If Tulsi Gabbard wins the Democratic nomination, who would (((you))) vote for?

Tulsi Gabbard has made some waves due to the grounded common sense she brings to the discussion. She doesn't want war.

Does anyone doubt that Tulsi stands for what she says? False-hearted politicians pale in comparison. Obviously, walking corruption the likes of Kamela Harris can't so much as respond to her challenge without labeling her as a Russian troll, which is pretty funny.

So, let's game this out abit, Zig Forums. Let's say Zig Forums helps Tulsi win the Democratic nomination. She's already making surfing some serious political waves. Let's for a a moment say that Democrats reject the pablum being pandered to them, and actual lean towards Tulsi Gabbard. Just assume that for a second: who would the Jew vote for, Zig Forums?

Obviously both Trump and Gabbard pay the necessary homage to Pissrael, even though the Jews are afraid of both of them. Would the Jews split the Democratic party to go against Tulsi? Or would they hate Trump so much that they would back her?

It's a tough call for the Jew. This puts it in a real dilemna: anti-war candidate vs. ant-establishment candidate. For the Jew, perhaps it comes down to how badly they want their next war. They may be able to get Donald Trump to start World War 3 for them, but they probably can't get Tulsi Gabbard to do the same.

As for other stuff, more glaringly open borders vs. anti-immigration, President Trump has demonstrated a lack of substance in enforcing the immigration laws, despite the bombast, so that point is moot, isn't it? We either have an open borders candidate, or an open borders President.

But the (((prospects for war))), Trump can be manipulated, while Tulsi… she just won't go there.

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Let's put some perspective on this: David Duke, aka the Devil himself, has endorsed Tulsi Gabbard for president.

He says that she will put America ahead of Israel. oi vey!


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She won't be, so empty question. But wait 8-12 years, and her time will come.

And worryingly for the radical Leftists in the (((media))), prior to the 2020 race, she has been a "social conservative".


I would never vote for a woman, let alone a nonwhite one. Now fuck off, nigger lover.

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I'm beginning to wonder if the Democratic king-makers know they won't win the 2020 election no matter who runs, so they are just pushing the Overton window as far as possible.

If so, they may stretch their conversation as far towards Communism as possible, then fall back, ride on the coat-tails of a 'moderate' or semi-conservative like Tulsi, to actually add impact to their socialist agenda.

She has made Major in the National Guard.

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The average IQ of Pissrael is 94.
(((You))) are not smart enough to post here. Shoo!


David Duke is getting senile

Libertarians are swinging for Tulsi. That's no small thing.
And Ron Paul has endorsed her run for President.


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I just puked on my keyboard you nonfigurative shill.
There is no way Trump will lose.

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read the thread

I'm not saying that Trump will lose. Far from it.
I'm asking how the Jew deals with Tulsi's influence upon the National conversation about war 'n peace.

If you're falseflagging as a Tulsi shill to actually cause anti-Tulsi sentiment, then I applaud you effort and especially your huckster language. If you're not…well good job anyway,

They are also swinging for nigger dick

not anymore


She's not a nigger, dumbo.

There is no peaceful solution.

And by that I mean there is no solution, as the US government can not be overturned by force at this point. Just clarifying for the glowniggers.

You're an idiot who believes anything he reads here.

The only reason the ZOG would let her win, is if they were getting desperate and afraid. I don't see that happening; the ZOG won't admit to themselves the Turner Diaries are in full swing until thousands of them are dead.


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Who supports and commits toJews, of course.

Wow. It's a damn shame she isn't white!

Realistically Zig Forums needs to decide who its backing in the democrat primaries.
Remember if you can influence both sides of a debate then you can set the acceptable language of the debate.
If we can get an anti-immigration democrat into the nomination then we can push the discourse into heavily anti-immigration territory

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Ugly ass hoe

Paid shill, allowed to post here.

The same way he endorsed Trump?

Ron Paul anyone?

Just infect libertarians, Le Donald and Mudsharks with parasites that only kills dindus.

Consider the rope, faggot

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We got on board with Trump because he pushed the overton window in a direction that fit our desires.
This had positive outcomes as now people are more comfortable openly stating wrongthink and as a consequence have realised that the majority hold these opinions.
We've caused our opponents to waste a phenomenal amount of time and resources on trying to combat this.

