Race realists assert race is a factor in determining IQ and this implies genetics

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They're still sending chimps to space?

what is regression to the mean, nigger

a statistical problem that results from a random variable?

There's logic to this but it takes far longer than you think and there's regression of the mean to keep into account. Most likely what's going to happen is you're just going to end up lowering the average IQ by incident and raising the IQ of a handful of select chimps. Eugenics is especially dangerous when practiced by ideologues who wish to prove their worldview, which is why I hope you and the Chinese don't get it going first.


I think the main problem with Africa and nigger communities is simply that it's not an environment that promotes intelligence, thus it's not an environment that promotes intelligent people from succeeding and breeding to "uplift" the rest of the race. It's a case where culture and race can go hand-in-hand.

I think too the layman has this fantastical notion that just having children inherently creates a being with "better" genes. Not understand that the sole reason Whites have high IQ's is they select for these genes where Niggers do not and this is why we're still seeing such stagnant change in their populations because they're still selecting the same genetics. And hello, you're not guaranteed to gain certain genes you just have a set starting pool.

we didnt come from russia we came from africa were just pale apes that froze our asses of for a long time. shit is dark but it dries and turns white. so we are just white freeze dried feces. shit was brown and before that it was cow meat. we were black and before that we were gorillas.

Whites and Asians have a higher intelligence because we are the "blacks" that migrated north during the Ice Age and during the journey all the retards died off leaving only the smart ones to breed among themselves. We are the result of environmental factors that favor intelligent crossbreeding. What if, and I'm taking a long shot, we do an experiment where we put a black tribe through a similar, controlled trial. Would they become "white"? Interesting thought experiment I think

promote intelligence? up until 200 years ago all they did was spear monkeys and fester with AIDS. in africa they worked for an hour hunting and the rest of the time just lay around.

No my simian friend, you people came from the jungles and evolved from some kind of apelike creature this is all but confirmed - Humanity's origin however is shrouded in a little more mystery than our monkey pals.

Appointed head of NASA by Obama.
Yet somehow It's solely white men responsible for every notable achievement of mankind, and niggers would still be living in the stone age if not for our intervention.

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it would probably take a really long time and the dumbasses would probably die. the migration itself weeded out the dumber ones.

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You could argue modern society in white-ran countries is such an environment. Here crime is punished and the prisons are overwhelmingly black, whereas the blacks on the streets are the ones that stay out of crime. Blacks currently commit the most crime but there could be evidence this is going down. Albeit it will take a long, long time.

in china they cut the head off of a gorilla and they put it on a human torso. now they're waiting to see if it will talk.

the manrilla uttered some vague phrase akin to "foodstamps"

yeah because race is like a breed. if we had all remained separated longer eventually we would not be able to interbreed

If you don't report OP then you're encouraging this cuckchan shit to take over our board.

Let me put that another way. Your idiotic analogy implies that if you mixed a mutt with a purebred you somehow come up with something superior.

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That's actually an interesting point. How long would the cutoff have been? Was there evidence the various races were ever "evolving" since settling in their respective regions around 200 thousand years ago?

genetics are not static but they are not changing at a frenetic pace. gb2/b2/