What are your thoughts on hypatia of Alexandria and the movie "Agora"?

Hypatia of Alexandria

She was Killed by a mob of Christians led by saint Cyril who, from some sources, claim they killed her because she was a woman who taught science and philosophy and other sources say that they killed her because she was associated with paganism and the Christians burned the library of Alexandria to the ground.

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Fun fact, in the movie she is stripped and beaten and then killed by her former slave. IRL (according to sources anyway) she was literally skinned alive and raped by the freakish Christian mob.
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early christians were the unwashed shitskin plebeian masses of a twilighting civilization, the scum of the earth not unlike modern invaders
it took centuries of digestion in south Europe and later among north Euros to somewhat nobilize it

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That was Muslims.


Who could POSSIBLY be the producers of the version(s) of history where the Christians are doing all the stuff that the servants of Satan ACTUALLY do.

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The real reason that movie was made, and the real reason a kike made this thread.

In 414, Cyril closed all the synagogues in Alexandria, confiscated all the property belonging to the Jews, and expelled all the Jews from the city.

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So what we see is the typical pattern of Jewish behavior:
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D) locals kick them out
E) Jews destroy everything.
F) Peace and prosperity return after the rebuilding period, during which period the degenerates, the parasites, the unnecessary and useless people, like Ancient Egyptian Youtubers starve and die or become slaves.

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The Muslims did not advance into the space age when they held onto Greek texts for hundreds of years before the Renaissance. You're also forgetting that the Catholic church preserved ancient texts apart from Biblical scripture.

Turn to God to gain wisdom and understanding. There's a large need of it here seeing as how the mods have banned Christian threads apart from the 'Religion General' thread.

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Only 1/12 of the people are Jewish/From the Tribe of Judah. They are also not portrayed as being as trust worthy compared to the other tribes.

Cyril threatened to retaliate against the Jews of Alexandria with "the utmost severities" if the harassment of Christians did not cease immediately. In response to Cyril's threat, the Jews of Alexandria grew even more furious, eventually resorting to violence against the Christians. They plotted to flush the Christians out at night by running through the streets claiming that the Church of Alexander was on fire. When Christians responded to what they were led to believe was the burning down of their church, "the Jews immediately fell upon and slew them" by using rings to recognize one another in the dark and killing everyone else in sight. When the morning came, Cyril, along with many of his followers, took to the city’s synagogues in search of the perpetrators of the massacre.[16]

According to Socrates Scholasticus, after Cyril rounded up all the Jews in Alexandria, he ordered them to be stripped of all possessions, banished them from Alexandria, and allowed their goods to be pillaged by the remaining citizens of Alexandria. Scholasticus indicates that all the Jews were banished, while John of Nikiû says only those involved in the ambush. Susan Wessel says that while it is not clear whether Scholasticus was a Novationist, (whose churches Cyril had closed), he was apparently sympathetic towards them, and makes clear Cyril's habit of abusing his episcopal power by infringing on the rights and duties of the secular authorities. Wessel says "…Socrates probably does not provide accurate and unambiguous information about Cyril's relationship to imperial authority.[17]

Nonetheless, with Cyril's banishment of the Jews, however many, "Orestes […] was filled with great indignation at these transactions, and was excessively grieved that a city of such magnitude should have been suddenly bereft of so large a portion of its population."

Hypatia sided with Orestes, a jew-sympathiser who denied the divinity of Christ. The film and this thread were made by jews because…

In 414, Cyril closed all the synagogues in Alexandria, confiscated all the property belonging to the Jews, and expelled all the Jews from the city.

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Now we just have to keep doing that for eternity because killing the Semitic rats would just be un-Christian, right?

No. God made Man to be a steward of Creation. We are supposed to maintain Creation. Everything God created was good (Genesis 1). Everything in its original form, with its original purpose; is good. Nature is good. The devil did not create anything; instead the devil is corruption. The healthy body, the intended purpose; that is good. Evil is the corruption of the good, changing its purpose to be something other than what is clearly intended. Evil cannot exist without the good; the good must be corrupted for there to be evil.

