Owen Benjamin

Did Owen Benjamin inspire another killer? He has been ranting about the Mexican and immigrants lately. How does he get away with it?

First he inspired Poway shooter. Yet he is able to continue to post everyday?


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How does he get away with it?

He's a jewish mason

No, owen benjamin is a deradicalization cia funded jew just like vox day. Don't listen to him.

Fuck off Owen.

he's a jew

OH WOW another low quality kike eceleb marketing thread! How lucky am I to have been browsing /nupol/ at the exact same time this shit thread was created?! Tell me: How can I give my hard-earned money to this jobless degenerate so he can regurgitate Zig Forums memes on YouTube??

His kids will have to marry hispanics because that's the future of usa no matter how many shooting white faggots commit.

He's not even funny that's the saddest part

Is he Jewish controlled op? The "elite" don't seem to care
Well he is SOMEHOW still on fucking PATREON of all places. What does that tell you?

You need to get a grip on your reality you utter fucking retard

lol do you really think this is marketing for him?

It's better to think for yourself than follow dumbasses just because they happened to be white.

Owen Benjamin is based, but he causes more harm than good in the long run.

It's better to focus on really worthy stuff, they're rare but they're the only fit.

All the rest are going to fall apart at some point.

What do you mean by more harm than good? From what perspective? He seems to inspire far right people and he gets nut jobs excited and amped up to murder.

lol hardly

He's a dog abuser and wife abuser
He's right about some shit but he's acting like a controlled opposition even if he isn't being paid to be one.

He provides real information along with extraneous distraction bullshit like the moon landing and nuclear weapons being fake

He's right about some shit but he's acting like a controlled opposition even if he isn't being paid to be one.

How is he on YouTube and Patreon on than? Do you think they monitor the "bears" since so many seem to commit crimes?

He's only on Youtube and some shit Paywall site (no patreon)

lol are you saying the shooter was a bear? lmao

Nothing wrong with killing jews. Nothing whatsoever. I recommend everyone do it.

What's your experience with Vox Day? I thought he was pretty good on Jordan Peterson.

Also am new here, just curious how one manages the posts and replies?

owens gay but you cant just call him a wife abuser (dog abuser maybe i remember him throwing some pretty hard elbows at his dogs head) since you have no proof. hes seems to be homesteading which is a positive thing, but hes not half as smart as he thinks he is and most of his takes are ice cold rehashes of shit he heard other people (nick fuentes) talk about

Vox is great on Jordan Peterson.
He has cucked and countersignalled sometimes but that doesn't mean that his stuff isn't worth watching.
Also the fact that he's friends with and supports someone as openly /ourguy/ like Owen can only be a good sign (even though sure Owen has said some dumb stuff too and probably should have stayed away from the Flat Earth nonsense).

He's literally jewish.

I agree with everything you said.

Is there no mod or add-on available for this site that has a list of all the posts you type in or do you just have to remember which ones you typed in?

Get a life vapefag. Hey guys this goat farmer is responsible. Flat earth because the surface of water will not bend around an object.ever. you failed your own brain. Moon landing never fucking happened just another deepstate psyop. Only boomer fags believe that shit. Wake up retards

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No one is having more fun than us! ;D

For all i know, he's just larping as a white nationalist as a gag.

He said numerous times that he's a white enthusiast, but he believe that white nationalist is bullshit because it's not enough to bring people together as a community.

And while I believed at first that he was a dumb jew, it makes sense, people feel that "white people" is a thing only because we're under attack by the jews, the moment they stops doing that shit, people are going their own way once again, just like how it was before.

If you're not retarded, you know that all of this is true.

This guy is still in the YouTube suggested videos list too

Must be /ourguy/ then.
Hi Owen, keep at it!

It's almost as if you work for the FBI.

He will ban you for speaking about Jews. Enough said.

proof. you have his DNA test?

You will not take the big bear down. Your accusations are nothing but hot air.


Deradicalization is the only way to hold a public position, and those guys are flooding real truths into the normiesphere like nobody else. Let them.

Nope, he actually goes way deeper into explaining the in's and out's about nearly everything.

The patreon thing is purely because he makes his own music. They would lose a lawsuit if they kick him for what he does on other sites.

He never said that. UFC is gay, and he proved it.

Lies. George and Amy are fine.

They are at constant war with him. They manipulate his numbers, kick people of the stream, demonetized him, interrupt his connection, delete comments, sabotage his guest talks, kept his earnings hostage etc.

More lies. The bears are literally international slice of life. From 16 to 80, from Germany to occupied Palestine, from plumbers to military veterans, from extremely intelligent to obnoxiously dumb etc.

He's not for Zig Forums, but he's a goldmine for everyone else, because he's a born entertainer who can on the fly adapt to anything. He literally restricts himself from not speaking for 4 hours every day.

You can absolutely roughhouse with a young, male dog of George's size, who is fit enough to run around all day.

it's some good shit mixed in with filler and sideshows with jews being shouted off every so often. He's not really all that funny and seems to act as a crowd gather for the purpose of slicing right wing dissidents from each other's communities and making them pick sides in dramatically unnecessary divisions… He's not always full of shit, and he's not always on the ball.. but he's always somewhere an objective listener can stay interested long enough for your meaningless us VS them complex to be dragged around in relation to similar sides of the same arguments for the purpose of alienating the ability to draw your own conclusions from several sources… It's like a psyop that doesn't always lie, but will pull your emotions around for no good reason.

youtube.com/watch?v=7tn2iGLD81Q he calls out kikes controlling media constantly. He does it in a normie friendly way that's not easy for the kikes to discredit like if he was goose stepping back and forth on his vids. That's why kikes are trying to involve him with the shootings they are behind.

He is a fucking kike dipshit

He was raised jewish by his own word. I don't see how someone who isn't jewish would state such a thing. Oh, was that tweet one of his jokes?

Jordan Peterson is the ONLY thing Vox Day is right about.
Vox is an open zionist.

He was raised Catholic, retard.

If by zionist you mean "give the parasites a place of their own to go to because they have to get the fuck out of here" then yea he's a zionist, Agent Schlomo Steinberg.

Straight up liar. He was raised Catholic and is Christian.

Citation needed.