Mike Cernovich Prior Knowledge Of El Paso

Mike Cernovich claims Ali (the poo in loo New Right Trumpnigger) had Prior Knowledge Of El Paso




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kike cernovich ratting out a pajeet


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Wait are you actually saying "He predicted this"?

Are the pants really different?

Good. That Ali faggot is a major Israel-firster.

Ali Alexander told Cernovitch to stay out of El Paso, implying foreknowledge of something happening there

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It’s literally the same dude with the same pants and all. Holy shit.
Every single shooting there’s some bullshit report of multiple shooters then it gets confirmed as not the case and niggers grasp at straws to make for some schizo conspiracy.

A lot of big people are in the throes of going down but it's up to you, Anonymous, to make it happen. DO NOT let them memory-hole a single thing. It's up to you.

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No. One's outside in direct sunlight, the other's inside the Walmart.

In general, Trumpniggers are dumber than regular niggers, and he's some kind of shitskin, so he's even worse.

Will Ali get suicided?

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what i meant was he ttthhhensed it like a thhhhychic.

It really doesn't matter if it happened or not, imo.

Attention spans are so short nowadays that this will be forgotten in a couple weeks.
Just look at New Zealand, Utoya, etc.

Reminder that leftist trannies killed 12 people in a high school over incorrect pronouns.

This is the official thread now, mods? I wish you idiots would make it clear, don't just shut growing threads about the topic down. If anything, this one should have been locked. Why don't you make it FUCKING CLEAR WHICH ONE IS THE OFFICIAL ONE YOU BASTARDS

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The locked thread is over 2 hours old, unlike this, and besides, threads are filling up very fast; there's already been 3 751 threads.

That kid is a Mason.



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But masons are goys.

Fuck off feds.

Hotwheels smash!

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Jesus Christ, the character assassination is getting more and more retarded

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He's not white.
Deal with it, fag.

Cernokike obviously PRANKED this guy, retard.

Normalfags are retards, and the spics don't make good eyewitnesses either. What's most likely is that the confusion from the event combined with the sound echoing in the store made it seem like more than one, along with multiple reports from multiple people in and around the walmart who heard it.

Then this place has nothing to worry about.

Not the same pants.
Fed is clearly in the shadow of the pig in the "sunlight" pic related.

Now where have i seen this shit before

please, Anonymous, do not fall for the bread & circus. there is so much intelligence to discover if you would just look. the events which construct our "world" are inorganic and you would see this if you only dared to look. To Know, To Dare, To Not Keep Silent.

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Euthanize the disabled

Its really not that crazy. Could you imagine the chaos if a shooter like that had managed to escape policy custody for more than a day? Its very possible shooters have gotten away on multiple occasions and the police use a scapegoat to calm the public's fears and deter other extremists.

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Who is this Ali guy, and how would he know about this beforehand?

Has Cernovich speculated further on any of this?

I found this useful:

It was posted shortly before.

color aside, and the quality of photo is crap, it does look like the arrest pants are slacks while the security photo look baggy and possibly have cargo pockets

Retarded tweets. I don’t know why people think that ZOG is simultaneously extremely capable in all areas yet would fuck up a false flag by making it so visible that the person “has changed pants”.

boating in an epig bread

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never mind after second im pretty sure they are the same

Its retards like you so eager to jump the bandwagon that ruin this website. Go back to cuckchan you stupid faggot. Shills screeching about CGI bullets and people claiming the detained individual is not in fact the real shooter are entirely different things. Leave it to a fucking moron to someone connect the two. Only in a jewish world would it be acceptable to say that a man claiming pigeons are birds is wrong because a man before once used vaguely the same argument. Jews and cuckchaners do not belong and should not post. Fuck off.

I just noticed he didn't wear gloves, but he wears ear protection, even after acknowledging in his manifesto that he knew his gun would quickly overheat requiring protective gloves. So why take the time to write that in the manifesto and then not wear them.

Nobody said it was an inside job. They are merely pointing out the pants look radically different. Stop making such definitive statements based on assumption.

Imagine actually paying attention to rapey Mike Thernovich. Man I can’t wait until this pussy website gets shut down.

Man, what a journonigger.
What a smrt fellow.
He's also retarded here because he doesn't know about the long history of High Scores, immediately tying it to Tarrant instead (He's actually 4th place)
I wonder how that compares to the kills of muslimes in that same time period?

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Another WN making non white babies.

Cerno looks semitic to begin with.

We also had that thread earlier this week asking (literally asking) why we do not like Cernovich, it is still up on catalog. So first we have that pop up a day before the shooting, and now we have this. Cernovich rarely if ever pops into our radar here so twice in the span of a few days is odd and now we may just dig into your entire background "Mike" unless you can come on here and explain why you appear to be dropping in and our of our radar over the past few days.

The manifesto is fake. Also, stop writing manifestos

No one cares faggot.

He also signalboosted Qlarp.

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that's sad.

It is well structured and clear.
Seems real tbh.

A larp account or the cripple had a personality transplant going from a logical metered thinker to an emotional assumption based on distorted misinformation sjw reactionary.

I meant the first part of the article was helpful the rest was just typical crap you would expect from the mainstream. Whether or not one agrees with ethnic nationalism, one can agree that racially-motivated shooting would not happen if only ethnic nationalism was more accepted. However that is not posed as the solution in the media and mainstream media, only other antithetical solutions. It is not a discussion there. This will keep happening from now to quite a while in the future.

That's really interesting.

Check out his youtube page, he's been posting Q signs years before the Trump presidency.
A few satire sites on the web have declared him as Q but the truth is he knows the people that are running that operation.

He's a Mystic douche. Probably from the California branch. Certainly not one of mine.

Says who, eh California fag?

No, this is just the reverse of what the left does.

Lefty cunts are crying crocodile tears now to get their bitch name in mentions. Everyone knows they could give a fuck about people at a Walmart anywhere let alone El Paso. If lightening, or a truck or anything other than a firearm killed those people, they wouldn't say shit.

So this sick jew is doing the same but his angle, is to make himself look important, like he's connected and has the inside information. It's typical, sick, delusional jew behaviour. Remember, this motherfucker is an ADMITTED RAPIST, who married a shitskin he reproduced with and is the bitch boy of Alan the super jew lawyer whose a pedo. Also, Cernovich is a suspect pedo himself. Really the lowest, of the low.

Feels like swat only ever shows up for optics to make the public feel safer.

1. They are always far too late, which makes sense because you cant just teleport a swat team, they have to gear up and move out.

2. They are generally over-geared to the point of near combat ineffectiveness. Look at those dudes, they're so covered in body armor that they couldn't possible maneuver practically during any firefight. Even the army doesn't wear that much armor. Hell they don't even like to wear knee pads in the military because they become cumbersome and get in the way. But hey, dumb normies see that shit on TV and go "Ooooh thank god the tacticool police juggernauts are keeping me safe."

3. Whens the last time Swat prematurely ended a mass shooting?

Not clones. Jews are just heavily inbred.

keep working on those fonts no one will use, you crippled faggot

Cohencidentally the security cam pic has the guy's face smudged.

Cernovich redeemed himself by blowing the whistle on Pajeet. This is an actual heroic act.