Stereotypes about East-Asians

An American manager said: "I worked in a Korean company. It was a Prussian pitch crossed with strict monastic rules".

Generally , there is an opinion about Asians that despite their high intelligence, they have very little creativity and ingenuity, that they have so strongly coded obedience and subordination to authorities, that they are not even able to dare to leave work before their boss, even when they have already completed their tasks at work (especially the Chinese).

Is it true or a myth?

By the way, why do some people call Asians "insectoids"?
They look nothing like insects…

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You answered your own question, m8.

Though I've only seen "insectoid" used for Chinese and Indo-Chinese, like the Vietnamese. I've never heard it used for the Japanese or Mongolians much.

East asians are very hardworking and humble people but that plays against them sometimes, whenever a state oppresses them most of them will lack the initiative to revolt against the status quo, not because they are cowards but because they want to keep things in order and deeply despise turmoil.
Still, one of the few non-white races that truly deserve admiration and we should keep as close allies

Not that all east asians lack revolutionary spirit, that's why i said "MOST" since there are very sound exceptions like Yukio Mishima

East Asians are the fathers of Jews. All my dealings with niggers and gooks I've been fucked.

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This. All non whites should be gassed.

All asians except the Japanese deserve genocide. Japan can exist as a model ethno state, if they have a build up of blacks and jews they can be genocided too. Hope that answered your question.

The majority of the "insect" posting is coming from kikes, niggers, and US military personnel [but I repeat myself] in an effort to offer up an other that serves their strategic and long term interests, rather than the very obvious domestic sources [the aforementioned niggers and jews].

Whites are literally being raped and murdered daily by foreign occupiers who have the full support to the state and we do nothing.

I seriously doubt Asians have ever been as submissive or tyrannized as Whites are today.

That's right my friend. Don't believe the propaganda. Nothing happened at Tiananmen Square. Nothing is happening in Hong Kong right now. It's all peace and prosperity for the new world order. Jinping is a great leader!!

The user base here is aware of what color revolutions are.

But what about my kpop waifu?

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Their eyes look soulless/alien in person- though I would liken them more to animals than insects.
On the internet they have good lighting, makeup, photoshop…

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East Asians are mongrel trash. I was on /anotherboard/ reviewing the history of the opium trade and there are some people who are very knowledgeable about the history of the region and why bug people are the way they are…nothing but distrusting mongrels who have been repeatedly raped by every lowlife scum on the planet. Their history is 100% engineered to make them nothing but bug slaves to the kikes who currently rule over them. The Manchu were so cruel to them that the survivors used to panic that they had acted in an illegal manner long after the Manchu were dead. They are completely spineless and have never won a war in their history, instead, due to their spineless rape baby nature they fold at the slightest sign of conflict and go completely limp.

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OP, look into Confucianism. It seems you're conflating East-Asian races with Confucian thought. The latter is what makes them insectoids (subordinate to social order) and its strength lies in it being more of a philosophy than a religion. It's the East-Asian version of White guilt.

It's also worth dealing separately with commie chinks than the rest of them (Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, etc.). Communism has fucked the chinks so much that it's easy to find too many flaws in them.

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Koreans are the ancestors of Japanese.

They also never point in the same direction. I think that is because they have been knocked in the head so often while the barbarians (of whatever nationality) were raping their bungholes that they are genetically predisposed to never look in the same place twice for fear that it would excit the barbarian cock. It is interesting to me that they have basically no muscle mass (along with no spine or morals AT ALL) when they are the disgusting rape babies of everyone who felt like raping some bug pussy.

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So Zig Forums isnt a white nationalist board? Interesting. So you people use white nationalism as a disguise to hide your true intentions as people who want to kill everyone? Sounds almost like what kikes paint WNs as.

This is such an obvious slide thread written by a non-white individual. "Insectoids" is an obvious descriptor to anyone who uses it. Fuck your Asian sympathy thread. I implore others to report bullshit threads like this one.

I am a European Ethnoglobalist. For almost too many reasons to name there is no way that the subhuman races can or should continue on the planet.
This does not reflect at all on any of the other anons on Zig Forums.

"Asians" are a pretty broad category.
What is generally true for Chinese might not be true for Japs

BS. I've traveled around Japan. Nothing soulless about the people there. Kindest people I've met in my travels so far.


The best way to smear your opponent is to send agents that will act the most retarded and extreme, so that any outside observer is pushed away.

I'd wager quite a few such shills are posting here. Either that, or we have a few real nutjobs posting here, but those can be fixed with a trip to the bog.

Just telling you that Zig Forums has even jewish supremacists


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Asian conformity is a myth. If you study the Confucian Analects, Confucius says that a father should cover up for the crimes of the son and a son should cover up the crimes of the father, and that family members should not report each other to the authorities. For non-English speakers, cover up means to hide.

And if you get deep into Asian philosophy there is lots of creativity. Asians tend to conform outwardly but then follow their own agendas. Like China, they pretend to go along with things then do what they want. China has resisted the "globohomo", the leftist plague, far better so far than has West Europe.

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Kill yourself or leave forever. You're worthless.

Bug conformity is a myth.
No but you clearly have a sense of humor about it.

Its true. People dont actually work. Its all about power and control. If you're not at work then you're not under the control of your boss and your boss is lonely. Its really pathetic to see it play out.


Which races count as subhuman? Africans obviously, and apparently asians, but what about other Europeans? Are europeans the master race or is it only a sub race of Europeans?