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Are Italians really descended from the ancient Romans? If so then why are so many Roman generals and emperors Blond or strawberry blond haired with blue eyes and freckles? Who are the closest descendants of Ancient Rome today?
Why were so many Romans fags? They couldn't possibly have all been gay?
Is there anything we could learn from the Romans (practicalism, stoicism, building, etc) that could be useful today?

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North Italians are descended from a Germanic tribe called the Lombards. South Italians are descended from the Romans.

and Greeks


Show some respect to the european mediterranean master race.
Civilizations masters, punishers of the moors and god warriors.
We were building universitys and cathedrals while you lived in bronze age.
You blondy pussy barbarian. Adolf had black hair asshole.

About building today we dont know how they made concrete to be still up 2000 years later.

Daily reminder Southern Europeans are far above you dumb northern mud hut dwelling niggers and you will be Christian until the day you die.

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A lot of that is just modern talmudic historical revisionism based on a few depictions of homosexuality in classical art. It would be like if someone a few hundred years from now found a loli doujin and concluded that pedophilia was the cultural norm of Japan. Also a lot of writings about Roman emperors doing cartoonishly evil gay shit like getting sucked off by nursing babies, or having little boys swim between their legs and lick their balls in the pool was propaganda written by their political opponents after their death. Here's a good article about the myth of omnipresent faggotry in classical civilization.

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where's the point? saged u fagget

The 7th century BC Spartan poet Alcman described his cousin Hegesichora as a “happy girl of golden curls” (fragment 13. 54-55 Bergk) while the Spartan poetess Megalostrata as a blonde-haired maiden (fragment 37. Bergk)

Aspasia (fl. 415 B.C) a priestess from Phocaea and the favorite concubine of the Persian prince Cyrus the Younger was blonde haired, the ancient writer Aelian describes her as thus:
Of hair yellow, locks a little curling… skin delicate, complexion like roses
- [Varia Historia, xii. 1]

The Greek tryrant ruler Dionysius I of Syracuse (d. 367 B.C) had yellow hair and freckles - [Val. Max. i. 7. 6].

“Apelles, however, did not reproduce his (Alexander’s) complexion, but made it too dark and swarthy. Whereas he (Alexander) was of a fair colour, as they say.”
- [Plutarch, Life of Alexander ; 75 C.E]

“They affirm likewise that Alexander Son of Philip was of a neglectful beauty: For his hair curled naturally, and was yellow.”
- [Claudius Ælianus , Varia Historia XII ; 200 C.E]

“Once in (spacious) Sparta the blonde daughters of the Lacedaemonians sang a song such as this.”
- [Bacchylides , Dithyrambs ; 470 B.C ]

“Berenice's Hair, which, from her glorious head, Fulgent in brightness afar…the consecrate spoils shed by a blond-hued head”
- [Valerius Catullus, Carmina ; 84 B.C]

“Pray thee , bid the red haired Critias do what his father commands him.”
- [Aristotle , Rhetoric ; 367 B.C.]

“..of such noble sort is the flaxen-haired prince that is throne in these level plains…
farewell, Lord Ptolemy; and I will speak of thee as of other demi-gods..”
- [Theocritus, Idylls ; 270 B.C]

The Ancient greek poettess Sappho (who was of aristocratic origin) was dark haired (Alcaeus. fragment 55 Bergk) but her daughter Cleis is described as a girl whose hair is yellower than torchlight (Sappho. fragment 98a). Furthermore Sappho's eldest brother Charaxus is found described in Ovid as (flava) golden haired (Met. xii. 210). It seems then that although Sappho herself was brunette, most members of her family were in fact blonde which confirms the dominant blonde strain of the Greek aristocracy.

“…Ethiopians are black and snub-nosed, those of the Thracians have blue eyes and red hair.”
- [ Xenophanes , Fragments ; 544 B.C ]

meds btfo

Italians, French, some parts of England and some parts of Romania
They were so redpilled on womyn they thought being gay was noble since you didn't have to be around them
They (along with the Greeks) wrote down the history of all those European tribes who didn't write it down themselves, stocism was always coping mechanism : the philosophy, if the funnest thing to do for hundreds of years was watch a lion maul some peasants in the colloseum I'd convince myself to live a simple life too


Caligula did nothing wrong. He fucked over the (((senators))) to turn their wives into cheap whores and promptly used that money to pay off the debt that Rome had after Caesar's wars so the kikes couldn't control them.

mkay retard

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If by South you mean the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, I hope you know their DNA has a higher count of Levantine Natufian blood than your average Ashkenazi.

