Things for the Fake News to Know as They Check 8ch Out

Greetings #FakeNews

By now, (((journalists))) are flooding here to learn more about the guy who happened to frequent this board. As you worthless faggots scoop up shit to smear us, here's a quick little guide to Zig Forums that I wrote up

1. We are anti-Kike, anti-Black, anti-Spic, anti-Asian, anti-woman, anti-faggot, anti-Mudslime, anti-atheism, anti-red meat, anti-smoking, anti-tranny, anti-alcohol, anti-environmentalist, anti-socialism, anti-liberalism, anti-socialist, anti-college, anti-Chink, anti-Jap, anti-libertarianism
2. This board is predominantly pro-Trump and pro-Hitler with a noticeable pro-Yang and anti-voting minority
3. Fuck journalists
4. Israel the cause of all degeneracy; all roads lead to Jerusalem
5. Sieg Heil
6. The left can't meme
7. We are a board of peace
8. Our heroes are Owen Benjamin, Birttany Venti, David Duke, Baked Alaska, Milo Yiannopoulos, Nick Fuentes, Adolf Hitler, Augusto Pinochet

Fuck off, we're full faggots

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you can do better than that OP

The news is calling you tin foil hat keyboard warriors. Go show them wrong.


I eat read meat regularly, it's healthy and it gets my dick super hard.
I'm also an environmentalist, even Hitler was an environmentalist!
Japan is a great nation, I've visited there multiple times
OP does not represent me or most people on this board.

Get lost. We are hardcore technocrats!

everyone knows this is an anarcho-primitivist board, shill

Get the fuck out.
National Socialists support all that and more, in their current form they have been perverted, which is why is must be cleansed.

I don't know man, it looks like the journos and leftist attempts at censoring the right is working well in preventing this attacks.

None of that represents the macrame and origami board I frequent.
Except fuck fake news, censorship and tax avoiding corporations that parasite from good folk, whilst attempting to steer public opinion their way, you scum.

Nah, it's a pro-naturalist board mate.

Op is spreading bullshit. Zig Forums isn't anti-anyone. We're pro white. We just want to live with other white people. It's pretty racist to say that it is a hardship for blacks and hispanics to have to live with blacks and hispanics - you're saying these groups can't compete. We both know they can't; they have different values and ideas. You PC journalist just won't admit it.
Not even "white supremacist" We believe other peoples have a right to live with their own folk and govern themselves and be free of what they see as "white oppression"
But this idea of gibs (free stuff) for everyone is wrong. Someone has to pay for it, and you can see from the graph, whites are the ones that are enslaved to pay it.

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Actually we are National Socialists.

Oh pish posh. Zig Forums is a board of peace.

We are space empire colonists.

literal pedo-supporting pro-nigger kike faggot.
Time to update your new hire training videos, agent novak.

You don't speak for te board you dumb nigger.

Explain June 2015 through March 2017 then

The paid nonwhite shill, imkikey, permanently banned everyone who did not suck Trump’s cock. It was physically impossible for Zig Forumsacks to post on our own board. You stupid. motherfucking. retarded. newfag.

Zig Forums is bored of peace.

This is a shill thread.

weak bait

I've been here since GamerGate retard. If Zig Forums got BTFOed by one idiot, it kinda ruins your credibility.

Fuck you OP you fucking Hindu street shitting faggot. I hope you die the most painful death pssible immediately after watching your family be flayed alive

Fuck i took the bait.

We have an issue

fuck off and lurk for 2 years before posting, you cockmongling faggot

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You’ve been here for four hours, you filthy kike. Fuck off.

Guter Köder Jude


I was banned for calling out Trumps bullshit during that time. That was kikey enforced consensus.

lmao the amount of retards replying to this thread with complete sincerity is hilarious
not to go about and ruin the joke, but every reply is just jacking OP off with (you)s and giving credibility to the idea that everyone here is retarded and can't take a fucking joke

OP is a faggot fake news jew.

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ITT: Jews attack me

they don’t want to know. those faggot kike niggers don’t care about truth, they only lie, are thieving communists.

nah man. watkins makes these shit threads LOOOOOOOOOL


basically, p ople are shy to make threads. that’s why twitter works, every comment can itself become anthread, clever trick for solving the fb problem, so fb>twitter. which leads us to the topic of how fb posts get started. that’s right, fake too. but trends don’t work (even if trying to be honest, the cream can’t ride, meaningless shit comes up like “sports team” when theykre playing).

this man is a FED and a liar. pol is a board of war! arrrrrghhhhhhhhhh,,!,!,!,

WATCH them quote this
Bonus points for poorly censored screenshot

White Nationalist cringe for the Jews

ironically, it’s not even safe anymore to say you’re going to war against cockroaches, evn if you’re literally using raid on literal cockroaches. psychologically the infested and terminally ill body politic knows who the cockroaches are. this is highly illuminating. they testify themselves to the veracity of the accusation by their own thinking, though they project their own thoughts on someone else. it’s their own brain and no other.

