The Entertainment Software Association doxxed over 2000 journalists & content creators...

The Entertainment Software Association doxxed over 2000 journalists & content creators. Due to a mishandling of information.o my knowledge very few people are aware of this, but, I have no other reason than to believe it's been accessible since E3. So at least a couple months. This sadly means anyone could have this info, if youre a content creator or journalist, please take steps to protect yourself.

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Why don’t we all just voluntarily not mishandle dox data? Stalkers are never happy; criminals are little bitches who break into violence. People who mistreat others have to spend their whole lives bwing betrayed, while people who prize disloyal honesty and just don’t mistreat people do fine. I’m a lot happier than the people who hurt others, and I’ve even attracted a coterie of dicksuckers who humiliate themselves for my amusement.

The mosque shooter was a muslim, btw. I soent two weeks talking about deathounce population dynamics while he was “being radicalized”, and he popped off while I was present and writing more of it.

Sucks to be the ones getting doxxed for a change doesn't it, journos?

spent* deathbounce*

The gist of that, btw, is that killing a pocket of westernized muslims stresses and angers muslims throughout the world. So they take that energy out on their wives - and the energy of anger has commonalities with the energy of lust. Both make the hands hot and reduce the sense of distance between people. A bunch of muslim women get throttled like Bart Simpson (you’re welcome, lol) and lo, more muslim children are born than died in the attack.

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Violence is the pillar of civilization. If someone attacks me, I have the right to defend myself.
Citation needed, also happiness is a false god. Drug addicts feel happy when they are high, but that doesn't mean they're of healthy body and mind.
This only means that you're a fucking piece of shit, and invalidates everything you've said.

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stop kvetching. it can be written with 2 Xs or just 1 X.

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Nice one OP. I was just looking for the doxx, and this post turned up on a search engine (DuckDuckGo >>> Jewgle).

Zig Forums delivers again.

What's next? You're a hacker if you can boot up your own computer?

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Then why have they removed it and issued an apology if it was meant to be public you pleb?

It's only meant to be for the companies attending E3, so they can collude.. err i mean get in contact with these "journalists".

I'm lolling watching them freak out on twatter.

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Flattery will get you no where.

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Yes, the glownigger tarran operation was radicalized on 8ch board of peace. Fuck you.


When data is already public making it public again is not a "dox", you perfidious baiting gchquack cock-blow-nigger.
There's more reach in your statement than jewish influence in Congress.
Only NPCs or glowniggers would be dumb/brazen enough to call this ESA leak a "dox".
NPCs would call it a dox on twatter.
(you) Glowniggers would call it a dox here.

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Thanks for the confirmation, but it was already obvious (you) were.

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I hope your autism gets better one day.

So this is what Hyde was hinting about for years. "They have names and address"

I hope so too, but I'm doubtful because my autism is an allergic reaction to glowniggers & commies pissing on freedom of speech - and they just won't fuck off and leave me alone to shitpost in peace & play vidya, for some reason.

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7929 goyim if you havent joined this server yet you are missing out gg/Xq2uYaa

Your goalposts come with wheels you move them so much.

"Only glowniggers call everyone a glownigger.

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Checked. He's just salty because this is also where his mom's nudes got posted.

Anyway, bumping for MAYHEM. Ruin these fuckers.

smarmy jew post of the day

He's kind of right, although that last part was weird. Also, if there's a particular person on that list that is deserving of some heat, well, exceptions cold be made.

Like everyone involved in Tencent.
The Goldman-Sachs guy.
And a few other finance people I don't remember.

He opens with "fellow White people", proceeds to purposely reverse cause and effect, and then implies degenerate rewards that stem from human vice and play on your primal urges if you'll just be reasonable and do what he says. Even with the dicksucking harem line the entire post somehow reads with a strong tone of moral high ground.

The reason you think he's kind of right is because he's been practicing this shit his entire life. Persuading people is their primary means of cultural agency, of course they're going to be persuasive.

Who can't spread lies?