They're kikes. I've worked and went to school with them. Haven't you ever wondered why Omerta is the exact same "won't bow to kings" attitude of the jews? The mafia structure and philosophy is identical to jewish hierarchical models.

If they have any relationship to greeks, it's the greeks that believe in the evil eye or hellenic jews that are their forebear. There are no more Romans anymore.

Gas the Sicilians.

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That doesn't fit the DNA data germanigger

Explain this then tony

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No Roman (or any other person in a pre-modern culture) was "gay" since the concept of "being gay", i.e. of sexual orientation as an identity, is a modern leftist construct. In the ancient world sexuality was something you DID, not something you WERE. In Ancient Rome the dichotomy wasn't between gay/straight but between top/bottom. Basically in Ancient Rome a man could fuck whoever he wanted, so long as they were socially inferior (and not married).
A Roman citizen could penetrate a woman, prostitute or slave, but it would have been completely taboo (even illegal) for him to allow HIMSELF to be penetrated. It would have fatally compromised his manly 'virtus' and he would have been scorned as effeminate and weak. Like in Greece it was considered normal for adult men to be attached to adolescent boys (though freeborn boys were off-limits, and fucking one was considered rape, since they wee supposed to grow into citizen men).

We already have "learned" from Rome, and we're following her doomed example. (((Western))) civilisation is based essentially on Greek philosophy (rationalism, materialism, humanism, etc.) and Roman law. Classical culture supplanted the indigenous traditions of Northern and Western Europe. The Renaissance, Reformation and "Enlightenment" were all sparked by the rediscovery of Classical texts/knowledge.
And what has been the result? Look around you.
Rome was a militaristic multicultural superpower that was destroyed from within by mass immigration and degeneracy. This should sound familiar.

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Kill yourself you fucks, you will never be white.

And yet we have portraits of actual Greeks and Romans looking nothing at all like that.

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Don't worry Giuseppe, I am a blonde-haired green-eyed Germanic man and cannot wait to plow my Northern Italian gf's pussy tonight. We're trying to get children.

Reported for larping, faggot

I'm not saying Roman citizens didn't look like that but it's pretty obvious that the original Romans and Italics did NOT look like meds


remember that the kikes have ancestral hate for romans, they never stop seething about them as they trace "the origin of antisemitism" especially to roman empire

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So like ultimate rape culture, lol
No wonder the Romans were such psychotic losers


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History’s first steamship was built in Rome. It was considered for military deployment, but using that much metal was deemed too expensive. Modern mores about how people ought to treat each other have made us all MUCH wealthier.

Very convenient to not mention the fact that the empire started to decline after the spread of Christianity, and that in time Christianity has been widely subverted by the hooked nose tribe.

Romans pretty much invented and spread the western civilization as we intend it, you northern barbarians should stop seething and accept it.
Romans/italians are mediterranean caucasians and their look can vary from brown hair/eyes+olive skin to red/blond hair+light color eyes and skin.

I’m still a little confused that I got thrown out of the left for social justice activism. Like, how was I supposed to know nobody meant it? The vision of an honest, kind world looked pretty good. Still does. But nah, any man who thinks efforts against rape culture protect him from being sexually harassed too, or any man who thinks an honest movement ought to turn on the dishonest among their own ranks… None of that’s acceptable, lol. They didn’t eat their own after all, even though it was part of the social contract I was on board with.

Thinking about this mostly because I’m wondering if the left was going for the old roman road after all. They protected their elite pedophiles, they brought in hordes of machismo types, they worshipped antifa despite that org’s poorly aimed and violent rhetoric… And all the while, they peeled back the egalitarian sexuality of western culture. Fucking sucked, y’know? Globalism needed to protect its momentum, not bend to some fucked up ancient ideology.

Jews are hated throughout the machismo cultures, you realize that, right? Jewish men are honest. As macho types reckon it, Jews are inferior soft men and it’s enraging that inferior soft men rose to the top. Well, y’know, I think leftism got the antisemitism message, because I’m an inferior soft man too. That got me canceled.

