the net migration into the country is still positive, not negative.

which year to year data, if I may ask?
in any case, there is still a major problem with so called "barchini" i.e little boats carrying few peoples that pass under the radar and reach the coast, he hasn't really done much against those, we need a naval blockade for that, which with this goddamn half assed centrist government we aren't going to get

Gypsies are a race now? kek balance

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well this government only began the 1st june of the last year, before that we had leftist vermin in charge, you'd need data including this year to get a better pic
also forgot to mention there is some migration coming through the balkan route, he at least seems to want to do something about that

Alright, well, after observing what happened with Trump I'll believe it when I see it.

Datas are taken from Italy's unification (1867), lowest births in 100 years at least.