When does violence become justified?

At what point can lethal violence against certain groups be qualified as moral?

What is the exact moment where physical resistance can be considered as responsible behaviour?

When can terrorism against groups promoting the spread of moral chaos be classified as sound judgement?

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If it benefits an ethnostate

OP is either FBI or FBI will be in soon. Zig Forums is a board of peace.

But if you really want the answer, might is right. Violence is justified when you win and set the standard for what's right. That's the real natural law.

yes i'm quoting myself

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I dunno, OP. Ask the FBI.
Better yet ask the ATF. They have experience from Waco.

stop mystifying this meme, you jude scum

Imagine being accepted into the FBI, you pass all the tests… get yourself in shape… ready to defeat some seriously bad people. But you end up in some musky office in D.C. baiting neets to say something incriminating on an Indonesian basket-weaving bulletin board.

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How do I know English isn't your first language? And this is a board of peace. Everything here is a parody and it would be silly to think anything should be taken seriously or presented in a courtroom as real evidence. For sure.

5513 suicide youtube stream in 20 minutes gg/Xq2uYaa

me not being a native english speaker does not change the fact that "be a X of peace" used in his literal meaning is a clear subversion of the use Zig Forums has always done of this expression.
fuck off.

*its literal meaning

Sorry friendo, I think you're confused. When the FBI is here trying to convince you to a blow up a post office, you should always gently remind them that this is a board of peace.

violence is justified when you want to do violence

Violence doesn't exist in nature, it's a human sentiment and has nothing to do with natural morality. Nature only judges the consequences of your actions. You can do whatever the fuck you want, as long as it's according to the laws of nature and the benefit of all.

Calling what you see in this picture violent doesn't change the nature of the act at all, it's just an excuse for your emotions.

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When the water is undrinkable.

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If the group is deleterious and or violent it's always justified. However it's best to look for the leaders , they're the ones most responsible. Those fags wouldn't be acting out like that if it weren't for (((people))) at the top preying on their weak brains. Stem it at the source always. Also, might is right is the way a nigger thinks, savages don't make civilizations, they can't.

that's a bad thing to say to the elites. you realize it gives them blanket license to kill us right kike?

A civilization can only exist if you defend it…with might.

"Might is right" isn't really an opinion, it's just a statement of fact. You can analyze all you want but at the end of the day, the winner is the strong man who fights for control and establishes the rules. Hopefully it's a good guy and not a nigger, and hopefully the rules are good rules and not nigger rules. But even criticizing nigger rules isn't worth anything unless you are the lawmaker. It doesn't matter what you think sounds good on paper.

Violence wouldn't be effective at this stage. Half the country likes the current system. We're economically stable, for now. All it would do is bring the state after you, which is why the left tries to false-flag hate crimes etc.

Anyone openly calling for violence is either a fed attempting to set someone up or low-iq.

If violence worked, the Marxists would have done that.

But the elites already understand this. Maybe not analytically, but intuitively they understand that real control is better than abstract theorizing. It's scared whites who need to be taught that they need to stop worrying about abstract ideas like "racist" and focus on practical things like might.

what about the gulags and the purges?

we are way past that point when it comes to commies, kikes, faggots and mudslimes
but the legal sistem doesn't agree

As soon as a group targets your children, violent resistance is mandatory

We are already way past that point user. This is the ultimate black pill.

That was when they already had power.

Violence is justified as soon as there's nobody looking.

whenever youre not busy being cucked by the state

its up to you

i plan on gunning down a pride parade

When they threaten your racial existence.


assuming you are not glowing, that would just be useless.
go for the pedos.

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OP is a total wimp. “Moral chaos” = too weak to live in peace. Reciprocate peaceful patterns!

Violence is generally justified contra violence, and it’s often dumbassed even when justified. Peaceful activism works best.

Race is a psychosis. Compassionate individualism is the way forward.

Yeah it worked perfectly for the yellow vests, didn't it?

How about you stop spamming your fetishes here and do something yourself you jew fuck.

I'm pretty sure he'll catch quite a few pedos as well


There is no morality or law that is higher than ethnic preservation of your people.

When there's more of us than there are of them.

Religion is the fastest path to this, but you've all be so affected by Jewish atheist arguments that you don't want to take this path.

The average person is dumb as fuck. They need to be lead, or eat lead.

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After this weekend I reviewed this thread. Ypu guys need to take a serious look at yourselves.

They are genociding us. Anything is justified.