MSM getting redpilled
This genius actually did it. He called in to NBC news and trolled the fuckers.

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Doesn't need its own thread, nigger.

Have an idea.

Create multiple facebook accounts under the name "Patrick Crusius" with the pic related profile pic of "McLovin" from the movie "Superbad", let's see how far we can bait the msm until they realize how hard they've played themselves.

Attatched two pictures depicting the two lookalike incels.

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Nope, but I've seen worse.

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just spam the mclovin pic under the #TexasShooter hashtag on twitter until some dumb reporter includes it on his website

filtered for being lame. have a bump OP


I see wat u did thar

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Really lame. Not even worth a listen.

That anchor was like
The irony of that coming from a dude working for an organization dedicated to monetizing human suffering. The lack of self-awareness is astounding.

You mad bro?


Fucking shill

He's a shill

exactly this, they're so desperate to break any story first that they will let literal random anons give interviews

As funny as that "raped by African migrants" part is. I think this is unnecessaryy edge for the sake of a stupid joke. A lot of people died there man. Imagine your retarded ass clowning when your family got shot. It just seems like deliberate bad PR for Zig Forums. You may feel like a big man there but really it is just terrible. But that part about going out getting raped by African migrants actually had a touch with reality and wasn't just a cheap joke at the expense of a news agency informing about a shooting and the people watching it.

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No, they were Mexicans you dumbfuck.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Keep acting like this, millions of white people will die. I sympathize with the plight of any nation whose sovereignty is being violated, even a historically imperialist nation, but the patience of the oppressed has its limits. You white supremacists should take note that the cards are stacked against you and negotiate before its too late.

But you don't really care do you? Because the majority of people who would die in such a conflict wouldn't even be nazi scum. They would be innocent white folk. You just want to get your rocks off on violence against anyone who triggers your short fuse.

Live for Nothing, or Honk for Something.

Your call Lad.

It doesn't have to be this way. People who have been oppressed can sympathize with oppression. Not withstanding extreme brainwashing, a la the woke folk, we can find common ground. You nazis are just brainwashing yourselves out of a reasonable compromise.

There is no compromise with people who see my existence and the existence of my race as a problem to be solved. War is totally inevitable and you’re just scared because you know you would lose

the violence stops when they give us an alternative

You're projecting.

The problem is not ignorant Mexicans who don't know how the system is set up. It is, it has always been, the elites at the top.

RT seems to have this in an article still, or something approaching what was in that video

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Brenton Tarrant trolled the media intelligently and subtly, whoever phoned in sounds about 13 and just made a fool of themselves.

Demonstrably false. 8ch has been named at least twice so far, and nothing has happened.
I think next you should draw up a calendar of these so called "ideal times" in which any attacks on the enemy benefit the enemy in advance, because otherwise, no matter the season, according to people like you it's always the ideal time.
Most people aren't capable of sourcing the information and enacting the plan necessary to do this. I'm not sure it's possible to conduct a mass shooting in person and escape any more, at least not solo.

Go back to leftypol thread about how awesome it is that white south africans are being killed already.

I've yet to see one single Nazi walking down the street where I live. It's not about Nazi's, screaming muh Nazi isn't changing my mind.

Perhaps you wanted to express you don't want where you live torn to shit and have friends and family die as a result of a war you feel shouldn't happen; avoid having your local town look like a town similar to any from the fake war in Iraq. Who knows what you meant.

I can understand wanting peace, but the idea that there will NEVER be another war is just not happening. Accept that reality, prepare for it, pray it doesn't happen in your lifetime if you choose.

I have to warn you against calling newfags like me a Nazi. A lot of newfags from the NZ shooting were just simple farmers, tending to their memes. In fact I use a logo with a frog that has certain symbols on it just because of that line of thinking. Weeds out the shitters.

The censorship where I live, the people doing the censorship where I live, it's out of hand. I will not stand by and watch freedoms erode like the previous generations.

If posting memes pointing out some simple truths gets me called a Nazi, then that's on the eye of the beholder. The oldfags not screeching Nazi and have been around the block are the ones I'm going to follow.

When people in power are censoring the population, there is an increased chance for violence. It's well known and (((perhaps))) being done on purpose.

The censoring of topics concerning millions of illegals running around being paid for by the local populace is a big problem, an invasion by some definitions. The Powers that be are calling everyone Dreamers and wanting to hug trees is just sugar coating something that can't be sugar coated.

That's just 1 topic that is being censored, go to another Wal-Mart in Patricks town and it's probably the Wal-Mart a majority of the Muslims go to. Pick another one and you might see mostly Whites not willingly to shop at the shit tier Wal-Marts. Something's fucking going on, and that's putting it nicely.

It does have to be this way, it's always had to be this way if you want freedom and not some half assed cucked version we call Modern America.

When the shit hits the fan, you are not going to see Nazi's in your streets going the fuck off.
It's going to be Honklers, and that's why you will never see it coming. Nazi's drank water, I'm not going to stop drinking water. If they did other things that made sense, like a financial system not tied to International Cunts, well that might be worth looking into. My future white children don't need to be wagecucks for the 1%.

If I called you and your people Nazi's, does that mean all of a sudden you have no valid ideas? That you never did anything right? Muh Nazi's kek…Sure, I may have developed some fascist tendencies and an urge to go out and mold a woman into my ideal female Wojack so she can procure me lots of children, so the fuck what user? Some people at 8ch are thinkers, they will literally give you material to read/watch. Just lurk in other threads.

