Do WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) even exist in the United States anymore? They seem like a talented but displaced minority, co-opted subverted and written out of the nation that they built.
Hell even Protestantism was co-opted by the corporate Israel cocksucking Evangelists (much to Jewish delight as Luther's legacy is a powerful social and ideological enemy of their religion). Where are WASPS today?

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web.archive.org/save/https://books.google.com/books?id=RRolDuahqPMC&pg=PA799&lpg=PA799&dq=I have been just as Furious as you at the compilation of Lies which the Communists&source=bl&ots=LkjDBIM9Hx&sig=ACfU3U1qcH8uBaT4f4hHrgQMhv9ojn7rKA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjm6rvKq-fjAhWmna0KHdzODPUQ6AEwAHoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=I have been just as Furious as you at the compilation of Lies which the Communists&f=false

Doing what Anglo-Saxons do, and have been known for; forever. They are running little shops in ski resorts. They are working on farms. They are tour guides for national parks. They lead surfing clubs on the beaches. They open little health food shops in the suburbs. They have bed and breakfasts near natural beauty spots.

Basically they move out of the cities as soon as they possibly can and live a life of self-reliance around nature. The English were well known with their obsession for escaping city life and getting back to nature, even before the industrial revolution. They are a peculiar sort quite unlike most other peoples; they are not particularly fierce like other Germanics, nor are they delicate, feminine or pompous as jews often make out. They are instead a rather mild people who feel an instinctual pull to the world outdoors, and who autistically pursue their own desires - no matter who peculiar or eccentric - regardless of what the world at large thinks.

Idiot. Just be honest.

Most white people are people first, whites not at all. I was shocked when my husband said the most niggerish thing he’d ever said in his whole life commenting on being a minority in a crowd of Chinese people.

QTDDTOT, which you know, JEW

We have to remember there are millions of degenerate whites in the degenerate colonial settlements, who think they are worth keeping around, when instead they've been the cause of everything. These people are all neoliberal and irritating.

In New England, Utah and some parts of the south; the damn continentals have all but displaced them.

The Anglo-Saxon temperament is more similar to a scandinavian temperament than a continental temperament. They have their own quirks (including and especially a tendency towards what I would call "redneckism"), but by and large they don't have the autism that seems to compel their continental kinsmen to impose some form of order on everything. Just look at Common Law - the legal concept underpinning the entire anglosphere basically boils down to "fuck it, we'll just wing it on precedent" because the Anglo mindset is defined by negative liberty.

Could you expand upon what you mean by redneckism? I'm thinking that it explains how some Anglo-Saxons seem insanely self-destructive with their attitudes towards alcohol, drugs and other things; which ends up defining a lot of the 'underclass', whether it be the classic 'redneck' of the US, the 'chav' of the UK or the 'bogan' of Australia. … Is that what you meant? Or were you referring to something else?

That explains why the Australians love to farm in the rural even if there is droughts. They loves to be out a lot and do some bizarre things.

1950's country club
jew: Shalom!
WASP: Fuck off!
2010s country club
jew: Jump!
WASP: How high?
And now the WASPs are marrying jews. They simply flow with the tide to maintain their wealth

And they got displaced and lose the power. I don't feel sorry for them. It's their fault for trusting them. Jews always backstab where they can find the opportunity to do.

How many fucking times do people have to tell you kikes it was Catholic fags who jumped into bed with Jews. When catholicfags move out of their cities which they've infected they go to small towns and then infect protestant communities with their Catholic (we love everyone!) aids. Notice the WHITE part in WASP? I mean everytime I hear some fucking jew taking about how shit WASP's are you have to remind them there's a fucking "white" in there, so you're just shitting on white people by doing that. Blame Catholicism because when those fags move out to the country you're not gonna see Catholics building churches cause they simply don't care. Protestants do care about churches

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Fair enough. But the WASPs had the wealth and the power and restricted access to both to the jew and the Catholics. So, why did they sell us out? You're saying it was the simply the Catholics persuasive argument 'we love everyone'?