Trump is not enough on his own though. We need more.

So lets deny our enemies a haven of credibility by pushing a democrat in the nomination race who is acceptable to us.

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That's best (((you've))) got? That's as bad as announcing Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian working for Vladamir Putin.


The Jew hates Tulsi. That right there is reason enough to sit up and pay attention to what she can do to shake the (((narrative))), disrupting their drum beat to war.

"""The NBC News smear campaign relied on the discredited firm, New Knowledge, run by Democratic Party operatives, and using identical methodology (any social media account which they suspect as ‘Russian’ is thrown into a data set to “prove” Russian interference) to other US military and intelligence agency linked initiatives like Hamilton 68 Dashboard, the Atlantic Council’s DFR Labs, the UK government-funded Integrity Initiative, and various other dubious academic projects."''
- 21stcenturywire.com/2019/02/04/nbc-news-and-new-knowledge-launch-smear-campaign-against-tulsi-gabbard-2020/

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How Zig Forums exhibits clear-headed thinking.

despite the shills, not because of them, you rise above

I'm not American and don't know a great deal about Tulsi Gabbard except that she's more reasonable than most of the other candidates on the surface. I would like the irony though if she did manage to get elected, and then the (((media))) would direct their lefty golems to attack a wahmen of colour, even though that's what they've been wanting for the past 5-10 years at least.

Of course, she's a democrat, and if she did manage to gain a lot of popularity, and (((demonrat party))) didn't like her, they'd steal the nomination from her like they did from (((Bernie))).

If that were the case, she would not be a presidential candidate of the demoncRATS.

No one was ever pro-Trump here. Imkampfy (possibly you) banned everyone who wasn't pro-Trump and then got removed for it.

Literally paid shilling thread.

The nonwhite whore isn’t acceptable to us, you subhuman piece of shit. Kill yourself for supporting COMMUNIST WOMEN in politics.

Are you me? That’s my line. Goddamn, it feels good not to be alone anymore. We’ll just have to be banned together, I guess.

Don't vote, fellow goyim user, don't vote! Voting makes no differences whatsoever!
Look at this thread, the Jewtin shills WANTS you to vote for her and Russian hackers helped her bend over Harris!

I'm not suggesting any one candidate.
We've already had people shilling other democrats here.

In general Zig Forums fell into three camps during the 2016 election.
The pro-Trump crowd which also included a lot of newfags.
The anti-Trump crowd which also included a lot of newfags.
And the oldfags who generally saw a useful opportunity to push public debate in a particular direction and relished the fact that Trump back then was essentially trolling the establishment.

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Since demographic browning ensures a Democrat one-party system in the future, it does make sense to try and exercise some influence on the candidates in that party. Assuming you still give a shit about electoral politics, which you probably shouldn’t.

Wow, a good post on Zig Forums. I haven't seen one of those in months.

clown world.

Let's make one thing clear: in terms of actual policy, it DOES NOT MATTER who is elected, as ZOG as usual will continue unfettered unless there is some kind of Revolution or civil war.

However, the meta-political aspects of the race are very important. As mentioned before, pushing for Trump in 2016 accomplished a couple things:

That said, I don't plan on voting, since the kosher sandwich of ZOG soaked in high fructose corn syrup will be served up either way. And if there is no candidate that even pretends to be pro-white or anti-ZOG, the best thing we can do is delegitimize this kike sham of "democracy" by not showing up to their fake "election". Especially since the "nationalist" Trump backstabbed tens of millions of white Americans in favor of muh based niggers, jews, and spics.

I was pro-Trump, and I still report to him on occasion re: the opinion of the conservative side of American politics. Now, however, I see a real opportunity here to back an anti-war candidate, not because anyone-but-Trump can win, but because she can bring the conversation more to where I want it to be. Tulsi Gabbard talks about things that make sense, whereas the other Democrats are afraid of their own shadows. I can see a real advantage to this.

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People who have been to Hawaii will tell you the "aloha spirit" is intense hatred of Whites.


D&C Jew.

Well no shit. They got taken over by the USA because they let foreigners/non-citizens vote and hold public office.
Yes that is literally how it happened.
The Kingdom of Hawaii is a great example of why you should not let non-citizens vote or hold public office.