Jewish men seem honestly superior. They have better genes and are more suitable for the modern world.

Because those are Egyptians like in these paintings, you Zig Forums bad faith actor piece of shit.

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You know what I think would be good? Let’s send the Jews to Mars. All the Jews, or as many as will go. I want on that rocket, too.

You jews are ridden with diseases, both physical and mental.
You are everything wrong with our species, at least dumb as a brick niggers have physical qualities like strenght and speed, you are simply the worst.

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Well, Italy was conquered by warlord Hannibal (Africa) so that is why modern day Italians have dark skin and are also known for their bigger 'package'. A lot of people probably overlook this. Their gene pool was raped a long time ago like most of Europe by gypsies and Mongols.

Holy shit you're fucking dumb.

is this american education?

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That and how to ass fuck like a faggot.

was the enmity between rome and carthage simply as economic rivals and geopolitics or was there are deeper seeded hatred that was perhaps "theological"?

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Get the mud out.

It was the time of the ancients, people fought because they were men. Can't stop brothers wars among wolves.

that's a bummer there wasn't something due to their canaanite/phoenician origins.

Carthage was a geopolitical opponent of rome, after many years of war Rome was probably fed up with their shit and decided to annihilate it.

Except the only authentic Africans with large penises are the Zulus. And the Zulus were nowhere near there, if they even existed back then. Plus Italians actually have small penises m8.

did you suck some to check the truthfulness of the data?

Nice map, pretty convincing.


in large
millions of Italians are like so
Tuscans, center-north Italians in large

easy with the projections there, Romans in the military caught taking it up the ass were stoned to death by their fellow soldiers

snowniggers can't learn anything useful

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The same reason so many Italians are. The "Italians" you see in kike media are not Italians, they are Sicilians or yids.

3rd pic looks shooped

don't be so harsh, at least they try

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he's the new president of the EU commission, google it


i don't care, I'm just saying that photo looks shooped

That racemixing is bad. Northern italics still have Germanic features though which is good

I hear you brother, this made me leave too… ironically many people in the left are complete sociopaths and they're usually easy to pick out from the ones who are meaningful by their responses to things

user, I…

Italians are heavily racemixed with Africans and Jews, user. Read up on them, they imported a lot of the peoples they conquered to their homelands, and look at the end result.

stop projecting, new world vermin

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I AM Italian faggot, no need to read anything, I walk outside my home and see with my eyes that you are liar and probably a seething yid.

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We really havo to get people off neoliberalism. It's retarded they keep believing these neoliberal cuck ideas.

Nice pic.

According to DNA test, Italians share most of their DNA with ancient Romans.

Don't forget we want legal marriages with 12 year old white lolis on vatican land. Which is traditional.

Are you triggered?

Actually the one on the left is from Pompeii. The one on the right I don't recognize.

These are not Germanic features.
Italians are not Germanic, neither are light features Germanic.

I mean the ideas opposite to the quote


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Mummy portraits or Fayum mummy portraits (also Faiyum mummy portraits) is the modern term given to a type of naturalistic painted portrait on wooden boards attached to Upper class mummies from Roman Egypt. They belong to the tradition of panel painting, one of the most highly regarded forms of art in the Classical world. The Fayum portraits are the only large body of art from that tradition to have survived. Fuck yahweh!

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9672 join to see self harm gg/Xq2uYaa

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You still have a lot to learn.

op here and this is based, Rome lives on

Looking into it, the language and the history of the general area I ran into some surprising things.

The ancient Iliri date at least to 15000 BG. Slavs came to the area at 8000 BC, mixed with the population. Part of that mixed group moved to Italy and basically gave birth to Rome. The other part stayed in the balakans region (mostly concetrated along the coast)
20 of the roman emperors were surprisingly from that stock.

Then I went looking back into he history of the language and found some interesting things - every words has a disctint root and discernable meaning. In comparison, english historains have no idea were most words come from.

for example, the oldest form of "earth" in my language is 'rt' (by the sound you make when walking on ground)
Soul is 'pir'.
'van' mean to be outside - hence vampir (vampire, not an english word), body without a soul.
There's tons of words with the same root - 'potpiriti' (to re-kindile a fire), again understandable. 'pod' means under, 'pot' to support from below. Hence potpiriti - to support a soul (of fire).
All the words are pretty much like that. All of that gives credance to the proto-languge of europeans that is the building block of most languages today.

