France is the next Rhodesia/SouthAfrica
The way France is headed. the yellow vest will be coopted and then you will have nogs asking for more and more gibs until the white man is worked to death. Then they will finish you off and come murder you in your homes.

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White men should just stop working and paying taxes.

Good job Vlad! Just slide with more putin posts. That’s the answer!

The Kalergi Plan is clear.

I guess France is going to be the first country to go African state.

Go watch your Blacked your fucking kike.

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Putin? What in the fuck are you even talking about fed?

really glownigger?

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It's insane how even on here resistance to the great replacement is not allowed, ever since 6 months ago every single platform was censored and discussion of the imminent threat was restricted to sites that normies wouldn't touch

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that first one needs a photo version

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Meh.. Israel is the next Rhodesia.. An international pariah state of settlers who view themselves as superior to the locals but get overwhelmed and destroyed by them.

Unironically this. Especially when they kill off the US through the circus you see today. And its not like the mongrels are better soldiers.

Nah,,The United States may die, but Israel dies first. The process of rejecting the parasite has begun. Sure, it's coming from the left, but that's okay. Anything that kills Zionism is tolerable.

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and before you go off on Omar being a nigger muslim,, please note, She is just one nigger muslim,,as opposed to an entire international network of blood sucking jews.

Something terrible is growing in your insides,, you have to drink something toxic to kill it.

Omar is the poison that kills the Jew,, but also make you a little sick.


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KYS glownigger


Fuck off shitskin.

until the modern European doesn't get kicked in the teeth by reality he isn't going to wake up, one will have to bear the blunt of the shitskin weight

Lol I can't believe they let literal monkeys into congress now. Good luck Burgers.

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LMAO, you fucking delusional. Whereas the big cities in Yurop have no go zones, American practically IS a de facto no go zone

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Europe and America are both filled to the gills with the "race of the future".

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So close Glow Nigger

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White people could conquer the entire world.
To end up being conquered by their own words.
Crazy how u people fucked up that way.

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What percentage is the negroid population of France?
I tried to check online, but apparently it is actually ILLEGAL for the French government to collect statistics about ethnicity and race, WHAT THE FUCK!?

It is indeed illegal. I used to live in France and yeah niggers are pretty bad, but don't forget the camel fuckers, those are the worst. I would say they represent about 20% of the French population.

i think it's the same in australia
you have 'country of birth', which doesn't count for 2nd gen, and 'language spoken at home'
there's some odd studies that talk about ethnicity, so they're probably keep tabs somehow, but it's never published like american crime stats are

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Not really. A good portion of western european countries, even at their worst, are still very much 80% or more their national ethnic group.

America, on the other hand…

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Great going, dumbass.

The fact is, the rapefugee crisis, which population which barely consumes the white population in European is causing massive political instability and the rise of nationalism, whereas America is 56% white and declining fast. These facts can't be denied.

Great going, dumbass




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