They tried to stop it, but once Catholics started getting voted into political offices after the Civil War gave "every man" the right to vote we were fucked. I mean don't forget the North had plenty of all Irish brigades fighting to free the slaves and kill white Southerns, then after they got the right to vote and well, the rest is history

Catholics, mostly Irish and Italians, managed to flood the cities of the US at various points. Who is behind that I do not know. The cities made (and continue to make) up voting power-houses that are used by the jews to push whatever agenda they desire.

Rural California still votes 100% republican, just like the rural areas of every other state. The jews gained power only after there was a significant population of Irish and Italians inhabiting the cities. Those cities now of course are majority spic and nog, consequences of your Irish Papist President's immigration act.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying republicans are good or supporting them, but you can see a clear difference in opinions and voting patterns between the rural populace and urban populace; which began as the Protestant populace (because the Swedes, Scots, Dutch never caused a problem in the US) and the Catholic.

Thank you. It still seems incredibly naive of the powerful WASPs to lose their wealth and power over just a few generations, seemingly doing little to fight back. I know high-profile WASPs and Catholics alike publicly warned of the insidious jew in the first half of the 20th century, so does it just mean they were outmaneuvered or the victim of changing/manipulated demographics?

Patton had to learn the hard way. In 1933 under the command of MacArthur, he led calvary against us veterans on Pennsylvania ave, it resulted in a couple deaths, which indirectly resulted in hundreds of deaths of war veterans.

I'm a wasp


Don't sting me.

What are you doing to gain power and wealthy again and push jews out of USA permanently?

WASP's, just like wasps, need to be exterminated.
Only thing to ever come from them is cuckery and liberalism.

It's hard to take a post like this seriously. The Republican party has been a hotbed of kikery for pretty much its entire existence. Being staunch republicans is NOT a good thing.

I did put a disclaimer specifically to address any one like yourself. The point was not to say that the republicans are some nationalist super party; but to show that the WASP/rural population were and remain essentially united in their politics. It is foreigners who held an alternative perspective and pushed their own agendas, counter to those of the natives. We see much the same thing today, only instead of being papist Italian/Irish urban voting blocs; they are now papist Spic urban voting blocs. They have been used by jews to go against the will of the native WASPs for a long time.

I think one of the big problems with WASPs, which many here will remember from the mid 00s on the internet; is that they basically just want to be left alone. That whole libertarian craze? That was when outside of some Western European nations, only WASPs could afford computers and internet connections; meaning that Anglo perspectives were heavily over-represented. It's a strange contradiction that they were both the least bureaucratic nation and simultaneously that which had the largest Empire the world has ever seen; but it is so. The logistics of the British Empire was shockingly terrible; there was effectively no central organisation, and had it been down to more or less any other power such a lack of structure would have led to absolutely nothing getting done. But the Anglos just make do it and figure out what to do. It's as said, the Anglos approach to life is: "fuck it, we'll just wing it on precedent". It wasn't just politics, they do this with everything. It's a large part of why their colonies all fell apart near instantly as soon as they left, as the shitskins and nogs couldn't hope to figure out how to just 'get on with it' when there were no real rules or regulations in place.

It's also a notable thing in Anglo nations today, where the massive push to regulate fucking everything drives the common Anglo absolutely mad. Its a regular theme in comedies, in office talk, in pub talk; "bloody nanny state", "do we really need a label to tell you not to hold the knife by the sharp part?", and endless anger at pajeet cashiers and managers who follow the rules to the letter and consequently take FUCKING AGES to do anything; where an Anglo would just do what needs to be done, whether it was 'by the book' or not, and it would be sorted in seconds.

This isn’t a thread.

Of course they exist but only a bunch of really old men are relevant anymore, they're mostly a scapegoat now - leftists think they are what the Jews actually are.