Just getting her the nomination would be enough as it would reinforce the legitimacy of an anti-war message and force Trump to come out again and push an anti-war message.
This would make a war less politically appealing to him. Frustrating the attempts of the ruling class to get him to take the USA into a war

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Does anyone have the original?

Voting only makes sense when it gives radicals access to money, like in Germany, where a party has to meer a vertain percentage of votes to get money for their political campaigns from the state. This way, radicals can recruit and organize better. Voting for a leftist non-white whore to move the overton window more towards anti-immigration rhetoric is fucking retarded, especially when the current president has spouted far more aggressive anti-immigration rhetoric than this whore ever will. Rhetoric is worthless though, because the lemming masses can be easily fooled into accepting fake solutions for the perceived problems (-> Trump), or they will simply be pacified with bread and circus. Voting in the hope of achieving system change is peak retardation. Only direct, radical action against the system will bring about system change.
TL,DR you're a kike.

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Bannon being "anti-Establishment" is such a retarded meme.

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0/10 Here's a well known White who grew up there destroying your faggot response.

Nice revisionist bullshit, imkampfy. No one was ever pro-Trump then or now. Your view was and never will be welcome here. You are a fucking joke.

He clearly disagreed with them on a number of fronts.
Remember the communists always wind up killing the people who put them in power and with good reason. You compromise to obtain power, associate with those you would rather kill.
Once you have power the time for compromise is over.

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You're bat-faith arguments are so fucking cringey. Fuck off.

Honesly, I would not a give a fuck. If the two opposing candidates are Zognald or a brown woman than might as well just let it all burn. Let's do a WW3, hopefully we die quickly in nuclear fire. As for conventional war, noone would show up, everybody would be too busy killing their "neighbours", because there is no society now, everybody is unhappy, people are forced to live too close to strangers, and evolutionary controls are abandoned for so long that most people do deserve a culling. Look around yourself and you see kike worshiping brainwashed morons, shitskin subhumans, skinny human refuse males, short people. Fuck them all, let WW3 start, drop the first nuke on me.

Come on man!!!!!!!! The nazis are known for that. night of the long knives or sthg. D&Cing isn't good.

This thread is NOT about voting. This is about moving the Overton window back to the right. And in so doing, exposing the (((radicalized Left))) that much more.

The future of politics is terrorism.

Fuck off faggot

feels become redpill

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lol, retard. night of long knives were only against kikes. none of whom supported uncle Adolf. kikes were already waging open economic war against germany for years by that time…

Have you considered not being a summerfag?
I hear lurking moar will help with that.

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KYS, Jew.

Just remember: nobody was ever pro-Trump, you just banned us all and then got removed for it.

But that's wrong.

you can't be that ignorant. the assassinations came from nazis period, wtih documented cases. did communists assassinate hitler? no he assassinated communists. revisionism is bad. hitler is morally wrong on this, that's why communists have the upper ground and d& is stupid. Why do you think d&c is so good? I tell communists not to d&c or be neoliberals.

David Duke also endorsed Zognald.


Not entirely. The SA also got purged during that night.
Because their leadership had started thinking of trying to take over themselves and weren't entirely onboard ideologically with the NASDAP program.

If you keep saying it enough then maybe one day it will be true.

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That's the mentality you apply when you spew your revisionism.

Communists cost Germany ww1, with their uprising on the homefront while the war was still ongoing. 90% of the communist leadership were jews. Communist jews always work together with capitalist jews. See how Wall Street kikes founded the bolsheviks. All of them deserve to die.

The problem is, have any of the dems been advocating against immigration? Last I checked all of them were pro immigration

No politician has been actually anti-immigration in this country for hundreds of years.

This is you.
You are butthurt because back then you likely supported Trump and bought into the newfag hype that he'd set everything right.
That he was somehow the second coming of Hitler.

But now you're disappointed. You couldn't have been wrong surely?
No you hated him all along, really just ignore and forget everything you said prior.

Dunno I haven't been following the dem primaries.
I know a few are anti-war/interventionism but thats about it.

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FFs man, his D&C you are ignoring me. I say it for a reason.

