Make an account on BitChute, sub to these channels and support the content creators and uploaders. (Impartial Truth & Alerta Judiada, a.o )

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Great list. Thanks, user. Have a bump.

racetardation sucks

someone else bump this now lol

Bitchute sucks, they need to work on the graphics and features before they can hope to beat Youtube.

No, kill yourself and stream it.

race doesn't exist but white people are imperialist exploiters and should all pay reparations to le black people

You're white, stop larping please.

Bitchute is literally founded and ran by a kike

appreciate the list, i subbed it all

cry harder shills itt you're going to hang one day

Only a few in that entire list are worth watching. Are you one of the faggots that likes to larp as a nazi and report pagan (((YT))) channels?
These are not the voices that will lead us. Learn from the mistakes of the past.

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oh go on tell use who would lead us?
this is gonna be good

faggot, you didnt include dr e michael jones channel. fuck off

good work

then who are those few? if their worth watching,why not tell us?

Varg lol

You guys are so fucking boring shitting up the board.

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I have subscribed to all of them. BUMP


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Regardless of whether he knows it or not the antifa Jews are monitoring all platforms aiming to censor all genuine patriots including on Bitchute. They're desperate as everything to silence us, nothing we say or do can they dispute so they act like a Twitter blue check mark bitch instead.
They even bragged about it on this site two months ago when everyone thought he was larping. I am one of the first to have his account shadow banned there.

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Yes, OP is a Gay "Disco" faggot.

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Stopped reading right there.

Anon88 here, thank you so much for putting me on your list brother

Also would like to add to this list:

Bitchute is run by them anyway
no wonder they removed the brenton tarrantino abomination, it really was a terrible job and as for the african muslims they hired for the second mosque that was abysmal.
They must have realized it really couldn't stand up to scrutiny, still 10 million a day is a pretty good budget, they'll get it right soon.

Never mind I can’t read

BitChute doxxes anyone that uses them. If you like getting buttfucked by Antifa, go ahead and use BitChute.

Reminder to report filter shills who can't contain themselves with defaming platforms that spread truth to a lot of people, thanks on behalf of every white

Don't forget Vertigopolitix. Their profile has been taken down but their material is still easy to find (for now). Enjoy guys.

Not sure how you could miss this channel:
Urban Moving

He's quite funny too listen to and in depth. Need more fags like him that are actually entertaining while giving info. Why even bother being boring fuck and do videos?

Poseidon too. Probably does the most high quality videos on bitchute atm alt right related. Very funny as well less talk more visual.

Zionist report should get a mention imo gives daily uploads about kike activities

5 seconds of research would tell you that bitchute is situated in the UK, they dont even know what free speech is.

If it's 5 eyes, then you've got spies.

Can't find channel. Most likely deleted.



No faggot, you can fuck off.

E.Michael Jones. I dont believe in White guys. Ridiculous ideology.''

Bitchute is literally founded and ran by a kike

Really? Then you must be very hungry and living under a bridge somewhere. What do you use to pay rent and buy food?
Hypocritical cherry picker.

@Anon88, You're welcome brother.

Should be on the list, yes.

On the list:

So is:

Thanks for the Bumbs folks and OP.






#EUROPA (The Last Battle)



- Adolf Hitler- The Greatest Story Never Told

- The Ultimate RedPill


Remember, ALL White Nationalist groups are infiltrated by Kikes. Everything is a Mossad OP.
Don't talk to White Nationalists online! Be afraid! Be very afraid!
LOL. Fuck off!

It's your right to defend your country and folk, don't let these Yids and Shills/Subversives shame or demotivate you from doing so.

You're assuming all these people are [b]accidentally[/b] repeating behavior that resulted in little progress.

Gah so this is why there are so many Nat Soc parrots who keep attacking Communism, but not ((neoliberals or zogbots))). It must come from these pozzed accounts.

Don't sub to accounts that could be controlled. You need o make sure they target correctly and aren't Neoliberal, anti-pedo shills.

More fucking Nahtzees goy

Good way to lead people astray and/or scare them off is using the old 'hey goy, look at this evil conspiracy involving kiddies and bad men'

I think you're missing someone

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bump thank you OP

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