User, I know things have been rough. Rough upon your heart, upon your conscience, upon your very soul...

user, I know things have been rough. Rough upon your heart, upon your conscience, upon your very soul. The Jews and traitors have disseminated their inhuman agenda into almost every single piece of media one could ever possibly consume in one lifetime. In even the most remote bastions of man, be it a remote island north of Australia, or Fuckbutt, Iowa, the fiendish influence of the Jew is present, corrosive, and obvious. At minimum, bearing witness to the propogation of the black mass that is the child drag queen phenomenon leaves one hard pressed to not feel at least a little demoralized, let alone the catalog of other crimes the chosen people have blackened their line with over a span of several thousand years.

I am here in earnest, to mete out the truth some of you very desperately need to hear; that we have not yet lost, that we can and will still reclaim posterity for our children, for our children's children.
While we now eerily resemble the days of Weimar, I remind you what followed directly after it. We are simply weathering a mighty tempest that will eventually pass.

The time will soon come to settle your despair, to divest your heart from the false guilt the white race has been branded with, and lay apart from the dogmas of the quiet past that are no longer adaquete for the storms of the present.

The horizon is red. A black sun is rising and like all other dreams, the living nightmares will be vanquished beneath the glory of the dawn. I know some of you are French, but please don't give up.

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French user here
From the moment I live, there is still hope

I do not know. I did nothing but shitpost in 2016 and Trump got elected, so clearly that did something. We can start from there.

kill cops. the only thing that can be done if you want change is to kill cops. preferably, blame it on niggers. but, cops need to start dying for political change

i, personally, don't care about political change – i'm just telling you the truth, just like i did blm

So you were, in part, responsible for (((Trump)))'s election and now that it didn't go how it was supposed to… now that we're all dominated by kikes… you're telling us to just wait a little longer, trust the plan. I see.

Prepare you body and mind, embrace your white brothers and family, commit to defiance, commit to truth, accept that the struggle is eternal and know that the world we envisage will be for our descendants - ours will be bloody turmoil and suffering gladly faced for the future of our race.

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Fuck off demoralization nigger, Trump is literally Hitler.

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What if a certain Jew overlord corporation has offered me a job in Soytown, USA?

How do I keep my sanity?

kill cops. the only thing that can be done if you want change is to kill cops. preferably, blame it on niggers. but, cops need to start dying for political change

i, personally, don't care about political change – i'm just telling you the truth, just like i did blm

fuck off fbi god damn


Where is the Black Dawn musical album?

glowing like the neon faggot you are

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Come what may, we will take our nations back.

You're the gloniggers. Killing police is due.

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Yeah just like when Hitler constantly praised jews and married his progeny off to them.

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I think this boys cheese slipped off the cracker.
Are you ok? Are you having a stroke?
Do you need an Ambulance?

Destroy all of the ease of access the economy has to different sources of energy and try to hope the world can be picked up again after the inevitable fall out of this.

You are damn fucking right we will.

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Schizo-posting AI is the easiest thing to train.

You cannot make one fucking thread without a bunch of kikes and shills calling you a glownigger or a shill yourself. Kill yourself, faggot

Thanks for this thread brother. This is a very encouraging message. We must not despair, our believes are rooted in the natural order, which is absolute. Their degeneracy and corruption goes completely against the supreme laws of nature.
While their degeneracy is a constant effort to stand up and exist, our believes in nature are flawless and fluid making them eternal.
What I meant with my last point is: Communism collapsed on its own despite winning the war, while National Socialism needed to be brought down by the entire world. Have a good saturday.

sometimes it makes me even wonder if these (((retards))) are baiting or they're simply this stupid

Total fucking war is the only option left. They classify us as terrorists when they are the traitors.

This is war. Our people will win or die trying.

Gotta be smart in the early game of this process. One thing that is always good to redpill normies is to tell them this:
We are not allowed to mourn our people, we will see thousands of times in the media the images of drowned migrants, whether it's the mediterranean or the USA, but we will never see the names or pictures of the little girls, little boys, women and men that have been murdered by these savages that get called "refugees".
Tell them this and it will be an eye opener, remember to not waste your times with the fully blue pilled bugmen, some people are not up for enlightenment.

Thank you OP.

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Antisemitism is retarded. I tried that, y’know. All it proved is that integrity just about died in the West, and we were on a trajectory towards turd world violent corruption.

We are no longer in the early game brother. Europe is under full assault. Record illegal immigration into the U.S.A.

Traitors like Sarah Backus the judge from Taos, New Mexico let literal child murdering Muslim terrorists walk bail free out of jail - yet those who send her death threats(she is verbatim the definition of a traitor) are the ones marked as terrorists.

Sarah Backus should be executed. When the government is actively working against the people we are afforded our inalienable Second Amendment to overthrow the government. This isnt the early game. We are at the end of the game now.

War is on the horizon. Historically every time France revolts the rest of the world follows short behind. We all know what is coming. It will be horrifying beyond our imagination and none the less necessary. If we do not fight back when the catalyst (that which awakens the Q faggots etc that no one is coming to save us) comes then we sign our own destruction.

The sands in the hour glass are drawing to a close, my fren.

You can fuck off back to Israel and get the fuck out of our countries and stay there kike. No one will miss you, your pedophilia, your subversion, your manipulation, your ponzi schemes or your fucking nose.



God bless you.

Don't reply to them.

Anonymous never died. We see them as they do us.

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Are you so fucking retarded that sarcasm is beyond your comprehension? Fuck, even people with (high-functioning)-autism/Asperger’s syndrome can handle such blatant sarcasm.

What is wrong with you?

calm down goyim we must shift OP away from his Qplacency. he is not our enemy and has good intentions.

with time young grasshopper.

It’s *BELIEFS*, user. Not fucking “believes”, whatever the fuck you thought that meant.

I swear, the grammar and spelling used on Zig Forums these days is a (horrible) joke. How has it gotten so bad? I agree with your general sentiment, user, but the spelling makes you look retarded, which makes us all look more retarded - is it that damned hard?

Indeed, the Black Sun is rising!

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When will you get the fucking hint, hateslave-user? Just because you failed and crumbled under the truth in regards to our world, race, and especially the kikenvermin does not mean everyone else will be proven as fallible and fragile as you.

No one gives a fuck about your “hateslaves”, your idiotic musing on “trust/honesty”, nor do they care for your “analyses” (if one can call them that, simple and illogical as they may be) of who you find “too dumb to pick vegetables” - most wish you would just kys.

Why do you have to hang out here spewing inane and retarded ramblings at people who clearly despise you (and for good reason, IMO)?

Have you literally nothing better to do?

He's paid to post here, and if you reply to the shills you're makng their job worth.
Stop it.

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This slide will be protected.

Calm the fuck down. People drink beer and make subtle mistakes.

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Guy, don't give me that shit when that post you had responded to was blatant sarcasm from someone else that you took literally. We have so many kikes, shills, and ongoing gay ops against us to such a degree that no, in fact, my first thought wasn't "He's only pretending to be retarded." Who's jewing who, what's even real anymore, etc. Now just give me my fucking (you) and go shit up some other thread. Fite me irl fgt


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And I already smashed my head against the wall for that shameless self bump so rest easy.