Is political , econonical , social system presented in "Brave New World" the perfect utopia ?

If people were deprived of individuality and ambition, the world could become a better place. There could be created a world government that
would provide to the stability on entire planet. People would be happy without ever wanting something they could not get. Having a similar worldview and mentality, ride the same cars, living in the same homes or apartments, having the same entertainment, living in a state of blissful ignorance about passions and strong emotions they could be so conditioned that they would practically be unable to act otherwise than they should.

When I read the book "Brave New World ", I wonder: what exactly is wrong with the vision of world described there? Wars, hunger and diseases have stopped.

Social hierarchy still exists, but those at the bottom are genetically designed for their low quality existence ,so they do not bother them, they even enjoy what they are.

Soma (cure which is erasing feelings and emotions) is producing in appropriate amounts for everyone, there is a joyful consumption and freedom of manners. Few visionaries get deported, but so what? New ideas, books or inventions would only destroy the current world harmony built with such difficulty. It does not sound like an dystopia, rather the opposite of dystopia.

If our goal is universal happiness and security, the individual's freedom seems to be a temporary, unsuccessful experiment that is an obstacle to his reached.

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What a simple minded goal.

The white man of destined for the stars, nigger.

Yes. And you are the perfect faggot, OP. Reminder to sage.

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Have you maybe considered that we're not fucking ants?

you’re right it does sound like an Asian utopia

Dont make me laugh.

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Because the only end game for humanity that doesn't involve being completely wiped out one way or the other is eventually spreading out to other planets that can independently support human life. The BNW society has no real progress, it's static, controlled to point of basically dead. A unadvancing comfy drug fueled empty existence designed to keep people pacified until the day life is finally wiped out by disease, natural disaster, or meteor.

Does this sound like a better place?

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Did you read the fucking book at all?

Maybe I don't care about your opinion and your opposition, because life itself has deprived me of my ambitions and dreams, so I would like to take revenge on the rest of humanity, also depriving it of its ambitions and dreams? (without any exception , I hate also Jews and Asians people)

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If I didnt read this book could I make this thread ?

Yeah, you could also be completely moronic at the same time. How is bioengineering Alphas and Betas, conditioning children in there sleep not to think for themselves, and focusing on group happiness utopia in anyway?

I mean seriously, you need to reread the damn book, even the first few chapters.

Go choke on some Soma

How dare you pass blame. You must take responsibility for yourself and for your being here on earth. It will go better for you when you do.

Watched the movie instead..?


OP is a massive bundle of sticks.
Your comfort and pleasure are not as important as the Freedom and Dignity of all Humans. Go masturbate alone and leave the adults.

>Make no money and deal with the government and shit kids?
>Just be talented and wreck your body?
>Just be talented?
Why would you expect anything but what they found? I'm actually surprised so many people say "Teacher". I guess they expect it's a job with high security.


I am a Jewish Americana

That's a lie sold to control us with the opposite. That means everything you base your identity of was given to you so that you can participate in it…just like the 7.5 billion others. There is no individuality in behaving like everyone else.

In an existence where death is unavoidable, the struggle for life becomes the foremost ambition for anything.

Already exists. It's called the laws of nature and if you want stability you only have to follow these laws.

Nature offers everything to everyone, it's humanity that prevents the access to it.

Well, the jews managed to create that pretty consistent so far.

Drugs. That's called a natural temptation which always lures you towards death. You cannot build stability on a self destructive doctrine.

Well, those are mostly men made problems.

Natural law "opposites must coexist". You can't have harmony (order) without chaos existing, because they are defined by each other. Life demands keeping the balance in between.

Everyone dies, everything ends, therefore security cannot exist. As for happiness…you were gifted the greatest gift of all time 'life". That should make you happy.

TIME means everything is temporary.

They had horror movies that showed Africans being murdered for lusting after white women we have the opposite. Brave new world makes our current reality look like heaven.

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This statement is such a twisted display of mental problems. Rhetoric wise you put the J before the A, which is pure narcissism. Then you use jewish instead of israeli, which defiles your (stolen) nationality.

Americana refers to the cultural heritage of America, which was destroyed by "jewish" slavery and the "jewish" deception called "American Dream", sold by the entertainment industry and ever since systematically attacked and destroyed by "jews". So if you use Americana instead of America you mock that which you purposely destroyed, which is straight up psychopathic behavior.

Now back to calling yourself jewish…that's a lie. Religion, nationality, race, language, bloodline etc. None of these combines all the so called jews. It's all a made up identity, a front for the two things that do combine all so called jews…fear of persecution and hatred towards the persecutor, both based on the consequences of your crimes. So what you're actually saying is that you're a criminal who hates his host nation, but you can't even prevent yourself from using lies on an anonymous imageboard. That's some deeply rooted psychosis.


Sounds like something a huge fag would say fyi

Utopia is Jewish fantasy.

Are you seriously asking what is wrong with the brave new world? I must wonder if you are even truly human, perhaps you're a jew or a particularly degenerate communist which obviously makes you anti-human and anti-life by default. There exists nothing more repugnant than that which you infer as your "utopia" from that book. Existence like that would be no better than death or non-existence itself you profligate, why not just lobotomize everyone so that the cattle may live in a state of true brain dead equality. I have no words… even tankists should get this.

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Yeah, I believe in him.

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Misanthrope, it's too late, i must retire for the ngiht.

So in your opinion you should not deprive people of the possibility to break the law, to act against the norms, to offer them an alternative that will make them happy in their own way, according to your anarchistic vision of freedom and liberty? After all, a systemic order will always be better than the anarchy you propose. Try to prove to me that freedom is more important than order, maybe you will soon present some example, that obeying the law is bad, that breaking the norms in certain situations is not, in your opinion, anything bad, that you should not be guided by the established sets of rules, laws, norms.

Sage, report.

Time for you on the sad truth about humanity.

Regardless of :

-skin colour
-political views

Most people in every country in the world is just uninteresting and boring .

So the most people shouldnt have a free choices in their pathetic lifes and should be fully controlled for the good of the rest of society.

What better can you propose as a political , social and economic system for humanity if the vision of a system in which most people are happy and fulfilled in their own way is, according to you, a evil?

Kill yourself you whiny faggot.

How about just weeding out the majority that aren't HUMAN? Because just having numbers is a losers game. You do not punish the few to control the many. At least you should not if you are White.

Seriously it is fuckers like you who will give us 50 Billion brain-dead mulattoes living in concrete boxes. That is the future you want.

Ah, the utilitarian fallacy - to assume that the goal of life and civilisation is happiness & security.

Why is that the goal? Suffering is intrinsic to existence, and the whole concept of permanent happiness or peace is illusory. That civilisation would fall - whether due to unforeseen variables that lead to a collapse of the imposed social structure, or simply through external disasters or resource depletion cracking it's harmony. There's far more satisfaction through mastering your response to suffering and conflict, and valuing strength over simply "happiness". That's even assuming the level of genetic engineering required to make it work is even viable - and so what if it was? The beings created aren't human.