A race of inbred warlike Zionist jew goblins runs America

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH but Rea How did it get this bad? Did the pre-jewed US elite not see this coming on the horizon? Why didn't they just kick the jews out?

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Black dick is expensive lmao, how else do you convinvce public to have way with my and your wife.

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Allow me to explain, the Titanic had all non-jewish nobility on it when it sunk, killing the gentile opposition to their financial rulership. The jews don't play fair, it might simply be wise for us to make our own titanic for THEM to sink on.

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blacks aren't even worth more than a cigarette to other blacks

The earth is that titanic

No, the founding fathers were race cucks themselves so america was always doomed into racial cuckoldry which is easily exploited by kikes.

I really hope none of you are stupid enough to fall for this.


looks at hollywood.

seems like it.

I was just thinking that actually


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No such thing, democracy is inherently Jewish

Sure there was a pre-jewed US. We didn't have a government and it worked out fantastic for us. Tremendous prosperity. It was only when we formed a (((government))) that we had a central authority for the jews to target and destroy over hundreds of years.

I can't wait for summer to be over

That quote is dubious, although, the ADL resorts to lies in their "debunking" of it, claiming the alleged source was the Franklin Institute. That might not mean anything other than the fact that jews will lie even in the rare circumstances where they're right.

Regardless, Jefferson named the jew.

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Are you going to try and argue that (((government))) is not a semitic parasite invention, fag?

I should also add, the original lie was that Pinckney never kept a diary, but he mentioned having done so in a letter that's readily available, so the jews switched to the "it's not at the Franklin Institute" story.

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You should realize anarchism is retarded when your armpit hair starts coming in

more 'isms' from you?
Who said anything about another (((political movement)))?
You can't deny that was what we had and that it worked though it was only when the jews looked and saw our freedom and prosperity that they decided to institute 'government' in our nation.

It was kiked from the start. All the founders were shabos goy masons.

I have lived my entire life without a traffic ticket or any 'intervention' from the kike laws.


Only parasitic niggers, kikes and subhumans NEED government.

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Bullshit but also kind of true, some whites especially NWers seem to hold on to civilisation in regions completely alien and antithetical to them, I know pop culture always depicts humans chimping out in apocalyptic scenarios but any glance at White South Africans shows that isn't necessarily the case

"Thing" gatherings have been part of germanic cultures for 1000s of years and the Allthing was a democratic parliament led by Icelanders the most aryan fuckers out there wtf do you mean "jewish invention"

It is 95+% not the case. Think of how many days you get up and go to work without 'government intervention'. You don't need anyone to hold your hand or tell you what to do because you aren't a nigger. This entire nation was (not now because of all the subhuman trash that NEEDS semitic government to survive off the productive class) totally self built and self policing. We simply don't need the semitic parasites like they NEED us to live off. We built this nation without their INSANE laws and government intervention and no one 'made us do it'. We are self policing and self organizing and there is nothing that they can offer us that we can to better ourselves without them.
Government destroys the male head of household and replaces HIM with semitic globohomo faggots. This castration of the European male is what made them so feminine and dependant on semites fake rules and laws; basically you can't even TALK TO A EUROPEAN FEMALE WITHOUT THEIR PUTTING YOU IN JAIL (what do you think THAT policy is going to do to our ability to reproduce). The only people who don't realize that we were much better off before, not to mention we did not have parasitic trash subhuman full blown invasion we were undergoing at the semites hands is a government agent who is trying to preserve their own parasitic 'gibs me dat' paycheck off your work and sweat.

Worried you 'gibs me dat' parasitic paycheck would disappear you big globohomo faggot?

You left your capslock on kiddo

Can you even make a post without using meme speak?


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Prove you are not a government agent; advocate for BDS or talk about starting an investigation where Israel is hiding its nukes or say that we need to stop giving the parasites money.

OP: Quakers A christian movement used to have companies in the USA before the Jews. Quakers had banks too they all were connected and had great standards in the companies and morals it was quite good times back then when reading history.

But since quakers were a christian movement they of course bended over when Jews said they wanted their businesses and banks. Of course it didn't happen exactly like that but they got deceived tricked by Jews as usual since christians modern ones are gullible by nature. Just like in Russia the christians thought jews were interesting since they were connected to bible. Quakers just like christians in Russia got screwed over so extremely hard since kindness in nature in this world isn't exactly rewarding. The most sinister and deceitful one wins which clearly shows now.

It took about 100 - 150 years for Jews to remove quakers from US industry and banking sector. Until we now are in the modern times where christian ruled companies which more or less controlled USA have been completely removed in larger scale. Now for some peculiar reason we see degeneracy going rampant in USA and world.
(((Strange))) how this info isn't widely known. Just look it up for yourself Quakers history business in U.S and you'll see.

rather than killing them on site…smh they have forgotten EVERYTHING Christ taught in favor of that lying jew bastard Pharisee Paul.
It helps if your family lived through it and you have the records of the USA's progress that are 'unjewed'. Then you get an idea of what the nation was like when there was no laws about 'sexual harassment' or Open Borders or the fact that you don't want a POZZED faggot to plumb your asshole and men were still the head of the house and the LAW in their family.

embed related

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So are anarchist the only ones left in this shitheap

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lol I love it user. These people are so fake it hurts but the wording of Eckart, does she even know what she is saying? It is perfect…"blowing away like ashes in the breeze"…bye bye semitic trash. Enjoy Hell.

They're the money masters.

Seriously, prove that you are not a semitic piece of trash. Advocate for BDS, finding out about the jews nukes or ceasing to send any US money to israel…

do it fucking government agent trash!

How about you answer his question, yid.


Because Christian morality dictates that executing them on the spot is a sin and that you must leave the Jews alone. Sicuit Judeas Non, fellow Christanon.

I think we should stop sending israel the money of the American people. I think we should all heavily work on BDS and not aiding the kikes in any manner…(you need us, but we don't need you). I think we should find out more about your nuke programs and make you sign the non-proliferation agreements.
Last, you need extermination from the planet to compensate for your murders and crimes against humanity.
See, you can even COPYPASTA and just put it in one of your responses as your own words.


Just copypasta it. It isn't that hard. You can do it (unless you CAN'T)…LMAO, someone killed this board and their name starts with 'glow' and ends with your ID. :)

Has nothing whatsoever to do with his question.

Okay child.

Cute lies, jew.

And his response had nothing to do with my comment…even steven.

Even if that were true, which it isn't, that would not mean anything because literally every nation in Europe had had race traitors and non-racialists (real or accusatory) in power at one time or another. Long before the modern era.

According to the Bible, that is Israel.

They will be back there, according to the book of Revelation, where they will be surrounded by an army from the North.

However, sorry, gentiles, it will not end well for the gentiles attacking Israel, and a river of blood up to the horses' bridles will flow.

However, up to that moment, it looks like the gentiles attacking Israel are winning, as the city is fallen, women are being raped, a large portion of the city (Jerusalem) destroyed, when, oops, Jesus comes back and will be the last thing the armies see before being introduced to their new HQ in hell.

Yeah if reading about Jews and experiencing muslims setting up their parallel societies firsthand taught me anything it's that kindness and good ethics needs to be arm in arm with intolerance for foreigners who don't share it, ironically it's unrelenting tolerance that leads to the most fucked societies

Hollywood is 6 gorillion percent jewish, you know this. Even non redpilled normalfags know this.

Your post is the lie. Why do idiots like you believe anything you read on the internet? If Franklin hated Jews why was he the largest donor in the building of the first Synagogue in Philadelphia?

A thread died for this.

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