The "Christian Catholic Pedophile Crisis" is a Jewish Psy-Ops warfare

It's an information warfare against the Catholic Church, since the jews hate it so much.
Reads better here:
"The Catholic Church Is Under Attack!

We have all seen the recent scandals inside and outside of the Catholic Church, but there is one aspect of it that nobody is allowed to talk about.

The Pennsylvania grand jury report that has devastated the Catholic Church, was not released with the goal of helping families or preventing child abuse. It was released to silence, and ultimately shut down the Church. In the report, there were over 300 priests named, and headlines like "The Worst Crime in American History?" splattered over the front pages of newspapers, but how many priests were indicted?

ONE. The other 300? Zero evidence.

In 2005 this same tactic was employed in Philadelphia, except there were ZERO indictments then.

Who is responsible for this attack? Josh Shapiro & Lynne Abraham.

Both Shapiro and Abraham are Jews with a streak of anti-Catholic bigotry. Lynne Abraham is a former national executive board member of the ADL, a Jewish Hate Group, seeking to destroy and censor anyone they deem hold "Anti-Semitic" opinions.

Since the attack on the Catholic Church by way of these grand jury reports ultimately failed, a new tactic is being used. Activists are now calling Church teaching and practices "Anti-Semitic".

In this dangerous time, it is more important than ever to KNOW YOUR FAITH! Make sure you have the tools you need to stand up against accusations that the Catholic Church is Anti-Semitic: "

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lol, its no psyop.

The Christ cult attracts faggots and pedos like flies to shit.

The cuck cult of the Jewish Rabbi has always historically had homos join the clergy as a way of hiding their buttfucking faggotry to the world and providing them a ready made explanation for why they never had a wife/girlfriend ie "Oh I'm just going to dedicate my life to Jesus".


More like dedicate your life to buggery you fucking ass bandit twink you.

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Here, this video (watch between 4:00-9:00) will show you the Jewish double standard and the Jewstice persecution against the Catholic Church and the so-called "Pedophile crisis" and Jewish MSM harassment against the Catholic Church.

Watch the video between 4:00-9:00 for the relevant passage. The censored word in the passage is "kike", as "She can identify herself as a chubby lesbian kike".

To actually know that you must be one, or maybe you're just helping a psyop because you don't like the idea of being judged when you die.
If it's a cult why is there no penalty for leaving it or talking about it to outsiders, like the moon cult or the talmud cult or the rainbow cult?

Don't forget, the worst pedophiles of all, Mudshits, being totally ignored. Infinitely worse than what goes on in Catholicism. Not only in terms of child-brides, that's just a drop in the bucket compared to their pedophilic culture of raping little boys.

Consider this: What happens in places like prison & church when men are isolated from women for years…decades even… faggotry festers. Now, imagine ENTIRE COUNTRIES where women are totally isolated from society, kept out of public, kept covered from head to toe… the most feminine thing that mudshit men see through their development and well into adulthood… is little boys. So, faggotry runs rampant in mud-shit-holes. If you look at the stats, it is fucking astonishing. owning boy sex-servants is common and a sign of high status, bacha bazi is common, and something like 80% low-income boys surveyed have been raped or prostituted in countries like Pakistan & Afghanistan.

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Shut the fuck up christcuck

According to their inbred-brains:
"it's no-homo because they are not men until they are bearded, so it is not sex between men."

and "it's no-homo so long as a man is not on the receiving end."

Fucking inbred, pedo-tards

Lol, kikes flock to any thread relating to Christianity here now. No wonder this place is basically 4chan Zig Forums nowadays.

Bump for E michael jones. He has more balls than every anti-Christian on this board. Oh, and white children too. And has actually written material relevant to exposing kikes that doesn't require you to have faith in order to appreciate it. No wonder yids fear this guy and come kvetching instantly every time he gets mentioned.

i uploaded a copy of the book to library genesis.

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I agree with you that the controversy was cooked up by media jews that gladly ignore similar and worse situations everywhere else and just want to defame and ridicule the church. However… I think they're doing good work in hastening the decline of the desert cult that has enslaved many of our people.

Sure Christianity is preferable to atheist nihilism and the effects of the void left by the declining church can already be seen all around us, but I can't help but dream of a future where we are masters of our own spiritual beliefs instead of this bizarre fan-fiction of judaism that attempts to claim the """"""""""legacy"""""""""" of jews as our own as if our own history pales in comparison to tales of kikes kiking other kikes in a fucking desert. It's pathetic and you should be embarrassed to want that. Man up and own yourself. You are a European NOT a semitic slave.

