Average Canadian household spent more on taxes than living costs in 2018, report finds

The average Canadian family spent more than 44 per cent of its income on taxes in 2018, more than housing, food and clothing costs combined

>The total tax bill includes visible and hidden taxes paid to the federal, provincial and local governments, including income, payroll, sales, property, carbon, health, fuel, alcohol taxes and more. Moreover, since 1961, the average Canadian family’s total tax bill has increased by 2,246 per cent, dwarfing increases in annual housing costs (1,593 per cent), clothing (769 per cent) and food (639 per cent).

>“Of course, taxes help fund (((important public services))), but with more than 44 per cent of their income going to taxes, Canadians might wonder whether they’re getting good value for their tax dollars,” said Jake Fuss, a Fraser Institute economist and study co-author.


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But at least you have universal euthanasia care, right cowards?

ask a normie boomer who rambles off about important social programs and how tough the government has it when the last time was his taxes went down.

Germany had a massive budget surplus last fiscal year. Were taxes lowered? Of course not, what are you retarded? You think the kikes greed has a limit? Neither does the patience of hard working white people though.

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Canada is awesome. If rejuvenative biotech advances to a point that will rehabilitate pretty much everyone, look to them as a country that is likely to be among the first to say “fuck you” to death. They know the value of keeping taxpayers functional enough to pay taxes.

Good, this government's approaching it's terminal phase now: our economy has halted, there's no disposable income for the average household as everything goes to either taxes or debt, and we can't even catch a pair of zoomers in a 1998 Toyota Tacoma with the entire force of the RCMP, CSIS and the Army out looking for them.

I'm east coast gang so we've been broke af for a generation, not like I pay taxes when I avoid doing so anyway. I'm happy to see Der Ewige Ontario Boomer losing his faggoty McMansions and finally bleeding currency to pay for all the shitskin monkeys he's been so vocal in supporting for 40 years, Good, fuck them, I hope it gets worse for them. A little chaos and collapse in this country would go a long way to waking the oblivious leaf out of his centuries long stupor of passivism and bitchness.

It's been saying 'fuck yeah' to death since 1967 you idiot, we're not a world power at anything and I'm glad for it. Fuck your 'rejuveniation treatment' since the first thing out of your mouth was how wonderful it would be to keep working until the day you croak so that you can pay more taxes to this disgusting fucking system. Kys shill.

You realize most people actually like living, right? It sounds like you don’t understand the sentiment. Maybe you need a better work-life balance so you’re not spending your whole life dying into a few decrepit years of retirement, eh?

Also, taxes would be lower if nobody avoided them. Why do you avoid taxes? You obviously aren’t buying happiness with that money.

Lol the taxclass is the new slave to the jewclass.

imagine working

No actually everyone has severe crippling depression, pay attention

Imagine being a commie faggot that can't even clean their room

Ye that's why I work cash jobs, collect pogey and do whatever the fuck I like instead of being shackled to supervisor position at some two-faced corporation 5 days a week and on call for the rest of it.
Of taking pride in how much of your labour goes to the people that treat you like shit everyday? Yeah, I don't understand that
Did you get that off a poster in HR?

Are you fucking serious? Why on earth would I give money to a government that is horrifically incompetent and has been systemically dispossessing my people of everything they built in this colony if I can avoid it?

Imagine if we spent those taxes on increasing birthrate instead of giving each shitskins 50k per year.

I hate kikes so fucking much

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you say this as if canadians who voted for trudeau browse this place. god, americans are stupid.

It's still important to pay for the enriching diversity though. I recently went to my local mall, and I saw the entire world's array of races on display. Now I don't even need to travel through Africa and South and South East Asia. Thanks Trudeau!

certainly helps

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Don't worry, Leafs, we'll anschluss you once there's a swastika flying above the White House. That way we can both enjoy the low-tax socialism brought to us by Gottfried Feder.

Imagine if everyone stopped paying taxes, how long would it take for everything to fall apart? They can't arrest everyone.
And just imagine what the chaos would look like, canadians deserve it for being so stupid.

They are bleeding us dry and letting China swoop in and buy everything out from under our nose.

Imagine a government with any semblance of commercial competence, Occidental self-identification or social understanding of the cultural place of wahmen – let alone kikes and their race-bolshie golem.

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In Canada this is what happens when you dont pay your taxes:

1) Garnishing wages, basically the same as paying child support.
2) Freezing of assests/bank account.
3) Civil asset forfeiture assuming you have anything on record worth taking.

You don't go to jail. Now if you are some mid 20-30's guy with no kid who will never own a house in his life cause hes 20k in debt whos only claim to fame is a 2k PC and a 98 Toyota Camry you realize that they aint coming for you and they can't do shit.

How do I know this?

I do not fund the child fuckers ruining my country and killing my people. Im in open revolt and I aint scared.

And the polite french government worker who phoned me to ask why I was doing this got the response "its the only vote that counts" before I hung up.

Canadian healthcare. No discrimination against scum who should have died in the streets and an honest man who worked hard his whole life and paid his fair share into the system.

Kill all Jews and communists. They deserve it.

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OMIGOD seriously?

In the U.S. it's maybe 3-4% less taxes, with only 10-15% less services.

Take THAT canadapoors.

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In Vancouver they have the GF Strong Center for the disabled. Over the last few decades broken loggers and ironworkers have been replaced by cocaine and heroin addicts that injected a lump of something that lodged in their brains and left them semi paralyzed. GF Strong is in a very nice neighborhood. It became a place of fear as the druggies sit out front in their wheelchairs late into the night dealing dope. Constant drive by of customers in what was once an idyllic neighborhood. Then the shootouts started.

