Magic Mushrooms

What do you think of the decriminalization of psychedellic mushrooms having taken place in cities like Denver? Do you think there is anything to be learned from enjoying a mushroom trip? Who should and should not trip? Should mushrooms be completely illegal or perhaps even entirely legal?

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What do you think the psychedelic fungus decriminalizes and replaces in the cities of Denver? Do you remember any lessons to enjoy adventure mushroom? Who should be the right, isn't a hi stumate? All mushrooms must be legally binding?

the government has no business regulating substances- their job is to secure the borders, maintain infrastructure, extinguish fires, and so forth. besides, mushrooms are traditional and aryan, even the neanderthals used them

because if something feels good, then it's automatically bad, right? also, it's completely logical to ban nearly harmless psychedelic entheogens because people are getting addicted to opiates and meth

you're delusional. Anything like this is going to lead to degeneracy. IF not illegal it should at least be regulated to the point where only scientists have access to it.

I've taken them for depression and they really work, provided you know what you're doing. Don't take them for fun. Respect their power and their ability to help you grow, or to destroy you mentally. I also think this is going to be the next big business, the first clinical trial is just wrapping up.

Psychedelics are the white man's drugs. It gives you a certain headspace where new thoughts can be had and cultural and media based illusions fall apart, asking if mushrooms should be illegal is like saying thought should be made illegal. You are quite literally making it illegal for people to take medicine that can ease or eliminate many of the mental health and drug addiction problems.

Jews fear the shrooms because it's the only thing that can free the white race from the Jewish media control now that there are dissenting voices against them. Mushrooms cleanse the soul of corruption and give you insight into the inner mechanics of the spiritual realm. Jews were literally the people spearheading the war on drugs (as well as the hippie movement itself, Jewish mitosis and all

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They are powerful juju - only take them when you are sure you know what you are doing

>we should find a way to make this thing you can readily grow that is already grown all the fuck over the place solely available to (((scientists)))
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come on, you are not teenagers anymore. I can only imagine the fat stinking scruffy men that take mushrooms as adult for depression. how about stop being such a loser to help ease the depression?

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Weed legalization is definately jew run, kike led, and nigger supported. My own parents started smoking weed after listening to nigger rappers and this "country rap" faggots shit

No reason for shrooms when LSD exists

Spiritual tools. Higher-grade experiences than weed, by an order of magnitude. Should be legalized but if you just want it for pointless recreation fuck off.

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This is Joe Rogan tier bullshit. The dumbest commie faggot good goy I know has taken enough shrooms to kill a concrete lawn gnome.

Joe Rogan is a kike, so are many leading the psilosibin legalization movement because kikes want to be first in line to make huge profits and use good goyim like Rogan and Vice to hijack the minds of trippers.

The drug doesn't affect your political beliefs it just makes it easier to piece information you have gathered together and see the patterns within, seeing the forest through the trees as Dr. Pierce would put it. If you were a faggot degenerate commie before you took the drug its not going to magically change your mind, but if you have been doing a lot of research it puts you in a headspace perfect for putting peices together

Ibogaine is a different drug.

Also this, Iboga is the only thing niggers ever got right


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It elevated us from monkeys but people are fucking idiots.