Yes, that's what I was indicating as well but was pointing out it's not a positive. It was Catholics who rioted against the Republican's civil war draft. It was Catholic fascists who led the domestic charge to stay out of WWII. It was the Catholic president who was gunned down over israel's death grip on the military industrial complex.

Show me an influential "WASP" and I'll show you a kike in hiding

Anglo White doesn't just mean English. It's means people that descend from NW European, that includes N France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Icelandic, Swiss German, Norwegian, Swedish, etc.. according to the UK police codes.

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Are you retarded? Any flavour of christianity inadvertedly makes you accept a semitic paradigm that opens you up to further subversion. Tear it out at the root.

I still don’t get why so many people become such helpless victims in the face of race-based lies. It’s like… why are you this easy?

They still exist. They are very low key. And extremely delusional (they still think the jews are their puppets and not the other way around). To make matters worse many wasp males over the last five decades or so married jewesses as well, most losing their family fortunes in the divorce.

The W in wasp is not supposed to stand for white. That would be redundant. It's supposed to stand for wealthy.

Nope. Just Jews and Catholics.

dude, christcucks have given away the country to the shitskins they've been breeding.

And the pagans sat idly by doing jack shit.
Blame yourself you worthless nigger.

First, not pagan, second, what pagans? By your logic niggers are your fault.

Paganism is on the rise as a direct correlation to ethnonationalism and anti-invader sentiments. The pagans haven't had the numbers to "do something" - but that's changing.

Christians, however, have no excuse. They had the numbers. They had the legislative power. But they squandered it all by giving gibs to African niggers and Central American spics (Their brothers in Christ, remember), adopting niglets, going on missionary trips to convert niggers and gooks, and offering their daughters to godly niggers.

If you're not pagan than you're either, Jew, Muslim, or Christian.
Like I said, you're a worthless fucking nigger because you sat on your hands the whole time only speaking up after it was too late.

Reminder that this spam is now confirmed and yet allowed constantly, despite the rules forbidding it.

No one believes you.

false, but you do paint a picture of your myopic world view.

So…..The Dutch? Because they are, without doubt, the quintessential original Jew lovers in Europe, and especially Northern Europe.

Also, wasn't anywhere near alive when jews got their 1965 invasion act passed.

You making assertions isn't confirmation. q-tard tier "logic."

Well I'm a WIPP (White Irish-Polish Protestant) so I know we exist, and I'm pretty sure one of the families at my Baptist church is an anglo.

What is false, you jackass?
Do I have to teach you how to have a proper argument as well?

Oh but the Christians who weren't either and who oppose such a thing, they're ethe ones to blame.
You're sounding more and more like a fucking Jew.

Your point about protestantism is what happen to the whole race, the old men decided to feel proud about WW2 instead of realize they had been duped into kill their brothers who were trying to free them, and now they suck kike cock to keep from remembering or realizing they are kike slaves, it's like they think to themselves "I wouldn't suck so much kike cock if they weren't really the chosen people of God, and if I hadn't been God's chosen warrior when I helped kill those mean Nazis", like they pride themselves on the fact that they care only for pride. The more they begin to believe they could have killed their race and nation in favor a treacherous desert denizen, or how they may see it as instead of serving God they served Satan, the more the truth becomes clear, then the more lies they tell, the more women's brains they scramble with emotional rhetoric, the more brainfog and data smog they exude to reject such realization.

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weedfags, wasps, same shit, the moment they moved into weedland soon later they found their refuge in england too before finding their ethnostate in the USA

Good Patton quote, but you got the attribution wrong. It wasn't a letter to his wife, but to another general: web.archive.org/save/https://books.google.com/books?id=RRolDuahqPMC&pg=PA799&lpg=PA799&dq=I have been just as Furious as you at the compilation of Lies which the Communists&source=bl&ots=LkjDBIM9Hx&sig=ACfU3U1qcH8uBaT4f4hHrgQMhv9ojn7rKA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjm6rvKq-fjAhWmna0KHdzODPUQ6AEwAHoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=I have been just as Furious as you at the compilation of Lies which the Communists&f=false

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Honestly, they are really not the same ship at all. The Dutch and the Anglo are very different, to the point that they fought three major wars in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to determine who would control North America, and to a lesser extent India.

