Yang 2020

Yang is literally trying to bribe the American public into securing votes with his unsustainable $1k/month welfare that would destroy the economy in the long run.

We can't let Americans fall for his lies.

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You want to sustain this?


Zig Forums is weird now. There are all different sort of shills.

You're going to get $1,000 just like you got a big beautiful wall. Tulsi 2020.

Agree with this, there has been a lot of underhanded shilling for this commie.

He is not a real American, likely has ties to foreign actors.

$15 an hour happened and my cousin lives in an $1800 a month apartment while working for Starbucks for $15/hr. He can afford all his food and bills himself.


He is the outlier, not the norm. Those kinds of policies only work on a small scale. Yang's careless policies will turn America into Venezuela 2.0

He's the shittiest candidate and will further economic collapse the fastest, so he's the best. Set the slate clean.

i dont want to work, i want free money. but this wont work.

This. Once it hit the news, it changed.


Now there is bots shilling on many different boards. I seen it on Zig Forums.

I have seen a lot of Yangbots shilling youtube, people need to be aware that he is not acting in the interest of the American people.

The only way it would work is if you cut all gibs programs, but those who already make more than 12k a year in gibs will be rioting.

Interestingly enough, his UBI plan costs less than all the gibs combined at the moment.

kek, sauce on his espionage?

He is a businessman with ties to China

Isn't Trump too? It wouldn't surprise me of both were that.

The only people I see shilling for Yang are uni burnouts. Job-dodgers. Irresponsible manlets.

I have a hard time trusting foreign nationals. The world wants to see The American Pariah out of the seat of economic and military power, and plundering it from within and selling it piece by piece to your ethnic nationals would be a huge win for them.

We want to land this plane safely, but I’m sure some want to see it crash and burn. We are in danger of a Treaty of Versailles moment where other nations make damn sure we can never rise to power again if they can find a way to do so, maybe all of this debt we are lent from China has stipulations that we open our borders and eventually Balkanize? Why wouldn’t the Jews go along with that?

that's the point

this is what happens when you let boomers on the internet

if you didn't understand after the tf2 unusual hat fiasco you will never learn.

His rent is $21,600/ year and his salary (at 40 hours/week) is only $31,200/year (before taxes). Are you trying to say his food, utilities, insurance etc. is

So give them your job

This. Vote Yang if you think America has gone on too long


Hey I might not be a wagie, I might refuse to work entirely, but manlet? That's just rude.

wow, expensive for an apartment. My area goes from $850 to $2000. What is the sq footage?

Who gives a fuck, you stupid faggot? Voting does nothing.

TRUMP 2020

$1000 bux a month? wtf I love welfare now. I'm no longer a MIGApede, I'm Yang Gang

Supply will increase to meet demand. New services will spring up and existing services will expand. I bet a lot of people who are already getting by okay will look at an extra thousand a month as maid money, for instance. Do you think the economy can’t scale a little more?

If everyone receives $1000 per month, why the poor should care with working?

It's not a "bribe" of any sort. Numerous studies have been done one UBI and proven that it's a fantastic economic model. There have also been many successful tests in various places across the world (Dauphin Manitoba, Omitara Namibia, Panthbadodaya India). Yang has gone over the breakdown of how the UBI would be easily paid for many times, and if you're still using that excuse, it just shows that you haven't looked into it any more than "welfare bad!!!"

With the current trends in automation, there are going to be millions of people left jobless before long. What do they have to look forward to right now? Just a shitty broken unemployment subsidy that disappears as soon as they can find a job, IF they can find a job, which may be more than their next job even pays. It TRAPS people in poverty, instead of helping them out of it.

t. Physics graduate student in quantum gravity

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Because $12000 per year is still (barely) below the poverty line. It's not enough to replace a real job, only enough to keep people from dying in destitution and help them improve.

unironically fpbp
the only people that want society to stay the way it is are low iq shitskins and kikes

YangBag is a VERY good idea, for one reason.

Hidden in YB is clause that says "unless you are already getting Gibs, in which case your Bag will be reduced by the amount of Gibs you R already be gittin'"

Imagine the look on a Beaner's face when $800 of the $1000 she had "already spent" at "21 Forever" slut-wear emporium had instead "already be spent" due to her enrollment in W.I.C. and Food Stamps.

Think of YangBag as a $12,000/yr TAX REBATE for the "working poor" (anyone under $100K/yr).

Nigger. Feel more at home now?


didn't he say no yangbux for nazis and raciss/

tell your yuppie cousin to move out of seattle

Can anyone explain why the yang shilling stopped after the brenton tarrant thing? And why its back now?

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immigrants who came to your country used to receive $ 5000 dollars per year.

Ok OP, who's lies should we let America fall for?

Maybe it's a two-stage process, and there's another kebab action upcoming?

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Yes, and they were in poverty. What's your point?

Tarrant was a muslim, I still think it’s hilarious that you people suck his dick.

Dats rite! We gotta advance the jewish agenda in order to save the white race. You /nupol/acks are cancer

Not even trying.

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If automation kicks in at high levels prices may actually plummet as unnecessary workers are kicked out en masse. Plunging production costs can then be reflected by plunging market costs. If demand increases (due to the handout), but supply increases MORE (due to automated economics), prices can still go downwards.

The elevated minimum wage will also temd to pressurize this outcome, as will trade warring with China. All these things make humans less economical - and then suddenly bam, there’s no more political pressure to keep the staffing levels up.

Say hello to a world of uniformly automated fast food services and internet-ordered tchotchkes delivered to your door untouched by man.

