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Join your fellow Anons today and celebrate the heroic action of Saint Crusius!


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His name was Patrick Crusius

His name was Patrick Crusius

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This guy doesn't really inspire like tarrant did tbh. He didn't even live stream. We don't know enough about him to start memeing yet.


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I found the footage of swiss-cheesed spics lying in pools of blood pretty inspiring tbh.

I didn't take you very long to show up did it, Moshe?

Its a literal fucking kike, who are you trying to fool?

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Drawing Jewish locks and a hat onto someone does not make them a Jew. Also, Crusius is a German name.

He's a fucking Jew

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t. Kike

Are we sure that kike looking goblin incel is him? I don't know about you but I'd rather our saints were chads like Brenton

No fucking shit, kikes are getting lazy.

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Feds can't even make decent OC. Of course the oyveying replies are instantaneous.

So many fucking shills. He's a Saint. Hail Saint Crucius

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Boss-level meme.

The memeing against this kid is a huge red-flag. The feds don't want us supporting the removal of beaners.

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Why do you think the entire ((())) meme was started? It was to call out kikes pretending to be white via name obfuscation and force their subversion into public scrutiny.

Gonna dump this here.
It's for the Zoomers.

Here's the Soy version

That kike wording though

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ez clap


yeye what up my nigga

Surprised no one posted a McLovin meme yet

ask and you shall receive

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Nice pop culture reference there fellow Jew! I also am a fan of Jewish Hollywood!

You fags are really desperate to shit on this guy huh?

KYS incel faggot

Get the fuck out dilating tranny discord

Shills always attack /ourguy/s whenever they do something major. First Tarrant, now the kike vultures are moving onto Saint Crusius.

This guy was stupid. Hispanics tend to ally with whites in prisons. I don't want hispanics to be an enemy of whites.


Stay mad shill, you'll never be as Chad as /ourguy Patrick Crusius aka McLovin

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He will know we support his sacrifice

shut up retard

Can we make a based meme name? McShootin? McReloadin?

               _  -─‐- _                 ,...:':::::::::::::::::::/::ヽへヽ.              , '::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ヘ::::::::ヽヽ           /:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ムレi:::::::::::::ハ             '::::/:::::::::::/!:::::/l::::/  l:::::l:::::::::ハ          |:l::l:::::::i-/┼-' .l:/-─-|::小l:::::::::i          |:l::l::::/.l/ l:/  l!    l::N/::::::::::l          |:l::l:/ l'_l'    __ l/ l::::i::::::::|            i::l::ハ丁i苅j     丁苅丁|::::ト、:::|           /イ:::::}. 弋ソ     弋ソ ノ |:::ル }:::|            /' |::i:::{ ''''   '      ''' j::リノ:::::l              |::l:::::>、   r─‐┐  , ィ:j:::::::::::li    _____ _   |:ハ::::::::|:> - ーェァr≦::::j::小:::l::小  r‐と{ { {/┴‐┐|l i:::i::レ'´ ̄l,イヽ_/`ヽ:i::/i:::::l:::iハ  l' ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| ヽ_ レl:::ト、    TT     〃ヽl:::l::l ヾ、  |  Get    トイ\ V! }   /::l    〃   V小   ヽ  |        |__,ィ }  /   l:::::|  /      V小  |  Out    |  ヽレヘ.   l::::::|    i     〉:ハ  |        l      i  l::::::l   l___, ィ:|:::::iハ  |  Jew   |      l  ヽ:/    l   l::i:::::| ヾ、  l_____.|      l          /l   l::i::::|  ヽ                j           l   l:l::::|               /         |   l:l::::|

               _  -─‐- _
              , '::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ヘ::::::::ヽヽ
             '::::/:::::::::::/!:::::/l::::/  l:::::l:::::::::ハ
          |:l::l:::::::i-/┼-' .l:/-─-|::小l:::::::::i
          |:l::l::::/.l/ l:/  l!    l::N/::::::::::l
          |:l::l:/ l'_l'    __ l/ l::::i::::::::|
            i::l::ハ丁i苅j     丁苅丁|::::ト、:::|
           /イ:::::}. 弋ソ     弋ソ ノ |:::ル }:::|
            /' |::i:::{ '   '      j::リノ:::::l
              |::l:::::>、   r─‐┐  , ィ:j:::::::::::li
    _ _   |:ハ::::::::|:> - ーェァr≦::::j::小:::l::小
  r‐と{ { {/┴‐┐|l i:::i::レ'´ ̄l,イヽ_/`ヽ:i::/i:::::l:::iハ
  l' ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| ヽ_ レl:::ト、    TT     〃ヽl:::l::l ヾ、
  |  Get    トイ\ V! }   /::l    〃   V小   ヽ
  |        |__,ィ }  /   l:::::|  /      V小
  |  Out    |  ヽレヘ.   l::::::|    i     〉:ハ
  |        l      i  l::::::l   l___, ィ:|:::::iハ
  |  Jew   |      l  ヽ:/    l   l::i:::::| ヾ、
  l_____.|      l          /l   l::i::::|  ヽ
                j           l   l:l::::|
               /         |   l:l::::|

You become a nigger when you choose to commit felonies. Why do you care about subhuman criminal alliances?

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He's the angriest gamer you've ever heeeaaard

Oh look a genuine 8pol user made an actual meme of this kid and it's actually funny lol

You're the retard, not me.