Setting aside maybe one or two Sephardic Jews in Spain, it was really the Dutch and the Belgians, especially the Flemish, who were the original international "merchant" class/bankers in Europe, and they were exceptionally Jew friendly. Amsterdam and the Belgian cities had the highest historic population of Jews out of any place in Europe at the time. They were the ones that enabled their finance, their loan-sharking, they're setting up of global networks, the propaganda and degeneracy, and so forth. It's not for nothing that Brussels today is chock-full of kikes - why do you think they decided to set up the EJude there…

All of it. your world view is limited to your indoctrination, where the only thing that exists for you are the three desert cults.

christcucks now who are feeding shitskins around the world and not only pro open borders but shipping them into White countries are to blame for their actions here and now.

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Yes. Everything that is not a WASP is the enemy of America, starting with those useless White niggers: the greasy italian mulattos and brainlet drunkard irish. Without WASP's and without Protestantism, there is no liberty. To this day the devil's jesuits and their smokescreen (the kikes) have ruined OUR country. Fuck everyone who isn't a WASP.

This documentary fully illustrates how WASPs built America, and how everyone else destroyed it. you wont watch it because it Zig Forums doesnt have a complete commitment to truth. like the way alex jones stops at globalists, Zig Forums stops at the jewish smokescreen

Holy fuck this is my dumb shit skin colleagues to a tea. They don't understand rules are guidelines and the most important thing is getting the job done. If you have to break some rules you can always clean up after. And this is why our clients go to me first and them second because the Anglo respects business.

either a useless cunt or a faggot. get out

Silent Hill is an allegory to WASP's

Fellow WASPs, rebuild your communities, make ready for war, and make your forefathers proud.

I never said Turks are white. I've been to Turkey on the Western coast and 90% of them look like the Arabs. The police though include Cypriots & Turks as White on the basis they're White from being on the Continent.

There are towns throughout the US where the local populations are 90%+ white and WASPs make up 50% of the local population. Usually these are comfy places. I have a summer home on the east end of Long Island, NY in such a town, it's relaxing and comfy time out of NYC.

Okay, fed. Kill yourself.

7457 goyim if you havent joined this server yet you are missing out gg/Xq2uYaa

my area in NY went from 85% white to 30% or less in 15 to 20 years . spic central . lake george upstate is my getaway

If The men create amendments that forbid the jews from USA, white people from doing businesses with jews and the usury then none of this mess would have exist.

You can't blame them retard. It's easy enough for fags to criticize something AFTER it's already happened, but no one can predict the future

Then we know now so we need to make sure this grave mistake don't repeat again.

Is this a meme?

Also, keep in mind that most white Americans (at least half) are Anglosaxon. Census data will report things like 'German ancestry' because Anglosaxons love to LARP as some other European nationality, and will make some reference to a German surname, or the fading memory of a Scotch-Irish ancestor, or claim to be 1/64 Cherokee (almost every white person who claims to be Cherokee is lying, it was a fad after the War Between the States to claim Indian ancestry) etc. Many continental Europeans that came here stayed in the cities, which are renowned for being population sinks, and so fortunately, the rural areas of the country with the highest fecundity are still strongly Anglosaxon, still strongly identify as the founding stock even if not publicly, and still usually traffick in the circles of their locality, and thus marry mostly into Anglosaxon stock. Many of course have a few non Anglosaxon European ancestors, but they were the ones who quickly (usually within the next generation) assimilated and thus their descendants identify as 'American' or 'English'. The Midwest was settled by a mixed English-German stock, and so many of them do actually have a claim to being more German than Anglo, but they all speak English, are mainly Protestant or descend from Protestants, and identify with their Anglosaxon compatriots. The only iffy white Americans seem to be recent arrivals that try and stick with their old nationality, like Italians in the cities. Had I the power, I would heavily encourage any whites with strong ties to their homelands to repatriate.

