Shootout in aisle 6

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) —

UPDATE: KTSM can confirm that 18 people were shot inside the Walmart. The extent of their injuries is unknown at this time.

El Paso Police and multiple other law enforcement agencies are responding to a shooting at the Walmart an active shooter situation.

Details are limited at this time.

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Rolling for many dead shitskins

Interesting how this happens now that there is talk of TX flipping blue.


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I am confident it’s a spic, probably shooting other beaners. Good chance those involved are illegals too

Better bin those rifles texas goys

I'm getting a "Cartel Spic Hired By Kikes" vibe from this.

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There was a comment on one of the initial reporters sites that there were two people seen with guns. Also any user catch a cap of that thread "Its time". This shit reeks of alphabet.

Archive links for those who don't want to give twitter their clicks

This may or may not be related but today someone made a thread saying they would go shoot Mexicans somewhere in Texas, and that they would use an AK47. The news reports say an AK was used and it's in Texas, and in El Paso of all places, near the border with Mexico. Could be related.

Will it be

Place your bets now

I bet he can do better before it’s over.

Link to thread / cap ?

Archival of the 2nd link failed, so I retried it, here it is, sorry for triple posting.

Got proof?

I'm betting on sloppy job mossad due to

I already bet spic on spic. Another saint would be nice too.

You watch, it'll turn out to be 18 shot and 2 dead, including the gunman. Retards that engage in these shootings rarely know how to aim. Further, they usually overheat their weapon really quickly and fail fast.

I didn't cap it but I saved the OP's image of himself.

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10 replies before shoad, was a file linked didnt get it in time

Not sure if this will send due to shitty internet but I capped it.

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Anytime you see articles like this, be sure to respond on social media with all the unreported shitskin mass shootings that are swept under the rug everyday.

Is nobody going to check these incredible digits?


I hope someone got the pdf. Fuck the mods.


Did you read the PDFs? Did they glow?


I'm from the area, and through some friends, I heard that it's 5 guys and at least one of them is sporting an "AK-47 type rifle." They've been wandering the central part of the city hitting the Walmart from one of user's posts and two other malls.

My bet is some cartel beaners trying to start some shit, but we don't know yet.

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PDF here, I got it. It's a shitty manifesto and the guy is probably a faggot but still useful for posterity.

this is a 0 effort manifesto, like somebody wrote it right when the story broke

Posting in an FBI evidence locker


Not everyone is taking 2 years to prep, which also includes writing time.
We will see how things go.

fuck could this be the guy from that thread which got deleted a couple of minutes before ?


Confirmed fbi choice of preference archive site

Everyone be sure to say hi to the glowniggers that’ll be here, if not here already.
You fucks won’t do what is necessary to take care of this country, instead purposely ruining it for jews and a paycheck.

Saw this thread too. Every single user told him to fuck off.

That doesn't have the name from the screencap

He's no Tarrant, that's for sure.

This is (((weird))) because he's saying shoot innocent nobodies, rather than the oppressors.

Glow in the dark confirmed.

Tons of videos on Facebook of the shooting

this site is so fucked

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post them you dumb cunt

Lol, fucking grabblers.

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Zig Forums get in here, and analyze the "gear" he posted.

I don't use faceberg, post some links here

Nah that was one of the two pdfs from the start of the post. I didnt see anything about TX before I fucked off from the thread.

Oh goodie! A glowthread! Stop on by, Fedderoos. The coffee's on!

there was another pdf with a name

May I kindly ask why this thread was deleted? It didn't seem to be off-topic.

It sounds like a (((certain group))) wants to create a climate of chaos and instability. They're sowing the seeds for civil unrest for which they'll have a solution for. It plays directly into the media narrative of "angry white male" which has been pushed for the last 6-7 years.

Probably the same reason the Poway shooter's thread was deleted, it announces a violent attack and that is bad optics for the site I guess.

Didn't even bother to acquire good gear? This guy sounds like a sperg who popped off with almost no planning.

What a dumbass. Instead of a high value target he just goes to Walmart and shoots 20 spics, most of whom will survive? I don't know if this glows or if this guy is just a tard. Good lord. This is a low effort IRL shitpost, this idiot is throwing his life away.

Fucking "bullet tumbling," holy shit.

God damn fuck this guy.

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Yep, that checks out.

This just in, they released photos of the suspect’s car!

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This is most of the posts before it was 404'd.


This looks fake, the shooter didn't even put their name anywhere in it. Who does that?