Food is primarily to nourish and fuel us, and we experience pleasure when we eat to encourage us to keep our bodies fueled and nourished. If food becomes primarily about pleasure; then we become gluttonous, eating not for fuel or nourishment, but for pleasure. This is corrupting the purpose of food. The result is that our bodies are not nourished, but become unhealthy with clogged arteries and fat; we are not fueled, but become lethargic. That is the corruption of food.

All things can be corrupted. Love can be corrupted into lust; and if one primarily pursues lust, they will soon not be able to form relationships. Look at deviants like sodomites and pedophiles; there is no love, only a perverse desire to defile with their genitals.

God created Man as a Steward of Creation. We are supposed to maintain what has been created; we are supposed to maintain Nature; we are supposed maintain the intended purpose of actions, animals, plants and more general 'things'. This means we are supposed to DESTROY corruption where we find it. The metaphors of gardeners uprooting the weeds; farmers separating the wheat from the chaff; shepherds fighting off wolves; doctors amputating the diseased; warriors slaying monsters - is supposed to remind us of this purpose. We destroy the corruption where we find it.

Evil cannot exist without good. Evil is the corruption of good. It is better to simply think of evil as corruption as opposed to something in and of itself. All things can be corrupted. We must be eternally vigilant. Our purpose is to annihilate the corrupt.

The jews are a cancer in the midst of mankind. They spread corruption where-ever they go. They are a disease. We see this with how the pervert everything they touch; they make love about lust with their pornography and sodomy, they make food poisonous, they make doctors prolong suffering instead of curing it, they make mothers murder their children instead of mothering them, they make money into debt slavery instead of something that makes trade easier, they make education into something that makes us fools as opposed to enlightening us. I could go on. The jew is a corrupting force; this is undeniable.

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True. However she only sided with them because the Christians were behaving like animals and had already destroyed all the knowledge of Pagan Europe in Alexandria.
No one denies that Christians have done good things.
Nor does anyone deny that Christians have occasionally turned against the jews. Indeed, I applaud it when Christians do this. Good job. Have a pat on the head and a large chocolate cookie.
The problem arises when Christians turn on Europeans.

Muslims burned library of Alexandria, just like they burned libraries of Antioch, Jerusalem, Syria, Constantinople and Anatolia.

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Christians ARE europeans, dumbass.

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can't tell if you're being sarcastic

Wow Rome is really stepping up the propaganda eh?

Alexandria were the founding father Christians. They knew it was all an analogy of the stars and sun, same as the Egyptian mythology etc. Rome turned it into a literal narrative, which is why they burned Alexandria.

It was the Romans, actually. And not on purpose, but a result of conquest. Rome replaced a lot of the lost texts from libraries around the empire - but as Rome went through it's own turmoils and it's border territory decayed, most of those texts were poached back for private collections and more relevant libraries closer to the heart of the empire. But even that couldn't save them because Rome just didn't care to collect and catalog knowledge nearly as autistically as the Ptolemys did. Most libraries didn't burn - they just atrophied.

What the Christians actually destroyed was a temple to Serapis where most of what little remained of the Great Library was relegated to. Muslims destroyed a great deal of the rest of the works originally housed in the Library throughout their conquests of Europe. A lot of it was preserved and used by Arabic scholars - but a LOT more was either outright "purged" or rewritten to glorify Allah.

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lol youre so close but analogy is your sticky trap

Agreed; I wrestled over that word. How would you get it into such few words, as would be read on an imageboard such as this?

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Why is that woman so revered even though she was such a minor figure? Oh, right; she had an axe-wound between her legs instead of a dick. If she had been a man, she would have been completely forgotten. Her father Theon was much more important than her, being the editor of Euclid's works as they are extant, but nobody even knows him because he was a filthy white man anyway.