You’re just jealous, lol. I operate at a higher level.

Go fuck yourself OP it isn't about what's sustainable or what's best for the (((economy))) it's about getting our share of the bag-o-gibs.

show tits with timestamp whore

Great job, kike.


His parents are from Taiwan, easily the most communist china-hating place on the planet. Go back to your crossword puzzles boomers.

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He outright said he wanted to give whites money so that would get they lazy and get outbred even faster.

This is a flawed argument. poor people often live with each other in larger groups and share resources such as housing and bill payments. Just say for example you have a household living together in a 2 bedrroom apartment. The rent and other expenses would be too great for one person to manage. But have say 5 people getting a $1k a week living in the same apartment and the costs of rent and utilities would be shared allowing them to live above the poverty line. There would be little incentive to better their lot.


Do you have proof that he is anti-China?

You get more of what you subsidize. If you want to subsidize people for doing nothing more than drooling on themselves, then that's what you'll get with UBI. Even in an all-white country, there should be some conditions attached to receiving free government money (e.g., you can't be a NEET or a thot).



And? Fuck off.


Yes, that’s what you did. You can’t argue with logic so you screamed impotently about the ZOG emperor in a desperate attempt to protect your communist chink. We’re not supporting him. Tell your boss.


Who tf is yang?

No one, anywhere, is going to support your communist chink. It’s over. You lost. Change your IP or go get fired.

If no one is going to support him, why are (((You))) so worried about him then?

You want to subsidize life, dipshit, because otherwise the automated luxury future stalls for fucking ever. Subsidize peace so people don’t become vapid nigger hateslaves like you who say racetarded things like “all-white country”.

Yang’s proposals for reforming econometrics to treat longevity advances as a form of economic growth were epic, too. That will shift public health policy towards serious promotion of rejuvenation therapies.

We have enough trouble with jews, we aren't electing a fucking chink.

No nigger, 12k is WAY BELOW the poverty level. 12k was 20 fucking years ago.

People which are already using their tax credit or tax allowance would not get the money. People already getting money from the government wouldn't necessarily getting the 1k on top of that.
As a candidate he may not get the support of the Dems so Trump would win, which will go on trying to do something to stop the POCs from coming into US and the West. If Yang would win he would have to do something about immigration of poor POCs or it may ruin the federal finances and crash the global financial system which would reduce the immigration of poor POCs…

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I didn't know Zig Forums was nothing but neocons.

The point of universal basic income is to simplify the welfare system so the expensive process of deciding who gets how much is eradicated. No more victimization politics, no more holocaust reparations… 13560789 already said it, but that means a massive cut to the nonwhites and an above-zero tax situation for whites.

Look at this piss poor shilling. Your boss should feel like an idiot for hiring someone as incompetent as you.

So you are suggesting a situation that pretends to pay people who will pretend to work?


He loathes WN. His policies will lead to more Spics & Africans with five mouths to fed flooding the border. Him and his irk were not suppose to be in this country as well. He's a socialist, against what the foundering fathers set out to do and that is to keep it for White people of good character only.

America died in the early nineties. It has no sense nationhood, no culture & a sense of belonging. It's just an economical slave machine for the rich now.

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Yeah, we know. You won’t fool us.

Reminder that the moderators and codemonkey personally allow these paid shills to post here.

Fuck off, yid.

Yang has already been proven as a coordinator shilling campaign. There have been leaks from their discord boards where his staff tell people what memes to use and where. When Tarrant happened they didn't want reporters to come here and see a bunch of pro-Yang posts, Yang is dying now so they are cycling back up to try to stay relevant.


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Since this thread is useless, let me provide some useful information I just discovered:

If you ever get a tiny hair stuck in your skin after shaving and you can't get it out, stick a band-aid directly on top of it and rip it off quick like you're waxing yourself. If the hair still doesn't come out, try soaking it in warm water first.

You're welcome.

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But giving $1K/month to Israel per working American is okay? Mexico? Afghanistan?

this bot must be broken

Still voting with a ballet and not a bullet.
Kys for being a pussy

Thinking the US has more than 50% Whites anymore and that we are not an Open Borders nation.

Brenton Tarrant imo is still fucked because he didn't kill any kikes only mudshits and as a result disarmed New Zealand. Yang is a faggot who can't win and is in the race to stop Bernie, who will bring about the scary Socialism retarded boomers fear. Socialism is a good thing - but corporations have spent billions to convince moronic MAGAtards its something they should fear. Socialism is in the people's interest. It exists now but only for Niggers and Corporations. Fuck that, gimme Socialism and push us closer to the Fourth Reich.

You know, I wouldn’t put it past 🇨🇳Yang🇨🇳 himself to post here. Problem is, you’ll never fool us no matter who you are. We won’t support communism. It’s over. you failed.

Fuck your boomer thread. The economy is already "destroy". We have to compete with people who live 8 to a room & eat beans. $1K a month is a joke don't make me laugh

It's all lies. Which one is not lies?

These boomernomics are not important any more.

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this is your brain on affirmative action

daily reminder less than 100 guns were turned in

Don't like Yang because he is anti white but what do you think any left wing politics is? It's all a form of bribery.


This is the perfect time to floor the accelerationism accelerator. There's an economic crash looming around the corner and people will be looking for someone to blame. If we can time the influx of immigrants and gibs to coincide slightly after the recession then the issues will be forever entangled in history. Normies won't know anything but "Hey when we opened our borders to those spics and niggers our economy crashed!".