Another Kennedy suicided/murdered/planecrashed/dead

Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter suicided with drugs. Taken to (((hospital))) where she was evidently killed, er pronounced dead.

What does this portend, anons?

22 years old, female, in powerful circles. Is she REALLY dead, or just "dead" the same way the redhead Rotshschild heiress is "dead" to protect them from being Podesta/Clinton/Abedin "kept in line."

said in a statement prepared a week in advance? It sounds so boilerplate.

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Show me a video of them working on her in the hospital, and of the autopsy, (yuck, but) otherwise, who knows who is really dead or alive?

I mean, really. The whole world believed they had the right, nay, the DUTY to rape every German infant still in their mother's wombs because a few (((media outlets))) told them to.

I dunno. I don't know who she heard or saw doing what, but if she was ever anywhere near Hillary, then it's obvious why she was selected.

Are you the same faggot who made the mossad slide?

I searched the catalog, couldn't find Dead Kennedys so I made this one.

I'm automatically suspicious any time anyone in high places dies. They have billions to spend on getting out of death spirals, families that would actually be able to pay mercenaries to strand you on an island to get detoxes, money to buy people to befriend you to help you quit being stupid, etc.

They have all the resources on Earth. One of them dying this way just seems weird.

However, I expected the Bait, Switch, and Ridicule Squad, or I should have. Why would it be important to use emotional terminology to attack me.

How about this: (instead of your (((approach)))

Her family is famous for substance abuse, and being moral degenerates.

Could it be she just drowned herself in chemical abuse?

JFK was a pedophile.

Her family is famous for being murdered by the people JFK was going to expose. The jewish freemasonic satanic network.
I wonder who would want to smear them as drug addled degenerates.

dubs of truth

Article says she overdosed in Hyannis Port. So they killed their own granddaughter? She's not JFK or junior, whose deaths are obviously suspicious. She's a junkie nobody from a big time family.

Try harder, you subhuman nose.

I thought he was just gay.


They are also famous for getting away with murder

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Just because the kikenvermin are intolerable scum doesn't mean the fuckin' micks are any more tolerable. I've hung around micks at work and at leisure, and the same for jews too. Really the optimal solution would be to have them murder each other.

Once again we see that money does not buy happiness. Rich people are liberated from suffering a lot of shit in life but this is balanced out by all the temptations waiting for them to succumb to. You have to be a tightly disciplined person or you're going to fuck your life up regardless of you economic status.

Except the le WASP GOPniks literally gave niggers rights while Irishmen fought against it and even fought against Chinese immigration. The Irishman stood for whiteness, the working man, democracy, and liberty , while WASPs supported the capitalism that led to globalism, centralization, negro rights, and immigration by Chinamen.

Micks are based.

The Kennedys pretty much act like New England WASPs though.

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How is that Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 working out for her?

Unstable drug addict got clintoned before dropping a metoo bomb against someone more powerful in the family.

Look upthread. A lot of niggers see an Irish girl and they think SIIHP.

Oh come on, doing a shit job of tarmacking your drive doesn't really compare to wanting 2800 slaves and believing they have the right to kill you and rape your kids.

Protip: those are the frontmen for the real ones.

Watch The Godfather. Hyman Roth led a very simple life despite his worth. It didn't attract attention.

Your real owners invented OPSEC. Joe Kennedy was way too fucking open and people learned from that. The cadet branch hauled out for Democratic fundraisers aren't that important.

My how times change. "A mere cohencidence" is today's Know Nothing.

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Preferring virgins does not make you a pedophile back in 1960. Today, however…

Kind of accurate, considering the Know Nothings were kikes.

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Isn't it weird?
That the only political family to suffer this many tragedies and deaths is the one whose most famous member became President and attacked Israel and the central bank?

He also sent feds to force southerners to integrate with the blacks. A broken clock, I suppose.

Yeah seriously I don't care. I'm old and don't give a shit if kids get all wound up about shit. Let me lay this on you, a hundred years from now, every single person you know, including you, will be dead. No one will ever remember your name, no one will ever remember anything you did. Have fun, man.