USSR had a ww1 evolution which weakened them, so it didn't really weaken germany because it weakened an enemy too.

they were in leadership probably because they could be entrusted to not counter-revolt.

Bolsheviks are one type. Nevertheless all your points are revisionist or mistaken.

Beyond the words, President Trump has also been influenced to leave the borders open, for the sake of compassion. The point is moot.

lol that's how these guys are. if they change a belief, "they always thought that" lol

these WNs are crazy. can imagine killers so paranoid they kill the enemy then say the enemy who are thei victims, are the killers? this is USA zogbot mentality.

No, nobody but you, faggot. Only you were that stupid and now you're trying really hard to spin it as "moving windows" and "optics". You're just a stupid magapede who is butthurt he got screwed and will project the very same image on everyone else. You are so easy to read that it's said. Your problem is that you persistently argue in bad faith; nobody was pro-Trump like you were. We were banned by you and then you got removed. So who is butthurt?

Course he has.
Trump did everything we needed from him just by getting elected. Anything afterwards was irrelevant.
All we needed from him was for people to become comfortable voicing opinions that they would have kept quiet about out of fear.
Now do you hear the people sing? Well not quite but it's getting there.
People are willing to speak up again and get slapped down, but now we have the internet so widely available that every instance of them getting slapped down is widely spread and discussed with the reaction being that people are getting mad.
That's what we want, we want the populace angry.

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Over Tulsi Gabbard, it's the Jew that's butthurt.
Presumably because the Zogmachine doesn't control her.
And she's solidly pro-peace, anti-war.

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He was a fucking steam-valve that prevented white nationalism from becoming more extremism. You are fucking retarded.

That doesn't sound like a race war.

Oy gevalt Chaim. You need to do better or Mr Shekelstein will stop paying you to post here.

Germany were fighting on multiple fronts. Kikes also brough in the americans against them (when the Brits promised them Israel for it). There is no revisionism on my side. Kikes deserved everything they got, and should have been completely exterminated, if uncle Adolf was not such a fucking hippy to put them into holiday camps, instead of shooting them on sight. Non kike communists are just brainwashed idiots. I have no more time for your tardness. Only good communist is a dead communist, and remember, if you get tossed out of a flying helicopter, do a flip!

not everything on Zig Forums is evil

Nice argumentation skills, Qtard.

You are clearly lost.

wow look at that. compare it to now under the neoliberals. total cucks now.

Point taken

Sad thing is that this may be the only thing both Republican and Democratic voters tend to agree on but any candidate who says they are against war and interventionism is either lying or will be stopped from any real progress when in office.

Trump's campaign and presidency's effects on white nationalism is a mixed bag on a whole; one the one hand I can confidently say it made our ideas more popular than they have been in a long time and some even made it in to the mainstream. On the other hand you are absolutely right that white nationalists had a lot more momentum and energy before he became president than after he did. No question that it had a terrible effect on here though, Zig Forums is a shadow of its former self now

you have a bad attitude. hey, why aren't you ranting against the americans then? all this for the politically correct target of communists while the amerimutt is not target of your scornbad attitude. Nazis are the provable murderes in the german conflict. that should make you think again, persisting is lies.

Also if you don't like communists, then you should be hating on the elites at the time who were treating people badly. It's on them.

The only thing Trump has done is condemn those beliefs. If you see him in a positive light whatsoever it just proves how stupid or disingenuous you are.

Stop making it one against the other.

I didn't say Trump endorsed them, I said his actions lead to the ideas becoming more popular
Learn to read nigger

If you jump high enough, you might get caught up in the rotors and bring the whole helicopter down with you.

Which is the real reason we need a civil war. In comparison to what the Jew would have us do, a last brother-war against Russia to drive us into (((world governance))), the fight over immigration is just a battle.

Yea, Zig Forums is a shadow of what it once was, though. Too many newfags and teenage infiltrators larping as wrecksperts. From a place for wizards to come and share knowledge, Zig Forums has been reduced to accelerating. Still, it's useful for that, if nothing else.

>oy vey, if you don't buy into (((my))) unsourced infographs and nonexistent arguments then you must be mad ecks dee

Why are you here? Zig Forums has no absolute consensus on any topic except for the fact that we all disdain your subhuman desert barbarian kind.


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