Some of us fell for his bullshit. I'm not proud of it, but it happened.

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This new shooting same operation as (((Tarrant shooting))) and (((Tarrant threads))).

The Tarrant shills are just giving Twitter jews something to point their fingers at. No one replies to the threads but they don’t care, they keep them bumped for weeks just talking to each other and calling everyone shill.

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8. Our heroes are Owen Benjamin, Birttany Venti, David Duke, Baked Alaska, Milo Yiannopoulos, Nick Fuentes, Adolf Hitler, Augusto Pinochet
all of those are controlled op; hitler included
he didn't kill any jews on purpose, so put 2 and 2 together

press: why didn’t you kikes reveal that ehud barack, a highly powerful mossad israeli was a constant companion of rapist of children of christians epstein. seems i answered my own question. press are kikes covering up the rape of christian children for israel mossad blackmail, thus for the glory of that damned yahweh.

worse, the mods delete the posts of people trolling these (((tarrant))) threads.

Because you're a dumb nigger with stale arguments. Nobody is buying your schizo shit now fuck off back to kikebart or /qresearch/

Zig Forums is primarily a Strasserite board. We consider Egyptians white and love bacon. We think Germans are crypto-jews.

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What a retarded leftist kike. It was the NSDAP & Hitler that were the first to implement anti-environmental laws before any liberal did. The left merely adopted policies that included banning vivisection & punishing companies polluting the nearby region, who also banned kosher & halal slaughter which the so called compassionate left are too scared to address in public.
Hitler was an angel in comparison to you, shill.

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an interesting point.

there are no schizos.

(((Hitler again)))


you don't speak for me

You're so edgy.

It must suck to be you, living a lonely life and thinking that identifying with fucking psychos makes you cool. Hint: It doesn't,

OP loves the cock as much as Patrick Crusius does - that's why he didn't kill himself - too much of a pussy and he's looking forward to the eventual daily ass plundering he's definitely going to get.

Niggerkike mods confirmed

Also, OP works for CNN.

maybe he wanted to get married. now, women all over the country will write him love letters. he can get married now, and, with the right lawyer, make babies too.

I see the reddit niggers are already seething kek

only the fbi says “schizo”. it’s boomer tier meem.

nice trips boomer-kun, but there are literal schizos claiming
for every event.

Only spooks and jews schizopost, spookjew

that!s not schizo, that’s very ordinary rationalization.

uhuh, kike, tell me about how you have hard and fast retard rules that must be upheld, like they were written by a middle ages scholar of the torah.

example of rationalization, my mother tells me that the truth will out in a certain domestic violence case in local rumors. now, that’s foolish, naive, but it’s psychologically safe. rationalized to achieve anfeeling of security.

Speak for yourself, nigger. I still find him very useful. All the more now that he's been on certain people's minds for 4 years.
He always advertised his connections and friendships. If you expected him not to fellate Israel, then I've got some property to sell you.

Study harder fbinigger

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children

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it’s uncomfortable knowing that there’s something wrong with society, that results in men going out and shooting people. but to confront women is impssible, as they are the priests of the age of the church of feminism. and so, different people solve it different ways. some say the solution is ban guns. but these incel men have lots of free tome and lots of inventiveness, so that can’t work, long-term. after all, it won’t make men wuit being angry. on the right, some just deny that they ever happened. can’t criticise women. and others like hannity say the guys wern’t really right wing, because of a doctrinal variation here or there. that makes it simple, he just goes, i don’t have to fix it, the fault is not being a member of my group. but it’s an internal brainwashing that does nothing about the angry men.

womenkikes say try to turn angry men into faggots, before they become angry. but lots of guys just aren’t interested in sex with men. so there will remain angry men, and ther might be more of them, if they get pushed gay then find out they actually like the inaccessible pussy to dicks.

none are capable of addressing the incel problem, because it lands up pointing at women. and they’re too busy staring at funny animals on instagram to grow up and become actual functioning humans outside of their soft jobs.

i’m not. it’s easy enough to tell. i’m pointing out the fundamental issue, that’s not going away:

but white women aren't interested… we’re like captive pandas or something.

the schizo meem was invented by the fbi within the past year to fight disinfo, and control the info narrative. denialism permitted resiliance to coercion over propagandization.

dear diary
today, OP wasn't a faggot at all

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I love Mother Nature because it's so Nazi!

