There's not enough incentive for people to take positions of power without the opportunity to commit acts of evil

There's not enough incentive for people to take positions of power without the opportunity to commit acts of evil.

Unless you really mean to tell me that bad people have and will always outsmart good people.

These positions of power are necessary to scale up the population. All we've ever done is sink further into degeneracy. We've accepted more and more evil over time. All we've ever really done is just let it ease in.

Without the opportunity to cheat, steal, lie, rape, kill,,, no one would take up those positions of power.

How do you cope with this?
What is your answer to this?

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You dissapoint me user.

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We need to make the sword of Damocles a thing again. People misunderstand the second amendment. It's not about having guns, it's fundamentally about keeping the violent potential of the state in balance with that of the people. Of course, I don't believe in the ancap paradise of privately owned nuclear weapons, and so the problem arises of the massive imbalance we have nowadays between the powers of the state and of the people.

Of course, you don't need to have equal technology to that of the state in order to rival it. With effective organisation (compared with the increasingly ineffective state militaries) it may still be possible to keep the state in check, however this relies on a credible threat of violence which is something that seems exceedingly rare in the contemporary West.

All in all, I think that the only way to keep the state in check is to keep those who make it up painfully aware of their precarious position, and to punish those who abuse it with direct force. This can only be done by keeping the military force of the state in check as well, and ideally keeping the government as small as is practical.


the king
the tyrant
the weakling

the weakling has no power, and can not determine life for himself or his kin
the tyrant has power, but uses it to destroy the good and protect the evil
the king has power, to protect generators of good and destroy degenerate evil

it's somewhat annoying you're going around the 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' bullshit and instead 'corrupt seeks power, power has no other use'

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but seriously, "power" is extremely vague, as is "evil". Define that shit first.

In my case, I believe "power" (in the societal context) to be the ability to make another human being do something because you say they need to do it. The more people you can do that to, the more power you have. Innately, this must be limited - there must be a sort of "algorithm" you can set up in order to ensure no one person has "ultimate" power. For every household, there should be a leader or two - but no household should exceed a certain point (say, 12 people). At some point, members of this household should be required to leave and start their own household. This is generally already done via the "nuclear family" ideal, but is still necessary in any case.

Scale this up a bit, and start considering multiple households as a unit - you need to limit the amount of households to be considered a "neighborhood". Ideally, you'd keep this number relative to the expected number of people in a given household (anywhere from 2 to 12; an average of 7). So, something similar - perhaps 2-24 households per neighborhood. Anything above that, and they're considered separate neighborhoods - again, give the ability (and expectation) that they'd grow, but require a degree of "fission" to keep from massive centralization.

Cookie cutter neighborhoods holding giant chunks of population for no other purpose than to breed and house wage slaves is obviously shit. You need to place requirements and responsibilities on neighborhoods - they should have some degree of self-sustainability, especially in the form of some food. Require some form of communal farmlands or communal greenhouses. Rather than taxes, the responsibility of a neighborhood would become that of a minor production outlet for basic goods. Not only does this give an innate sense of duty to your people, it also means that you'd have job creation that scales with the population.

From here, you can continue to scale upwards - but again, always placing actual numbers for limitations. This means that you'd never have any more "New York Cities", or "Beijings" or any other form of centralized clusterfucks. Cities breed parasites, pests, and then give them the means to flourish. If you limit this to a reasonable degree, you'll find that you instead have a much more unified people. Their struggle will be to create more, rather than to merely resist being strangled and crushed by the world around them.

As for "evil", it is simply individuals who have no desire to grow or construct anything meaningful or valuable - merely destroy and "create" rubbish. The best way to discover evil is always to ask a person, who wishes for destruction, what they would do next - what they would wish to create on top of the ruins they so desperately want. You will likely find their answers to either be trite, or nonexistent.

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You’re an imbecile, hitlerpic.

Nope. The state is of the people and has the people’s vulnerabilities. You submitted to the collective delusion and forgot why guns work.

Teach sociologists not to stalk - I actually ditched on a supposedly inclusive leftist space for sexual harassment and psychological abuse, and I discovered the result was being stalked across the internet and labeled a sexual harasser. Which was hilarious because I’m ace, the only substantive consequence was not being propositioned by people I didn’t want to be propositioned by. I’ve recently negotiated re-entry and it’s like… these people still engage in sexual harassment, they’re just more bitter and overtly dishonest now, lol. Nothing about being dishonest creeps made them even faintly happy in their lives; they need to learn to apologize.

You might want to be slave to some tyrant king who says the right words, but others don’t.

Did you actually read my post?

You pieces of shit

We the people. But they need God first. Promote God, along with the unabashed truth. Every Christian needs understand racialism is good and desirable to God at the national level and within the parish. It's both practical and dignified. Anything else is impractical and undignified. But even assuming that's incorrect, there's no liberty without the option to try.

God is a smokescreen meant to obfuscate the meaning of values that your people are meant to maintain.

You made me smile again, like niggers, now you're trying to convince me the PROGRAMED AI meant to convince me I am something I am not is correct.

You're a moral relativist faggot, get out.

