Anons, you know you can turn the censorship AI against itself, right???

4chan had a thread about twitter banning certain images or keywords. #DemandVoterID, Russia, 2020. Include these words in ANY tweet and you'll be banned within 30 seconds for 12 hours. I'm not joking about this anons, I will upload an image and you can try it out yourselves. So, here's the deal anons, we can use this censorship against the technocrats.

Start making normie memes. Include the words "Russia" "2020" "#DemandVoterID" somewhere in the meme. Maybe even as a low contrast / semi transparent layer that isnt visible to the human eye, but will be picked up on by AI…Watch twitter accounts get banned en mass, as the memes trickle through the system…lol…Best way to red pill the normies…Top KEK

Do it anons, this is powerfuI …Use it wisely

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Here it is anons…Upload this pick to tweeter, and watch your account get banned for posting wrong think…12 hours anet that long, arent you curious???

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You can't fight a rotten system by the rotten system's rules.

At some point they're going to corner you and force you to claim race doesn't matter and force you to suck the random nigga dick they want.

You have to make money, learn skills, gather some people and build a new world (usually in other place).

We will build a new world.

Maybe you already have this or just don't fucking care. It's time to fuck their system right back up their own asses.
Break the damn internet, no trading, no 2 party jew party queer party propaganda. And billions of lost and angry people. And a million seething jude

"break the internet"
stop larping fag. Only way to break the internet is destroy power transformers.

user is advocating for changing the system by working within the parameters of the system…lol…Your funny user…

I don't want to "fuck" their system.

Let the degenerate kikes follow the path they think belong to them, and the US to sink in their own deceit, ultimate filthiness and madness pure crap.

I will build a new world for me on other planet.

Not so hard.

no user…Your wrong…We can "break" the system by getting normie meme's banned. Imbed keywords into the images that arent visible to the naked eye, but are to AI…Normies will see the censorship and ACCELERATE…

What is this, a 'gnosticwarfare' low-effort post?

AI is an esoteric metaphor for the YGO VRAINS character

This idea is genius, but not for the reason you think it is.

Turning the "muh Russia" narrative against the illegals by demanding voter ID's is guaranteed to make kikes' heads explode.

They have to go along with the "muh Russia" line, but they also have to argue against voter ID's, or the illegals can't vote.

Meme it.

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Don’t care.

Shut up faggot! It's not about an one particular narrative! It's about getting the normies pissed off because they got banned for posting an innocent meme…Wake the fuck up to the real potential…

I tried it this morning after Mark Kern talked about getting locked for it. Within actual seconds of posting it, I was redirected to pic related. This shit needs to stop.

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yep…Its real. Now what are you gonna do about it user?

I think its more worth pushing so VoterID becomes a want among normies on both sides.

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Okay boomer

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What the fuck guys? It's like you don't know is a thing

Well what the fuck is it supposed to be then?

He's just a faggot…Ignore him

What i've posted here is based as fuck. I have shown you an extremely effective way to red pill normies en mass…

1)…Locate and download top tier normie meme's
2)…Edit images to contain text with banned keywords. But they are not perceived by the human eye, just the AI sees it
3)…AI bans anons
4)…Anons get pissed and join our side because they see the overt censorship

If you want to argue with me, then do so with logic. Attack my 4 points, dont just say stupid shit and try to attack me. Attack my reasoning…

How would we get these to the bluepills without getting b& in the process? Spam to content aggregators and image hosts like imgur while hoping they try to share them on twatster?

Kind of…Are you not familiar with:

Chans -> Reddit -> Twitter/Facebook

Upload the memes to the Chans or reddit. They will percholate thru the system and end up at twitter eventually…Surprised! You've just been banned for uploading a disturbed tom meme…ahahahahahaahahha

UPDATE - Roughly 12 hours later, Twitter is no longer banning posts that have those keywords in it. Does this mean we won because we exposed it? Or did the technocracy bite off more then they could chew and decided to nix the whole operation because of unanticipated blowback…