Someone probably hammered this out when news of the shooting broke, but nobody knew who the shooter was yet.

Go away glownigger.

P. Crusius notification something or another. They were both there. Both are in the archive. No one really bothered to open them while I was in the thread.

THIS is most of the posts before it was 404'd.

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The thread was posted like 2 hours before the shooting you nigger. But yeah the manifesto does glow.

Looks like he went after PoCs in little Mexico the little son of a bitch.

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This is definitely some fucking bullshit. This is also how you know this "accelerationism" crap getting pushing on Zig Forums is fucking bullshit. It's literally just encouraging you to go commit random acts of violence against nobodies to no greater effect, get yourself killed and give (((them))) license to crack down even more. Such fucking bullshit.

Also possible, manifesto could be bullshit and this could be random act of retardation. Who knows maybe it's even a spic shooter, we'll have to see.

Certainly could be the case, have most of the template written out, and just add in locations. Watch the media claim he's from "alt-right 8pol chan" though.

accelerationism is non-violent. This is literally just a random schizo going on a rampage most likely.

the other one is from some college about a student being drunk at a class see pic
deleted the rest of the info

fuck you i didnt archive it it probably was the mod who deleted the post
i happened to check the thread when browsing the main page out of boredom , later on i wondered if someone might have archived it since i already had dled the pdfs and poof at there was a hit
( i first used ) so here is your middlefinger.

probably because they dont want to have another Zig Forums is bad for humanity media shitshow sperging around normies brains…

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He made some good points in his pdf. You can't take that away from him.

Oh look!
A corpse bleeding out, better take a video of it and post it to twitter!

Social media was a mistake

Not finding a P Crusius down there, halp faggots

Shut the fuck up faggot. You don’t belong here.

Hopefully Trump passes amnesty now. Enough of the demonizing of immigrants and PoCs please.

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First post
In before 1 person tripped, fell, knocked over a metal sign and people called the police about mass shooting.

No one does first aid anymore. Another neoliberal effect on people.

Without you will never hear the end of 'it was a false flag guys! look, no bodies no blood!'

Checked, but a lot of faggots, or Fedniggers, come in here screeching accelerationism means random acts of pointless violence.

No user, it's important to document and analyze these events. Everything from tactical shit to life saving steps is documented, and it's good to learn from these things in case you ever end up in such a situation yourself. Plus this kind of footage is important in disproving mainstream media horse shit later on, as they often deliberately misrepresent things.

Called it. That's the guy that tripped and fell. I can't believe no one is helping him up.

Fuck off cuck

Would you help a bleeding Mexican?

tbh bet it was a Zig Forums nigger or /qresearch/fag

user is failing to get to the social media accounts before they do.

Yes I can, because that is all knowledge Zig Forums is pushing for ages. There is no excuse for selling the truth, but leaving out the cause. It's nothing but hamster wheel entertainment for the masses, and an excuse for the cartels to advance even faster into the US.

Just wait for government to take care of him and stand around updated their social media with their $70/month google smartphones.

A lot of people don't understand that gunshots are just little holes that bleed out a bit, they expect gruesome, video game and movie levels of blood spilled everywhere, but real life usually isn't like that unless you get an explosive headshot or similar that really does splatter matter everywhere, but most body and limb shots do not result in the kind of blood splatter people expect, and most of the blood actually soaks into the victim's clothes and pools beneath their body, doesn't run like a river all over the ground.

I hope the spics choked to death on their blood
Fucking disgusting

Well, we know he missed one of them.

the whole thread looked like someone wants to frame a fellow student so the info may as well be unrelated but since that shit supposedly happened…

adress supplied in the document from the college points to :

a single family home built in 2007. This property was last sold in 2006 and currently has an estimated value of $725,300. The $725,300 estimated value is 27.82% greater than the median listing price of $567,450 for the Starcreek area.

maybe this is the home of his parents or the target of a ((("frame")))

They literally teach not to help an injured person and wait for first responders. It is true you can injure someone first by improperly rendering first aid, but if someone is shot and bleeding out FFS at least put pressure on the wound, niggers.

It is interesting this happened right after /Qtards/ got labeled terrorists.

You’d touch a subhuman?
Are you fucking retarded?

I think this was posted intentionally to show why user/Crusius? couldn't wait to plan the attack better.

that's important only because of spine damage. i guess the bullet could hit the spine.

Collin College is in texas.
Pic related, locations of campuses.

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Every fucking month.

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They got him

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