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The state being of the people is why peaceful protesters are so much more effective than violent protesters. States need large numbers of people to administrate them. Violent threat turns off more people than peaceful disagreement - I read a rumor once that peaceful activists have on average four times as many friends as violent activists, and the friends of a peaceful activist are more likely to join in or launch low-visibility secondary actions. Broad peaceful protests this have a “crippling the state mechanism” consequence, whereas violent protests serve more of an annealing function, tending to harden governing structures.

Note the caveat. Disprove their belief in liberty. It disproves itself.

Morals are made by man in order to keep our worst intentions in check. The point is that we need to create a good and proper order in order to achieve harmony with the rest of the universe. You aren't going to get that by being fed your equally "relative" morals by books made by jews.


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I want my people to survive and be happy the same I'd want my future children to survive and be happy. To me politics really is downstream from culture. How can you have a rule willing to live his people and rule justly for them if there are no potentially future rulers being raised in accordance to those standards? Hitler mentioned this in Mein Kampf I believe, the idea that culture is the spark that sets off your true potential that you've been born with. In my opinion all we need is our people, all isms eventually become a substitute for the truth we as whites seem to push back. We're not Christian, we're white. We're not pagan, we're white. Its so simple that way, everything we put an ism onto becomes what we project what we'd normally do anyways so why even bother tying ourselves down to a singular ideology. What if capitalism isn't the best system? So what, we're WHITE, we can figure something out for our people, fuck it. But it's not like that, we're chained to our own mental constructs, then our enemies take those abstractions, twist and corrupt it, then feed it down our throats until we're poisoned to death.

Our society is simply rotten, there's no way anything coming close to a just man or a political system of just men can manifest. Absolutely nothing is shown to be evident in youth to push the mindset required to rule anymore. No love for your people, no love for the natural law you breath thanks to, no love for order and safety, no love for truth or justice. What are you even ruling or fighting for if it's not something righteous and truly pure spirited? Most of history is a mess to me, anytime it seems something heavenly and transcendent is in our grasp we fall to degeneracy and vices, not as a collective whole, there are the few pulled down by the many. The many don't want true beauty to flourish, and this culture encourages them. But it's okay, there's always a pendulum swing, this time it'll swing further back harder than anyone's seen. It's always been like this, but now in our global age we can properly document and track everything that went wrong, why, and how. Everything is out of the bag, and these sins won't be forgotten this time. Not a chance.

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I think a disaster occurred in culture in the last few decades where actual sociopaths with serious boundary issues learned they could pose effectively as not-sociopaths by adopting positions in favor of time management and against wasting time.

Clinical sociopaths exist in a kind of eternal moment. They don’t feel a connection to their past and future states, so they’re impulsive and slow to learn.

Yet the most high-functioning of sociopaths - the ones who become bankers, politicians (rare, I think), surgeons, and really hard to catch criminals - are really good at time management. They’re permanently wired to their next objective, orienting their eternal moment by a guiding star.

It shouldn’t have worked, and I think a rise of bigotry and lies was a consequence of our culture ditching on the value of honesty.

We could use sortition, to reduce the power of whoever happens to be most effective at disempowering others through manipulation. Government by charisma exalts bizarrely charismatic people over those who know what they’re talking about, who could’ve guessed such a thing might happen?

You just basically invented the feudal system

Most people are virtuous - and most people aren’t on this virtueless site, lol. Our society isn’t rotten. There are new medical breakthroughs every week.

Modern medicine isn't moral in the slightest, user.

Some spiteful are merely the spawn of prior good intentions. Imprudence reaps its own just deserts.

We’re on the brink if ubiquitous immortality if we can convince the rapist VIPs that a life where they don’t abuse themselves abusing others is worth living. If we can teach people that happiness is worth more than submission, humanity will live forever.

If we’re good to each other, and trustworthy with the tools of technology, and can liberate the slaves of crime and death… But most humans only want to shit out babies and then crawl into a grave. They’d rather have stagnant generational living than the dynamism of an ever-young society.

Honesty is the font of happiness. People who manipulate others function poorly in charismatic matters and they live their lives in misery and depression. To change the world, speak truth.

I know I’m preaching to the angels here, in this place where heaven’s sacred liars pretend racism is true, but seriously. Consider converting to the faith of the words worth believing: words spoken in an attempt at truth, by people willing to make mistakes snd learn new facts.

Most people live in trust. If we refuse to abuse that trust, we can have a society prosperous in the extreme. Be better than you have to be; be stronger than your hatreds.

This seems to be a view based on perspective. Do you have evidence to back it up? To do evil is merely an incentive based on the preference of individuals. Money is an incentive, The willingness to do good is another, the willingness to achieve mastery another. A motivated individual will always outperform an unmotivated one. If you want to fix something then aim at the motive. True power is having options. Laziness, docility, mediocrity are worse motives, they are self-inflicting and damage to the organism, when chaos rips order. Therefore to "cope" I merely become better.

Fuck off cunt.