Did you get lost on your way to >>>/doomer/ , incel?

Are you retarded, I already said that.

“Schizoposting” is calling people schizo, boomerposting saying boomer, and so on newfag

There is a bodycount associated with Ben Collins.
What a dweeb. He openly fights everything that America does, and is the hitman for the Democrats. He is the nameless Antifa spouting the rhetoric.
Think I am wrong?
https:/ / com/results?search_query=ben+collins+reporter+msnbc

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fuck off kike

you are 💯 ignorant of history. USELESS!

We need to donate our free redpills to the newfags so they can get high and jump in the deepest rabbit holes to see to at the cold dark truths.

oldfag. schiz emerged while i’ve been cutting back on internet. it’s a new meem. one reason the feds don’t like literal and other non normatives schizos is that they are able to think outside the box, make associations. there is a different memory search strategy, which can perturb the narrative. it’s like escaping the matrix through extradiemnsional thinking (the added dimensions are just factors ignored, and ann coulter sometimes does this. rush limbaugh is famous for it as well).

anne? i forget. i think she uses the snooty e.

Greetings #FakeNews, ignore OP, he sucks cocks.

By now, "journalists" are flooding here to learn more about the guy who happened to frequent this board. As you worthless faggots scoop up shit to smear us, here's a quick little guide to Zig Forums that I wrote.

1. We are actually Zig Forums and Reddit larping.

2. This board is predominantly Anti-Trump and pro-Hitler with a noticeable anti-voting majority.

3. Fuck journalists

4. Israel is an ethnonationalist apartheid state; all roads lead to Jerusalem, ignore China pls, it's just israel that is evil.

5. Sieg zeon

6. The left can't meme

7. We are a board of peace

8. Our heroes are Karl Marx and Giovanni Gentile.

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(((you))) wat m8?

they don’t know what op is.

Maybe you didn’t notice it but feds have been saying schizo take your meds since before the internet

Based Karl Marx

OP is “Oppressed Person”

it was “tin foil hat” since the 90’s, but now the science shows cell signals can fuk up your brain, so that’s no good.

Karl Marx is UNIRONICALLY based. OP is a kike, only a kike would be anti-socialism and support Pinochet. Real White Nationalists are Far-Left Third Positionists and Marxist-Leninists


Viva la revolucion


No way I support a capitalist like Harris. I guess you are a typical reactionary right-wing idiot who thinks all "leftists" are the same and anything to the left of Bill Clinton is "communism". I support Radical COMMUNIST REVOLUTION and the killing of all capitalists, "woke" or otherwise. If all the rich people were killed that would kill 40% of the jewish population, and communists would kill the rest for being zionist. how coulld anyone be against that?


Hello journalists, you are to blame for the recent counter-attacks against non-whites. You push for extreme radical multiculturalism which destroys the beautiful diversity of nations, no group of people like this.
Jews wish to retain their cultural and racial identity.
Arabs wish to retain their cultural and racial identity.
Africans wish to retain their cultural and racial identity.
Hispanics wish to retain their cultural and racial identity.
As you push your extremist ideology all these groups feel their core identities corroded and understandably do what they can to ensure their group survives. They make their enclaves, they push their culture, they push their religion, they openly air grievances against other groups. They are AIPAC, CAIR, NAACP, CHCI, They are the the USS liberty, 9/11, the Dallas shooting, the shooting of Kate Steinle.

Europeans wish to retain their cultural and racial identity, and it was only a matter of time before we adopted their tactics as they take our land and erode our culture. As yet we lack any group on par with theirs, but we will. We are John T. Ernest.
I do not wish it was so, I wish we were able to peacefully live with these other races as neighbors, but you and our politicians preach an ideology of death, forcing us all into one house. I suggest an ideology of life.
We must recognize that our races cannot live together as we will always struggle for dominance to ensure our culture and our people exist, that our children are secure in their future. The only way to peacefully accomplish this is to allow the races to separate and rule themselves with self-determination.

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dubs wasted on an essay

checked. white women don’t care, though. it’s just white men. white women just want to feel muscles and collect their soft job check.

How dare you, fucking kike shill

millions of whites die
millions of whites die!
imperialism is the death of the white race and all others

Bro Harris is 4D chessmaster. That’s what she’ll do that’s why Zig Forums supports her.

Communism is the only “red” pill.