But oil is a "fossil fuel". We're burning up all those dinosaurs. We're going to run out. Were there dinosaurs on Titan?

Affirmative to dinosaurs on Titan. If you don't believe in Fossil Fuels you must be a christcuck

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5908 gg/Xq2uYaa gg/Xq2uYaa gg/Xq2uYaa gg/Xq2uYaa

Burger, as much as I admire what you all might have been, even given what was thrown away, and all the Occidental neighbors held back, you seriously ought to eat your coward word quietly. Talk shit to us after you have demonstrably iced your six million kikes. Do you know what a drag it is to be near your kikeocratic nation fail? Anyone here would have to read eight times the US news from fasch sources just to begin to read the knock on faggotry that waves out into our Dominion. Really. You ought to civil war now, without hesitation.

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Yeah Americans need to know a full out murderous civil war is overdue. Maybe you can even drag us Canadians into it and that would be fine with me. Imagine a 500,000 crowd gay pride parade and then three Leopard tanks appear all buttoned up and they simultaneously do wheel stands then race down the avenue crushing all the faggots to raspberry jam under their treads. I mean even Noam Chomsky just shakes his head sadly when asked about ANTIFA starting a civil war and says " We all know who will win in a war like that". It'll be a slam dunk. Just shut off food and water to the cities and the biggest baddest gangstas will be licking your boots for a big mac and fries with a milk shake.

20 years in trade make 35ishK
never keep more than 2k in bank, haven't paid taxes for over 20 years

NZ reporting in. Also paying more in income tax than living costs.
Live on about 13 usd/day, mostly on organic food.

Live in a van, don't pay rent/land tax and you will be well off.
Offset your families debt to screw the banks and the government (tax).

Sounds about right… that is what happens when you've got a shitskin loving cunt like Trudeau running a country

Exactly this, lol. Fucking pathetic what is going on in Canada

Meanwhile, our general population is too fucking blind to notice that we're being invaded by said shitskins, replaced rather and the shitskins get favored and get free handouts by our own fucking government.

The perfect system of (((banker))) enslavement.

Deuteronomy 15:6

For the Lord your God will bless you just as he has promised; you will lend to many nations but will not borrow from any, and you will rule over many nations but they will not rule over you.

And the Jews told the goys they were forced to be bankers by antisemites that would not let them work shit jobs.

The above Torah verse says otherwise. Likes have always been loansharks.

Sounds about right.

Gotta love communism!

I know they buy in liters

"Good" health care.
Explains why I've been to 8 different doctors trying to solve a health problem here in this shithole just to be told it's nothing while dying in intense pain.

It's the heat man.

But what can you expect from hell?

If you're a muslim, you've got a 5 star resort tho

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Lel. Stopped working maybe 5 years ago, owe ZOG about 10k. They're never getting it, and if they want it;

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For the faggots who imagine Canadians have, 'good healthcare'… try 8 months (if your lucky) for an MRI. That line of Somali taxi drivers is long. Also, if your paying out of savings or paying out of taxes, your still fucking paying. In murica, politicians can confuse faggots with with that slight of hand. Oh look it's, 'free'. It's not. As for this shit over all, most related pic in the fucking history of imageboards. Time to get off the basic bitch bullshit because once Bernie's little mud girls get into power, the same shit will happen to America. It's not just to buy shitskin votes. The last thing those psychos want to do, is improve anyones life. The commie plan since the mid 60's (Cloward-Piven) is to destroy America by imploding the economy by overloading the welfare system. That is why they push for, 'universal healthcare' and 'open borders'. These fucking morons haven't learned anything about economics or how America works in over fifty years, their so obsessed and have been salivating over imagined riches. There won't be any 'reboot' however. There's just the end. America and by extension Canada become third world. Canada does like 85% of it's trade with the US and gets 60% of it's food from the US.

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Is it possible to stop paying the taxes by denouncing the citizenships?

I've spent more on taxes than living costs in Texas.

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How much do you save if you stop paying the taxes forctwo years?

Socialist paradise, for junkies, single-moms, & non-citizens. The rest of us are just tax-cattle. Canadians also have the highest per-individual debt in the entire developed world. Craziest part, Canadians are still 70% far-leftists, who want to push even further down this path.

A grim prospect indeed

We need to find a way out of this mess. If there's a will there must be a way.

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A man in Arizona I believe is protesting abortion by not paying taxes. Actually was doing a decent job avoiding feds with his money when I read his story on Zig Forums a year ago. Will need to try and find it

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Canada isn't a leader or front runner in anything valuable. They probably will be one of the slower ones to implement it and it will be no better than average. The rich will go to another country to get it done properly despite clamoring for it but that would be more distance between them and the plebs and that's what "egalitarians" like them want

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bet your dad voted for more taxes for these programs…

what if you just allowed arabs to wipe off the planet the jew parasite so this whole immigration farce wouldnt even be a thing. I would gladly leave this jew-run west to chase out kikes from my home. And plus, these migrants are pretty much exclusively nigger pakis and african niggers- these are not arabs and to say they are muslim would be a blatant lie- they form rape gangs and i wouldnt be surprised if they would convert to Judaism. All these demoralized nigger pakis ought to be executed or deported- same goes for niggers.

What a load of shit. This guy is a jew puppet and openly supports (((ISIS))). This faggot deserves a bullet along with his retarded dad.