With all due respect, this nation ceased to truly be a nation when plutocrats tried to make the land a land of 'European' immigrants. This then justified Israel Zangwill's idea of a deracinated melting pot multikulti country, and by 1965, it seemed logical, that since America was not a real nation meant to be the land for the English founding stock, then why not let in nonwhites as well? Many non Englishmen successfully integrated, and so long as their descendants identify with and intermarry with the English founding stock, they too will feel like a native American. But I absolutely refuse this idea that America is supposed to be a 'White' nation of deracinated Europeans with no history on the continent, like some want it to be. I hold the same for our brethren states, like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In South Africa, I don't know how mixed the English and the Dutch are, and I would try to preserve an Afrikaans identity by creating an Afrikaans state, an English South Africa, and let the nogs run their own lands.

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I recommend these texts by Wilmot Robertson if you're interested in authentic English American nationalism, and not deracinated 'White Melting Pot' hokum.


The South.
And northern wasps have long since been strewn across the empire. Most of them are 1/4 or 1/2 continental European at this point.

A lot of WASPs were killed by Irish Catholic scum in the war of Northern Aggression. This was the point of that war, other than enslaving everyone through citizenship/taxation. Reminder that there are no good yanks, and they are the ones who against the founding fathers' vision of state sovereignty and limited powers government. Everything in America died when those idiotic Catholics attacked the South who absolutely had the right to secede. They followed the order of Lincoln, a non-White melungeon and he followed the orders of Jacobins who were under papal command.

The Confederacy was the last hope, and the last justified war fought. Every single thing the federal government has done since then has been done to further dispossess and enslave you. DC is a plantation and citizens are the niggers. When they aren't fleecing you for xes to give to niggers and kikes, they are throwing your soldiers into useless foreign wars, none of which are justified. It's high time Zig Forums understands what the federal government is: slavers and terrorists who hate Americans.

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WASP power diminished itself with birth control and debauchery and was largely replaced by foreign nepotism.

That's a sad result for the white races.

WASP got sucked out by the leeches.

The biggest sin of the WASP was pursuing monetary wealth at the expense of their people.

And now look at them. They are toothless and can't do anything about the messy situation.

"I'm 70% English/Irish, 25% French/German, 5% Scandinavian. But I don't feel like I belong to any nation"

That's true what you said, Frankenstein
Many white American feel like Frankenstein who do not belong to living or dead
Such as doctor Moreau's creatures who do not belong animal nor human

your nation is nothing but consumerism
nothing but money and sex with completely alien culture
For that reason America heading towards some sort of fanatical plutocracy that ask for white blood
sacrificial required when society consist of people without common ground
Eventually white or black or yellow American becoming bastard race who feel don't belong anywhere and life is meaningless

Your children won't part of Anglo American who found the United States of America

Because you made sure that you and your children are not part of European or Anglo American

Displaced and subverted, and they deserve no sympathy. WASPs ruled America since it’s founding, but during the progressive era they went too close to the sun and tried to all but eliminate non-WASP whites. You can find a history lesson on your own. The progressives were all WASP, there were no jews as far as I know. Not that it mattered because during the interwar period jews hijacked (ramped up) the progressive movement and started using it against the WASPs themselves. The WASPs didn’t fight back, they just turned over and are letting themselves die.

Now most WASPs are trying to become cryptokikes. Their children go to schools to work in finance or at NGOs where they learn to act like kikes. It’s like they handed their throne over to someone else and are now sucking the toes of the new king who they helped rise to power. And don’t expect this new king to do anything nicer than kicking them. It’s pathetic, really.