This is as pathetic as those who claim that Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer. Gynocentric delusion.

The library of Alexandria was burned down by an islamic sultan


People tend to claim that Theon had help from Hypatia on that, though I can't find any actual source. The reason why she was remembered historically is first of all because she was the only female head librarian, which meant she was either exceptionally skilled or had influential connections. Likely both, albeit in an atmosphere where the academic importance of Alexandria was greatly diminished - so it's not like there were a ton of more qualified candidates for the position. She was also greatly loved by her students and kept above the political and religious turmoil around her. She was even exceptionally well loved by many of the Christian leaders of the time, who recognized and praised her adherence to chastity. Some of the most well known documents describing her come from her correspondence with Synesius of Cyrene, who was a student of hers, and Bishop of Ptolomais. Even Cyril who railed against her, apparently didn't hold a personal grudge against her - but saw her as an obstacle to reconciliation with the Prefect.

The Christians who were attributed to have killed her were Nitrian Monks, desert dwelling fanatics who had a somewhat rocky relationship with the Bishop of Alexandria as he was more concerned with state matters than godly matters to them. Hypatias murder had been a controversy in the church ever since, with some proponents demonizing her was a pagan witch who was trying to fowl reconciliation between Orestes and Cyril, and others who defended her - and it's said that the Catholic Saint Catherine was a re-branding of Hypatia.

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Clearly not any more they're not… But there were clearly white people in the Americas before the Spanish got here. What happened

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People tend to claim a lot of bullshit. And why is the alleged "helper" more revered than the man in charge of the main work?

So literally just because she was a woman? Gotcha.

When things are so bad that even women can rise to prominence, it's a sign of the decadence of the times. As seen in present-day Europe and North America.

So her main achievement was being able not to be a thot? Setting a low bar here.

All Christians are in some way fanatics. That's what dogmatism is all about.

They have yet to apologize for killing Giordano Bruno, I doubt they give a shit anymore about literal ancient history. Oh, but she is a woman, so I guess they will have to apologize now to pay lip service to contemporary gynocracy.

That one was a Christian and nobody skinned her alive. Can't really see the parallelism. Pretty sure she was much more ignorant than Hypatia, on top of that.

The city was torn apart by rival factions.

Alexandria was sacked by Muslims, Hypatia was murdered and raped by Muslims, this movie was made by a Jew, and if this thread is anything to go by, atheists are fucking manchildren who will believe literally anything at face value with absolutely zero evidence as long as it supports their preconcieved notions of reality that were taught to them by the Jews.

Sage because making a "What Does Zig Forums Think" thread should be an automatic permaban, OP is a shill and half the people in this thread are newfags and feds. That this thread is permitted to stand for an entire day and accumulate this many replies is proof beyond question or doubt that the board is compromised and the mods are deliberately dumbing down discussion to quash actual National Socialist sentiment.

>(((rachel weisz)))
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But so far as we know Hypatia died a few centuries before Muhammad was born.

Okay, so what's your evidence for retrodating the birth of Muhammad or postdating the death of Hypatia?

We all live by our own prejudices. That's why we have wars and truth doesn't matter.

Christianity is a myth but its traditional values are what made it succeed. Regardless of what dipshit barbaric Christians did historically, it is a filler religion undoubtedly necessary for a successful people. Religiosity has been selected for for millennia, look it up.

This shit right here is why I despise Christianity.
That coupled with the endless arrogance and ignorance of Christians. They literally are incapable of understanding how completely stupid they sound when they talk and are too stupid to understand their depthless arrogance. It is grating. It's why people hate them.

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Your perceived "arrogance" of christians is just your own insecurity whispering deep down in your thick skull "they are right, they hold the right views, Jesus is the Lord". Stop being so fragile, it's okay to cry and admit you are a sinful creature and ask for God's grace. Or we can crush you like we did with all the other pagan dipshits. :)

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