Its not the Jews FB-Edition

Please feel free to use this as liberally as possible. I have validated the information and images and to the best of my knowledge this is quite correct.

need to get it plastered all over facebook

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Nice research OP anything about Twatter or other social media platforms like Instagram, Linkdin, Myspace, YouTube, etc?

Why should I care?

I have the entire staff of tw, ig, reddit, as well as the entire federal government, which, btw, is completely over represented with jews to a grotesque degree

I also have youtube

Go to bed Ivan

Neck yourself fed.

Im sure that russians are behind FB hiring jews. They coordinated the sweeping censorship with other social medias through jews also. very cruel. theyre our greatest ally. very sad

I'm not spreading anything until you post proof of your validation. Only about two thirds of those are obviously jewish. With the cryptos you need to show the evidence, because if non-jews slip in there it discredits the whole effort.

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same XD

Fake and gay.
This chart is full of obviously false claims. It is designed to make any Zig Forumsacks who post it look as if they are basing their views on false information.

For starters, Peter Thiel is German, not Jewish.

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Prove it you actual faggot, citations are needed on every person. But that would only out you as 'Chosen' to be first in the oven you filthy child rapist.

Get fucked moshe.

look at them squirm

Thiel is jew. Theyre all jew. Even the black ppl and asian lady.

Gross. Fuck off with your PC narrative, fags.

Because Jews are ruining the world, kike

You leave yourself open to mockery if you include false data.
Evidently some of those pictured in your gallery are not Jews.
Just show the disproportion of Jews in the media.
That's what exposes their subversive activities.
They represent only 0.03% of the world population.

These are all jews in the meaning that they are either religious, biological or athiest jews. Each one. Even if 10% were not jewish, it would still be alarming, because you cant wiggle out from the overrepresentation of jews there. Let me ask you this moshe… which jews do you doubt?

get the fuck out of here FBI. Jesus christ, my tax money is going to govt shills on Zig Forums.

You need to have citations like all the other images, otherwise it’s worthless to anyone but you.

This paid shilling is allowed to remain here.

(((Peter Thiel))) is a faggot kike who likes to suck cock

agree. FBI agents all over this thread. Especially

What's not the jews? What is "it"?

That's really messed up.

Are you kidding? Have you seen kikewood yet? Have you seen they are behind anti-white male incel bullshit?

There are no citations needed, besides the star of david. Anyone who was doubtful would start to research and in the process, red pill themselves. The only other people that will see it are jews, and ppl who know these ppl, and know they are jews

kikes ruined the star wars sequels only recently. and you don't question anything? crazy

Blatant jewish false flag.

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Ok this is a fed op.

You wouldn't be trying this if you didn't know we're right, and are scared by it, Moshe.

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i did just that, started my own least on the person i thought least likely to be a kike…susan gonzalas, she doesn't even work at FB anymore and she was the community engagement head there and only for a few years, hardly senior management…i found nothing that relates her to being jewish, there is a susan gonzalas-dewey who is a white lady and a christian who works with various jew orgs but she's not even jewish herself….i'll take proof if you have it.

if anything pics like this work as counter intelligence as one of the other posters said, it makes anyone who posts this shit look retarded.

You realize the original films starred kikes and were literally just an allegory for WWII and the evil not-zees, right? Fuck off, yid.

Okay, you’re a hoax.

While I don't mean to act like a kike, but can you post the research and sources. It would be nice. Blindly trusting user with a picture can often make a fool of someone.
Anyway in advance, good job user, I'll be double checking all these names. Hopefully you post your research too to save us all time

Gonzales is a well known crypto name, you can see that shes Ashkenazi by her phenotypic features. This is what ill do, ill change out all the possible false positives and replace them with absolute undeniably jewish names. Will that do?

I can also expand it. Make it twice as long. The list isn't all current employees. They have a lot of token red herrings mixed in at low levels, but an extreme fraction compared to the vast representation of jewish surnames.


He isn't a kike (unlike OP), but he's part of the jewish system, serving on Bilderberg's steering committee.

i think you'd be doing better here if that was the case instead of posting shit like "well this spic kinda looks like a kike…so"
beyond that who exactly are your trying to convince here? we already hate the jews and already know they control most of all media, the reason you're getting shit is because you didn't go with the undeniables and instead posted spics and gooks which at even a quick glance calls the whole list into question.
if you're trying to make a point and pill people you need to do it by being demonstrably accurate, the whole point of the red pill is meant to be the truth of it all, if you start blurring the lines or posting shit that isn't accurate then you are no better than the shit heads the people you are trying to pill are trying to get away from…does that make sense? people hate being lied to and nothing will get them to reject you and your ideas quicker than lying to them or not being upfront.

i hope you can see why people are calling you an agent, if not then you probably are an agent…i'd rather help you if you truly are trying to pill people and are just being stupid about it than just call you mossad and be done with it…i also figure if you are in fact an agent then i haven't lost anything more than my time typing this bullshit.

Jewish Asians


Active shooter in el paso bois

Dis be 'tarded. I am trying to quietly escape /pol on teh downlow. Any advice, anons? Is there a freedomtrain out of /pol? I want to go soon. Am going dead soon be.

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I wanta citation for at least gene alston

you should include sources as well

Jews have had a reputation for poisoning wells since the Middle Ages, and in the modern era ignoring water fluoridation well poisoning is indeed an apt allegory for their propensity to craft elaborate hoaxes like so. You take a handful of truth, mix it with lies, and naturally when the lies are made public, usually at their own initiative considering that they were the originators, then all the truth is thrown in the memory hole.

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muh russia

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post then retard

good job man