Not calling you a retard, here is my response to you.

It's not that I care about criminal alliances, its that the fact whites and hispanics are allies in prison indicates that we can find common ground with hispanics in protecting each other from blacks and jews. I reject all anti-hispanic attitude. We are a separate people, but hispanics are not the enemy.

Tell them my boy. My precious son & I have our name derived from Saxonry. To him only the likes of Dolph Lundgren are Aryan. Divide & conquer crap.

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he looks like a virgin incel

Hey, I read that Saint Patrick posted his manifesto on fullch. Can I has a link?

Reported for zero effort thread.

some whites are wrongfully imprisoned for words that sound like libel, retard. guess why there is so many neo nazis there. because none of you care about them. You have to care about your volk and keep them out of trouble or you will have your fighters constantly land in jail.

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This gave me a good cuckle, good job kike shill.


is this the thread all the /b/niggers ran to after getting chased out of the last one?

lol ^ they actually think whites are this stupid

jews project their own mental midgetry onto the whites they think they look like and it's deranged, to say the least

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He was fighting the BOG.
(Beaner occupied government)

Well at least he was invested enough to go through with what he did. Baby steps I guess. I would prefer if they were less delusional about non-Whites.

Thought he looked familiar

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Hey guys, Austin here! And today we are here to Make America Great again

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Fucker I was literally about to post this

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I think every enemy of the white race should be shot on sight which basically boils down to shooting random beaners. But yes, i know, jews desperately want us to kill our enemies.

Fuck wrong pic hang on

Boomered that up didnt I

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What the heck is this radical individualistic crap? If you're not fanatical about the core beliefs you sprout on the web that are sound, then you're worse than an normie too intellectually lazy to research them.
If you stand for nothing you fall for everything. The punishment for complacency is the gulag & then the soap chamber

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This post is believable enough to deserve a proper response.
Of course we want to kill all of our enemies. That's perfectly natural.
But it takes a knee-jerk-tier autistic retard to go full-sperg when it's not even a warzone yet, and this shit is so fake and gay that only people who literally never come here would believe he was some "Zig Forums" shooter.


basically you'd have to be pic related to be this fucking retarded

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Updated for a new disciple. I have a higher quality version but the kiked file upload thing doesn't let you upload it multiple times, you can find it here

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Thats not him, we have the real pictures of him already. They are in the shooting threads. His skull is larger, his brow ridge and his face is wider, the face is completely different, etc. This random aspie that you universally push as being him was found by literally just googling the name "Patrick Crusius".
But keep doing what you're doing, maybe one double digit IQ retard will actually fall for this while the rest just gets reaffirmed in their belief that Saint Patrick did absolutely nothing wrong.

Top kek. You conservaniggers are even using the same talking points you tried with Saint Brenton.

oy vey, a seasoned veteran who tries to link dumbass shooters of brown people that don't even name the jew to Zig Forums

Ignore the zog, fight the bog!

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LOL thats my OC, i feel honored comrade

to specify, the original version was my OC

Yeah you did, but dubs graciously saw you through. :)


Good job, hopefully many more expansions will come. Also

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We will free all of them one day.

Fuck off nigger

Yes yes dear shillcuck, i'm a nigger and we shouldn't kill our enemies because then they win. Except for when "its a warzone", whatever that means in your shill clown world.

^ imagine thinking white people are stupid enough to go along with this shit lol

ofc we really know you're posting this to appear legitimate for the governments and journalists who view this board when events like this happen

hey what's this file about?

Notice how the shills are seething at meme production already

A single Chosen People is better than 100 symptoms.

Up to this point, every attack in the symptom instead of the real issue is simple Mossad false flagging.
Nobody can be so bluepilled to believe immigrants/muslims are invading under their own volition so suddenly in recent years.

Yes my fellow Jew friend, lets pretend this pop culture is our own!

Show us how it's done.

He will get his spinchter expanded by the mexican midgets in prison

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Hot sauce burrito up the ass!
That's gonna suck.

Yes, the greatest threat white americans face right now is hispanic invasion.

You mestizo's are pawns for sure but you're still bad as Jews where you almost commit as much crime as niggers in Jew York & Chicago, all the while breeding like rabbits that the predominantly White taxpayer has to folk out.

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Trump tweeted saying he is going to give the death penalty to him.


Imagine believing that if "Zig Forums" went full terrorist, that it looks like one mentally retarded weeaboo yelling about "gamers rising up" while he shoots random beaners at a Walmart…. rofl….

I can't wait for the power lines to get cutoff in some urbanite safehaven for kikes and have a team of actually based h'White™ people getting away with killing hundreds of you ratkikes and you type up a fake manifesto then, too.

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Nice virus pdf tho

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Was his manifesto centered around ZOG or was this another false flag?

I wonder what that'll look like when it reaches 10,12, 20, more…

why do subhumans like pic related think that they are any better than Hispanics?

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oy gevalt goys! we didn't harass him with our shill brigades and make him snap!

honest! *holds crossed fingers behind my back*

LOL so shooting random beaners at Walmart is smart!!! Also don't name the jew! Please! Don't do that, the NORMIES wouldn't like it!


You kikes are so low effort that it's beyond disinteresting, and yet here we are.

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he looks more noble than literally every single mexican. you jealous spic?

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