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White robots are the best robots though

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/thread. NASA has become a hellhole of political correctness, and it will prevent us from ever reaching out to the stars. Anyway, I'll be sure to color all my robots in various shades of White now just to spite the cocksuckers at the the Kike News Network.

White reflects the most heat of all colors, so therefore the logical extension here is that physics is racist.

I've heard of vagina legs but this is ridiculous

Heiled dubs

Time to go back to white box PCs as well.

All science is racist since its scientific fact that niggers are subhumans

Every discipline is racist, because God made a mistake when He made niggers.

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Darwin's little joke is the endless dysgenic selection that breeds r-type varieties until whites break down and can't feed them all anymore.
Niggers ruin everything, starting with nature.
Lots of abortions in the hood yet still not enough
Shorter life spans for niggers.
Sickle-cell anemia
AIDS and Ebola-Chan
Gas them
Ugliest creatures in the world
Niggers can't read.
How can just 13% equal 50% so often?
Blacks have small brains
Look this one up and then laugh sensibly.
Isolated niggers long enough to turn them into niggers. Currently jamming poos into chinkland.
In the Copenhagen interpretation, there exists a universe in which whites won and now we share the world alone. This is not that timeline.
Self-explanatory title
Interested in this one? You're fired, because it inevitably reveals why niggers nig.
Actual humans are cousins of the Denisovans. Not much else.
Just look at what they've done to Baltimore.
Niggers lead the world in STDs, possibly because they also lead the world in rape. Except for rape of children, which is spics.
Fuck W.
Have nonwhites ever gotten around to carving wood? I know the Japs have, and maybe some poos. . . but I can't think of anything interesting from Africa.
Fuck Y even more.
Kek, back to the monkey house!

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Almost beat you to it. Pic related.

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If this nigger is in New Zealand, why is he specifically referencing Basketball Americans?

girls prefer white rockets

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Looking at google images is research now.

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It can't be any worse that the article OP linked. This is 'supposed' journalism to accommodate the lowest common denominator.

The actual harm is conflating every conceivable issue as a racial one when it's clearly not warranted. People wouldn't be as inclined to think like that if they weren't exposed to politically correct propaganda to begin with. It poses a very serious threat to innovation, if that kind of discussion dominates choice in direction of emerging technology.

Hey CNN! Russia is behind these threads!

I love hope the putin posts slow when you have to ask your commander what to do

fuck off retard

Space is Black CNN! BLACK!
All niggers belong in space.
The blackest, deepest, oxygenless, lightless pitts of SPACE.
CNN not sending blacks to space, CNN is racist!

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Found the no class commie.


Black slaves broke farm equipment though.

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Holy kek that was great

My washing machine, dishwasher and fridge are all white. Maybe it's because they are useful

Fuck off nigger, shitskins are dying. when they are black you cunts bitch about them being replacement nigger slaves.

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