I'm rambling a bit, but very interesting stuff. Esepcially when you get back to the etruscians.

Rule 4. Kill yourself. Jew spam. Kill yourself.

Totally organic thread, not at all bait

sauce on this? livy? tacitus?

not necessarily stoned but clubbed to death too

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your not wrong i love Serbs as a Croat if we stopped focusing on petty bullshit like how to worship a jew on a stick or minor cultural differences wed be better off VOLIM MOJ SUSJEDI i want all Europeans to come together when we finally gas the kikes in race war now INFIGHTING IS HOW THE JEW WANTS US

Well the Romans did kill all the abrahamite parasites. Perhaps that could be a start? I know the Jews have defamed and libeled them for a long time, probably because Romans were too white.

I Agree. Yugos need to put aside the theology Jew and focus on the race. The region needs to cooperate for the sake of the children of the white race.

it's not so much about color but about spirit, early Romans were some of the absolute most antithetical people to have ever existent compared to semites, a gens of austere and spartan warrior-farmers who despised city bugmen, riches, merchants and compared usury to homicide, it's no wonder they devastated Punics first and then came extremely close to exterminating iudaeans, before, as it happens in history, which has its sense of humor, they eventually became what they had always hated

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Etruscan language was non-Indo-European, as far as I know it mostly survived in personal names.

a real nationalist thinks like we do not like these faggots doing exactly what the jew wants SLAVA RODU

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thats some real butthurt med posting

stop pushing this dick myth. niggers don’t have bigger dicks, fucking cuck.

Wypipo btfo. Roman bvlls confirmed tanned

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Other populations for reference. Askenazis Jews are just early Roman/Greek converts and half jew mutts who traveled and settled into German and Slavic lands

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what service is this? to my knowledge of the field, no Roman era DNA samples exist from Italy(not yet anyway, it may change by the end of this year)
I assume it's some test with some artificial clusters used as proxies perhaps

Final dump

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TrueAncestry I am also curious at their source samples.

It's bullshit.

I doubt they have real ones anyway, I mean rumor is Harvard itself is apparently finally working on some, would be strange if some private company had already gotten them, given the high technology required when it comes to ancient DNA. I'd take those with a grain of sand, though actually some ancient samples relative to some of those cultures/ethnicities are indeed publicly available, like Roman era Spaniards, Vikings, some Bronze and Roman era Greeks(latter from an Iberian colony) and others.

Harvard data was leaked on Anthrogenica, Romans were like modern Sicilians.

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Shit yeah. Sicilians confirmed for white. Eat shit, nordicists.

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that's not the Harvard one though I think, I'm thinking about the other, which should have much more samples spanning from the mesolithic to the renaissance, including iron age samples, which should in theory be 60%(of them) like north Italians and 40% south Italian-like, which given the Etruscans on that plot would make sense
many of those may be Hellenized south Italians that entered the city in large, after Pyrrhus was defeated

They are not white.
They are like 25-35% Levantine Bronze Age
They are literally the same as Ashkenazis

Part of the Iron Age samples are Etruscan-like and part Roman-like already, so the Roman-like people didn't come later with the Greeks.

The Romans died out because they were just like us, they stopped having children and started letting everyone else in and mixing with them. They replaced their working class with foreign imported workers and welfare while their ruling class did sexual degeneracy.
Augustus tried to ban adultery but by the time Rome was sacked there were no Romans left.
The only way to avoid their fate is to return to our religion, which instructs us to marry.

the timelines and archeological context matters though, because the so called "iron age" ones apparently should span from ~700BC to ~20BC which is centuries after the incorporation of south Italy, which had already been Hellenized by that point
"Roman" can mean lots of things, I'm definitely interested in the OG Latin-Sabine Quirites of the early Republic that founded the state and institutions in the first place

The only one that seems funny is why iberians cluster with Illyrians. meanwhile balkans today do not. I know the slavs moved in but you would still expect some clustering. The Illyrian match seems to be consistent throughout the Iberian peninsula though which makes me wonder if it is basal.

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