More or less, yeah. Feudalism was trashed thanks to centralization, into what we now consider "monarchy". Thanks, Louis XIV

faulty logic
gay OP
saged and reported

5927 suicide youtube stream in 20 minutes gg/Xq2uYaa

Masculinity is the only answer.
Cops are hirelings of the government and exist to harass the middle class who fear them. Get rid of them and replace them with the KKK and the Pinkertons. Abolish all public education.
The only people who are good are White men with families. Empower them to protect what is theirs.

The most important value is the White custom of marriage. Christianity is very convenient.

To be clear, white men with their own families. Barring death or abuse, raising another man's offspring as though they are your own is an abomination.

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just hooking this thread as I am too drunk and also lazy

but there has been another shooting in el paso.. he has written a manifesto and blesser our saint Tarrant (God bless him)
but for some reason he hasn't posted here, but he has on cuckchan, probably because he thought he wasn't so good as Tarrant and didn't want to soil his good name.

anyways the manifesto is out there…. this is him

looking at his nose he might be jewish, and never forget how many jews served in the ss. it is illegal to this day in israel of accusing someone of being a nazi for a very good reason

ib4 t. jew

i am not a jew, I come from a judenfrei country

where is the manifesto and where is our thread?

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woops. dunno how the screen cap got in there


start thread I am too drunk


wake up, shit is going down

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we used to have a standard here.. .

Kill them all. There is no need for positions of power. Kill those in power, and kill anyone that tries to take power after they are killed. It is ok to kill anyone that you don't like.
Start by the inevitable: kill all jews.

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This. Also picking the right people for the job.

What the majority of people fail to grasp (even anons on h8pol) is that tyranny is inevitable. Republics always degenerate into oligarchies, which may or may not spiral into ochlocracies once the elites become effete and weak enough to be deposed by the masses… at least until a new clique takes power (either foreign or domestic). The life-cycle of empires seems to be some 250ish years - about 10 generations, give or take.

The point is, we'll always have tyranny. Always. Power tends to accumulate, and over decades or centuries this centralization of control and wealth always attracts the worst of humanity. Because as stated in the OP, those who see the most potential for gain by strangling the nation and abusing its production capabilities, are, unfortunately, the ones who most energetically vie for power.

We should simply do away with pretending that human nature is one of benevolence or enlightenment. Precious few (maybe one in millions) have the capability, will, empathy, IQ, and introspection to lead a nation while working for the betterment of all, instead of personal aggrandizement or enrichment. Which means that all forms of republicanism, democracy, and elected rule are memetic detritus belonging in the dustbin of history, since they all rely on the false notion that humans are equal, and that any can rise to the challenge. That goes double for all forms of hereditary monarchy (a benevolent king can spawn abominable and irresponsible heirs).

The only way forward is to enforce meritocracy (by screening all male children and uplifting/training those with the highest potential), disincentivize the allure of power (by aforementioned Sword of Damocles principles), and accept that we'll have tyranny either way, so we might as well make it by benevolent race-realists who'll martyr their own lives and energies for the good of the collective.

What we need is nation-wide screening for the Ablest Men, identified during childhood, tested, groomed, and prepared for a life of selfless service to their nation and people. Men like Cincinnatus (

Just imagine what a cadre – a single handful! – of these men could accomplish if given absolute, uncontested rule!

They'd take us to the stars within a single generation…

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Disregarded and sage'd.

What the fuck are you talking about? Violence is the gold standard. Antifa are winning based on their use of violence. Sure, it's turning some people off from their message but I doubt anyone on the left even really cares. The trick was to subject everyone to unlimited brainwashing during their formative years in government schooling, so that their Pavlovian-dog response to the word "fascism" made them disengage their critical thinking and therefore endorse Antifa's violence.

The "long march" is a hard thing to come back from. Maybe if we had 50 years to turn the education system into the Hitler Youth we could get people to support our on Freikorps. The public is so brainwashed that the only way we can win now is step up the violence even further and do away with democracy. If we're in a situation where the opinions of the masses matter then we lose, because the masses are no longer our people.

This is the only path forward - not shooting up random immigrants. A high-level approach is much smarter and could even garner public support unlike some cringe manifesto tied to low-level thug behavior.

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You are clearly retarded…
The people who have the ability to take said positions of power, who will not abuse the shit out of them, simply do not want to waste there time with them.

Because the currently dominating power is not at all corrupt, hence why OP made this retarded thread, that they would simply stand by and watch as non corrupt people who legit put the interests of the people, be only white interests or (((every ones))), would totally not be suicided with 8 bullets in the back, 4 in back of head, 12 stab wounds, and 8 broken bones from falling down some stairs..

You are hardly functional, but completely retarded.

All you could see were my teefs bitch.

Tyranny is not inevitable, however opposite forces must be able to deal enough damage to the opposite rule enforcer to dissuade them to screw everyone over. And after the tyran is vanquished, good governance must be applied to not make a new hunted down target.

Doing the right thing isn't enough of an incentive huh? You realize your degeneracy and emptiness is on full display now, right OP?

Reeeeetard, we have laws for cunts who abuse the public trust. Your little thoughts you had today while on the potty aren't anything new.

God forbid someone wants to make a better world. Correct wrongs. Live somewhere that isn't a shithole etc,etc. You're just trash. Make yourself useful and shoot up your synagogue.