Indeed, they are so transparent, it's funny.

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That may be what they want or what people think will happen, but it's far more likely that bible believing christians that always resented the obvious hypocritical behavior of the vatican power structure will seek more true to the book ministries or just have a personal relationship with christ. They can't do what they want until there are no christians left, or so their scripture says. Many christians understand that the vatican was infiltrated by destructive homosexual jews, in the same way that media, politics and education have been.

Aye, it'd be silly to think one move could end a belief.
My theory on that is that they're attacking the catholic church because of it size. It makes a big target to ridicule and drive people away while decentralizing the church into smaller local networks each with their own small divisions that lack the unified political and cultural power that the church once wielded as Jones cited in his books.
For now Christianity will go on.

so it would be amusing if anons formed a network within the structure and took it back, handed out luthers book and a bit of solz to the congregation. In turn for being fed and housed by jesuhomos. Bet they ordain anyone these days.

We don't and never needed Christ insanity.

Besides all that National Socialism plugs the leak of a world without Christ insanity/Abrahamic religion or other religion in general.

The ideology isn't just a political tract but one that literally provides a proper spiritual path forward for the white man (and any other race that would decide to practice it).

Herp derp.

Nice Jewish "logic" there schlomo.

This is the exact same line of horseshit that Jews and their leftist shabbos goyim always peddle and trot out in regards to faggotry for just one example ie they tell you if you hate faggots and or don't want to be around them, that you must be secretly homo yourself and not only that but "afraid" of them a.k.a a "homophobe".

As Christopher Hitchens so wisely pointed out long ago cucks like you literally want to be a slave which is why you cling to the Christ cult so strongly ie you love the slave morality that it represents, along with it's heavily implied sado masochism, ie you enjoy the idea of Jesus/Yahweh being dominant over your life and in control of every single aspect of it, from the point of you simply going poopy or wacking your little noodle to Jesus is there judging you every step of the way and sick fuck that you are you get off to this along with the disgusting groveling to this false Jew god that was literally designed as a meme by Jews for your and your race's enslavement.

Why would any sane white man ever sprout a chub to the ridiculous idea of an evil, false, psychopathic Jewish god "judging" them for anything at all whether alive or dead (as presumably a force ghost ala Star Wars?)

Mass murdering psychopathic Jew deities like Yahweh/Jesus a.k.a Yeshua are utterly unworthy of judging anyone as if real they don't belong in control of mankind but rather in a supermaximum security prison for the criminally insane if not in the Hague and on death row for high crimes against humanity.

The very suggestion that they are worthy of judging anyone is as silly as saying Coral Eugene Watts, Chester Wayne Turner or Lonnie Franklin should sit over our presumed souls in judgement after we die.

Read a history book or two (or three or more) sometime kid.

There was and still would be but people (for now) got tired of fighting brother Vs. brother war over which Christ cult denomination someone should belong to (leaving one cuck cult of Christ and joining another) but the hate between denominations still exists and went largely underground only now continuing to manifest itself in uncomfortable jokes between the differing groups about how so and so Catholic or Protestant group is supposedly the "heretical" one.

And actually I need to take my own advice (along with you) about reading some history books as I'm not entirely sure the fighting/wars in Scotland/Ireland or whatever the fuck white country over competing Christ cuck cults ever did formally end.


This is why you should join the far-Left. It is the capitalists, most of them are rich white protestants, that lay you off– causing 1 worker to do the work of 4 workers. Fuck rich capitalists of all races and religions! workers of the world unite!

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Catholics are babylonian pagans NOT Christians. Only Protestants, Baptists and Calvanists are Christians

RomCats worship:

not to mention they preach quite a few things against what the bible teaches and are now openly run by Phil-semitic jesuits.

OP is a know nothing brainlet.

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This guy was raised on a diet of priest cum. That's how he knows. Or he's a jew thus proving OP correct. Take your pick.

reminder that so long as you are a jew, the child is goyim(a non-jew) and 3 years and a day old of age, it is completely kosher to fuck it.


I don't like Catholicism or even most Catholics but the massive child rape problem seems to be kike infiltration.


Pedopriests in small Lithuanian provinces is jew-op, sure thing, OP. Vatican pedomoney is jew-op aswell, riiiight, and pope is totaly NatSoc.
Fuck jews and fuck /christcuck/, two sides of the same coin.