That was Eisenhower:

That's true of all catholic girls, especially mexicans. It's how they get around saving their virginity.


Its slang for anal.

Really? Where I'm from all the Mexican catholic girls dropped out of high school cause they all got pregnant.

The Kennedy family serves as an ongoing example to anyone who would go against the deep-state. Not only will the individual doing so be executed, but their families will suffer extreme tragedies for generations to come. That last part is crucial. Many are willing to self-sacrifice, but very few would sacrifice their own children, grand-children, & great grand-children.

It's only an example of hesitation to me. Kennedy was way to slow to act on the jews, even though his father practically raised him to beat them. Hitler acted day one.

Do you think they fucked in their vagina right out of the gate? No, their pacochad slow rolled them up to just the tip then all the guacamole. Do you even fuck?

Don't be a pussy. The issue is letting them be in control in the first place and thinking you can sit comfy.

potato niggers are the laziest fucks, we just hired one and hes always leaving work early standing around smoking cigarettes, they really are niggers with white skin fucking scum of the earth

That's a mildly bad one. The problem is that often they looks great; good hair, excellent teeth. If they dress up and stand around you could be fooled into being impressed. So get in there and hang out with them and holy fuck they're assholes, maniacs, violent binge drinkers, treacherous dirt balls, con men. Letting the Irish in to N. America in large numbers during the British ethnic cleansing in the 19th century was a huge mistake. HUGE.

Oh look, another reddit-spaced slide thread.

And this is why Trump doesn't fuck with the jews

Cause he's a giant pussy?


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Irish are all fucking 40 IQ retards you stupid fucking jew

and doesn't want his descendants culled annually

JFK's Speech about Secret Societies

Gaddafi was right about JFK

JFK called Hitler 'the stuff of legends': Secret diary reveals future president's fascination with Nazi dictator when he visited Germany after WW2

lets roll:

Michael Collins Piper wrote of this years ago in "Final Judgement" which implicated (without much doubt) the (((usual suspects))) of the Deep State operating in both the Mossad and CIA. There were several motivations for the assassination of JFK. He was vehemently opposed to Israel obtaining and building their own bomb in Dimona. And secondly, he had just implemented Executive Order 11110 which was an effort by Kennedy to transfer power from the Federal Reserve to the United States Department of the Treasury by replacing Federal Reserve Notes with silver certificates. That's a big no-no. Daring to touch the jews' counterfeit fount is a veritable death sentence. But, the more people get educated on this topic, the more possible it will be to remove these blood suckers from our countries forever.

Most important in 1963 JFK had asked that "Israel Affairs" be banned from lobbying in USA, two months later JFK was dead, and "Israel Affairs" re-named themselves AIPAC, since them they have 100% owned USA politics DNC&RNC, left&right. 100%.

No wonder the fucking jews here call him names and shit. Their blood genes and hive mind absolutely hate Kennedy to the core. They can just sense it in their blood what a threat he was to them and thus they call him names whenever they see him mentioned.

Wtf I love Dead Kennedys now.

Poor overambitious bastard

JFK bit off
more than he could chew
It's slowly, slowly, slowly
If you want to catchy jew


what a waste

And all because she chose to play the fool in a six-piece band


This. Potato niggers also can't hold their liquor, they're about as bad as any red nigger injun, why does alcohol make them so crazy while alcohol does the opposite to those of Northern European stock in which actually makes them more friendly?

They want to wipe out his entire line.

Yes, because all of those northwestern Russians are so nice under the influence of alcohol that the male median death age is now 36.

And alcohol makes other northern Europeans so nice, they are now zero-alcohol muzzies.

Potato niggers built this country, from the railroads to literally NYC. They were the people who first stood up to the bullshit of the rich being able to buy their way out of the Civil War in the north. Lincoln literally had to send federal troops to fight them in NYC over this crap.

Show me a pretty alcoholic, any race.

They don't exist anywhere on earth.

A drunk is a drunk.

And a brave man is a good man.

Where are you getting that text from?

My point was that N.Euros hold their alcohol better than potato niggers.