Ideas for an Zig Forums alternative

Alright, so now that (((4chan, Zig Forums, MPC, Ironcuck, voat and gab))) have all been been cucked, let's brainstorm ITT a bulletproof alternative.

My idea:

AryanNET - open source Zig Forums copy that bans ALL FORMS OF DEGENERACY AND SHITPOSTING (ie. no sexually explicit content), is solely dedicated to advancing the cause of white nationalism and has bulletproof hosting. No idea as to how we can prevent glowniggers and shills from taking over control though..

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Why not create a decentralized network?

How would you enforce anti-degenerate laws on a decentralized network? Shills and pedos will just spam the platform.

I'm working on building an Intelligence network. There will be one site for official information dumps, another for random anons to provide information to be dumped, and another for more active participants to research together as teams.

Sounds good, when do you think it will be finished?

Couple of weeks prbly. Just giving an example of how you might organize something while remaining unpozzed. Of course, you control what content is actually advertise using the official site/onion/etc.

Any chance of a warrior's library network for use in Civil War 2.0?

Want to remain off glow radar but see no problem with a Zig Forums library for informational/historical purposes.

I want to organize irl and see thousands of likewise faggots like me.

Shit! My cover's been blown!

the plot thickens! dun dun DUNNNNN

I think the so-called "alt-right" needs to evolve out of the degenerate 4chan chink culture of porn, trolling, anime, and calling themselves and everyone else faggots.

Reptilian glow fag to mother ship! Beam me up and shut Zig Forums down! The Earth-things know!


Imageboards are too much trouble to run

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Diaspora is open source, can be de-centralized, and is ideal for a free speech alternative network. (((4chan))) won't let me post from behind a VPN. (((Zig Forums))) bans many of the servers I post behind. That tells me all I need to know about their logs. The Brave browser and the Dissenter browser have built in Tor in addition to the Tor browser itself. The US Navy created Tor, but it's gotten away from them, mostly in Europe, and an onion address is the way to go. Yes, there are already sites, but we need a mainstream anonymous site without logs.

I agree to all those points but faggotry is a curse, my brother, and it must be called out.

Faggot is not a bad word on these boards. Faggot.

Keep creating boards until jews taking them over again. Be fluid like water. Be the shadow.

I support this.

How about doing something in the real world? Get some spray cans and make your own stencils. Tag walls owned by (((anyone))) with simple messages aimed at the bypassing normalfag. Print flyers with archive links to redpilled articles or books/documentaries. Put these prints up anywhere and everywhere. Just fucking do something tangible. The whole internet is cucked. The golden days of it all is over. Their attack is on the ability for us to discuss, so why do you think any effort to make a forum will be allowed? Go into the real world, redpill normalfags, make them see the light, because they will NEVER see it here or anywhere else on the internet.

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fuck you and fuck your idea, the accelerate
(((we))) are too degenerate for your uebermensch board

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I have a prediction that whatever your building isn't going to work or it's just going to be some shitty WordPress site. People around here don't seem to know anything about programming. Your Intro to PHP class doesn't count. Do you care to share any details so I can critize your bad ideas? Constructively, of course.

No officer, I have no interest in divulging the backbone of my operation. Appreciate the data-mining effort though.

Fine. I mean it though, do things the right way and save yourself trouble. I remember when 8ch was still actively developed and for a long time they had the load balancing all wrong and everything was terrible.

I've though about building an intelligence site too but I haven't had the time to dedicate to it. I would want to build it from scratch instead of trying to bolt something on to some large framework like WP. Also we have sites like Metapedia and it's better to support existing successful projects as much as possible, until you're really convinced what you want to do is outside the scope of existing work.

If you don't want your identity compromised, practice good OpSec starting yesterday. Don't store your work in a public GitHub repo or put any identifying information on your domain registration. Don't roll your own security, just follow whatever StackExchange says to do. Please make sure you actually know how to deploy whatever you're doing securely. Stress test your servers. You wouldn't believe how many people can't even get the very basics right.

Nah. Kill yourself kike.

That's all you got?

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Running this shit thread through my jew translator: Hey goys! Everything is a honeypot so why don't you create something then give it to me for free that run. It will be just the way you like and totally not a honeypot. Or, the fag has just had his stupid, mindless shit delete again and is all salty. None of these fuckers are genuine. Just one dishonest cunt after another.