They will stop at nothing to destroy the alternatives. This is racist, that's racist, muh Nazi, anything and everything to shut it down. Censorship, removing guns from the local populace, and replacing demographics is their goal, all being paid for with a useless note of (((legal))) tender, no longer backed by gold.

Cucking all of us with… paper. Coins that have less and less metals worth a shit every decade.

What Saint Tarrant did was art, hard to compare to sure. You know what though? At least, no matter how cringe, that mad lad did his part in the meme war, trolled NBC so god damn hard. It's an Information War above all else lads, don't let your memes be dreams.

Oldfags have been encouraging me to read Mein Kampf and watch The Greatest Story Never told. I'm not 100% Nazi now because of it. At the same time, to deny some truths in those materials is something I can't do, I would have to be dishonest with myself and the world I see around me.

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children," and the lesser known "because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from these Wal-Marts." I can't deny the 14 words, and don't understand how someone couldn't agree with them, like on a deep down to the bone level. I see no problem in securing the 14 words, and allowing this Great Replacement to continue is not an option.

I see your post as something where you seem to try to find middle ground; but, that middle ground is actually your way or the highway, else everyone is a Nazi. Is that really looking at this objectively from both sides?

I say nay, and motion to Honk Honk at that kind of thinking.

Live for Nothing, or Honk for Something
Your call Lads

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Gotta hand it to this user. Funniest thing I've heard all day. I just wish he'd mentioned Sam Hyde. But maybe that's a forced meme these days.

Definitely, we gamers need to rise up. And Zig Forums is the best. Thanks user - that was God's work.

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Talk about retarded. pol knows that these shooters are unhinged psychopaths, we just laugh about it, like we have with all gore/death in the past. I don't recall you guys telling us to stop it when we made le edgy 9/11 jokes. All the White Men worth a damn aren't going to go out in useless shootings. We're raising families, finding like minded individuals, and making money to support them. We're building a movement, but that doesn't mean we can't laugh about all the insanity around us.

with all the people glowing right now after this shit show, who cares

How many foreign workers you hired because money? Oh wait, you are the sucker that got fired so they could hire them.

Nice digits my dude.

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Thx Fren.

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We've been doing that since Rome and it hasn't worked out very well for us. The only thing that earned us a brief pause in the bullshit was Hitler's approach.

We don't have to stoop so low

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ok Barney

Newfag detected.
Bumping because it is deserved.

You've already brought the war. Don't be yet another whining darkie when ppl fight back.

You only need to take one look at "cancel culture" to realize that the Left isn't interested in compromises of any sort.

They already did, newfag

Based zoomer


"Details are sketchy at this point…. but getting…. getting information… again, details are VERY sketchy at this point…. but getting word that if you go outside there MAY be a chance of getting raped by AFRICAN MIGRANTS. Just… just an FYI on that."

You are living my dream Light Horse.

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This is your brain on Leftism

Fair enough. Words are being twisted, but you yourselves are being manipulated. I am not against your right to self-determination, I am against the deaths of innocents that aren't the shadowy elites behind its destruction. Btw, if you knew the history of the nazis, the real nazis, you'd know they twist words. Going around calling people nazis in order to achieve one's goals is exactly what a real nazi would do. We can work together to fight the elite, and this means capitalism.

Well I laughed at Tribute.wmv, too.

That is a pseudo-left whose real interest is enslaving people to capital more efficiently.

This. Read the article posted above, especially the section on "exterminism". The capitalists are the communists now, and if it helps you, the communists are the conservatives.

Have a documentary on the evolution of marketing:


I'd bet dollars to bagels most anons here are more knowledgeable about real National Socialists here than you could ever hope to imagine, Chaim.

The absolute madman.

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So you're saying we need to fight while we're still the majority otherwise the oppressed with their finite patience will ultimately rise up and slaughter all the mean whites when they become the we see playing out in other countries.
I agree with you wholeheartedly apart from the bit about negotiating because you may have missed the meeting, but the oppressed/weak currently don't have much wiggle room in their beliefs and wanting them to get the fuck out of my country and go back to the shithole they came from isn't really up for negotiation.
As you say, violence is the only predictable outcome

You are being led by the nose. Its how they operate.

We want to make America greater for everybody and we will do it in a rational way. You keep declaring you want to make America greater for yourselves, and entirely eradicate white people and call us bigots and villains as you corrupt and destroy our communities.

For the record latinos already possess dozens of countries south of the border, Africans already have the Africa nations, Chinese have China, etc. What is your right to deny white people all the countries we possess? Solely on the grounds of our skin tone is the ultimate hypocrisy. False historic claims fed to you by opportunists, often projecting their own historic crimes, are definitely not valid.

Make it good. We're all ears.

Sauce all your claims.

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Tbh, I agree with you in a way. But clearly some form of non-peaceful response is needed at this point. I just don’t understand why these guys never go after politicians, the boards of companies that lobby congress on immigration etc. shooting random Mexicans isn’t going to solve the problem or start a race war.

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This. I believe even James Mason has INSISTED that you do not go after the people at the bottom- its the wrong way to go, you have to go for the TOP

Germany is doing it correctly with their kill list