Is anyone else following the GAB vs MASTODON war going on right now? It's fucking crazy

Basically Gab moved to the open source decentralized software that mastodon uses - mastodon is full blown SJW/Antifa - and since they're running on mastodon now ALL of the mastodon apps work with gab… the mastodon community is freaking out

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it’s interesting. but be aware mossad front “A.D.L” has acess to EVERYTHING on gab.

Any relevant links OP? Where to read this salt or learn more about the situation?

no i dont follow (((gab))) news

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well, there is this:

checked. it’s possible to use what they intend as evil for good.

Fix your meme it looks like concern trolling

According to who?

I get this feeling too.

i discovered this myself. certain bots performed excellently while gab was experiencing severe issues. we’re talking extremely wuick responses (misconfiguration of the bots, obviously). anyway, that’s how i found out about deep adl integration. there happens to be no alternative explanation, other than wrong agency.

Unless you are taking extreme measures to avoid detection (chaining tor with VPN+proxies) then you should just assume everything you are doing is already intercepted. Because it is.

but, there are two layers, and, for exaple, the nsa is kind of hands off w/ some shit, though they have their occasional vigilante. but the adl quite simply operates with no rules other than “all for kike”. they’re like leftypol, say. they are quite interested in fucking up lives.

Kill yourself you kike filth.

but kikes like to have little secret meanings of fuck the goys.

such are the virtues of censorship resistance

Yes fellow anons please listen to my schizophrenia backed up by encyclopedia dramatica a great source of facts.
Reasons? Of course not I don't need reasons I'm one of the cool kids see? Just show the goyim a picture of a shitskin and they'll eat right out of my hand.

this graphic makes it look like gab is the bad guy tho

never been there without a vpn which is linked to a unique protonmail that also has only seen vpn (outside 14 eyes)

where can we follow this exactly?

explain more

I posted a few days back FBI came and investigated me OVER SATIRICAL POSTS ON GAB.

Gab is a fucking honeypot and anyone still using it deserves what happens I fucking warned you all.



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