It's official. Zig Forums has a bodycount. What will your mothers think when they find out...

It's official. Zig Forums has a bodycount. What will your mothers think when they find out? How do you sleep with yourselves you hateful extremist radical haters?

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The world is a cruel place.

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Reminder that leftist trannies shot up a school over incorrect pronouns in May and the media didn't call for censorship:

Clean up on the main aisle waggie.

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Also, we know a ton about this guy in less than 12 hours, but don't know shit about Steven Paddock in how long?

Shouldn't have embraced an ideology of death that goes against the natural instincts of man.
The racial detente of nations has ended.
The new era comes.

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I know you want to forget about Our Lord and Savior Brenton Tarrant, but…

MSM was as likely to attribute him to halfchan as here. They're finally starting to differentiate the two sites. I mean

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Gay thread

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2nd one and the last one legit made me angry.

We havn't killed any humans.

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Zig Forums likely has a higher bodycount than most gangs tbh. We should expand into the drug and rap business and finally show niggers how its done.

But, whose is higher, here or kiwifarms?

My dick gets harder and harder.

This is fake. His socks change color in the next frame.

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My name is not important. What is important is what I'm going to do… I just fucking hate this world, and the human worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred. And I always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving. And I will put in the grave as many as I can. It's time for me to kill, and it's time for me to die. My genocide crusade begins here.

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he hates slide threads too!

OP's pic, in context.

Explains a lot of the faggotry, tbh.

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Are you a Jew? Are you gonna kill Jews?

this is a board of peace. go post on reddit so they can take the blame for your sperging

Things could get exciting.

Honestly didn't pay attention to the url I grabbed that one from. I got it as an illustration of what a fired bullet looks like for people taking the article this image is posted in seriously.

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[laughs in Kate Steinle]

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Big cohencidence, huh? I guess it happens on the kibbutz, Mordechai

Believe whatever you want.

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I'm happy with that, and I hope the body count keeps growing

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Those that make peaceful resolutions impossible make violent ones inevitable.

Ask me how I know you're new here, David.

I don't ever like using this term but…Sloppy job mossad.

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Nice try. It's Donald.

What? I recognize each of those words individually, but the order you put them in is makes no sense.


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Works for me. Honestly kind of annoying since Trump was elected.

So what's the facebook body count at now?

Are we counting suicides from cyberbullying or just shit like guys finding out that they're being cheated on?

I was just thinking shootings like the Bryce Williams one where the video was initially posted to Facebook for attention.

I only remember that one and wasn't the old black dude who that one guy shot streamed on there?

Someone honestly needs to put together a spreadsheet.

Zig Forums has a body count

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like a fucking baby

I'm sure my mother would be understanding since she's changed after her firstborn was shot by a shitskin

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we have visitors and all i have are redpills we have visitors and all i have are redpills we have visitors and all i have are redpills we have visitors and all i have are redpills

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At least gunlaws, I used to be against In the unknown. I think you could say that power is the people's so it is not wrong that they have guns. Can be more as just that.

I like how they do it in Switzerland. Like I heard on 4chan Zig Forums. This clean putting it away, It is just there.

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Based. We need to up it

More like throwup.

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The agression is right but it is misdirected.

It's just part and parcel of living in a diverse society.

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i'm going to hell for laughing at this

uhh guys im not ready to siege and do boogaloo, I just want to post anime images and be a neet so please stop shooing people thank you

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Are you fucking retarded? Have you been to Texas or anywhere else in the south west?


He directed it right where it needed to be directed.

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So get the fuck off Zig Forums and keep being an escapist waste of space.

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but where will I post when we get shut down? im perma banned from cuckchan :(
you guys are my only friends

and went about it in a way that'll make it much harder to actually work against that invasion.

If someone's hard up to strike a blow for anti-immigration by shooting someone up, they're literally better off false flagging and shooting up a bunch of white people because of how they oppress the beaner or whatever.

This is how you turn giant swaths of people against your cause. Normies do not like nor like being associated with indiscriminate violence. They just want to be left alone and not have to learn spanish, but they're more on board with that than just slaughtering a bunch of folks.

Stop being a faggot and shitpost IRL.
This board is nothing more than a release valve for the white hot rage of a billion discarded sons.

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There is no solution to the invasion other than violence. You are retarded if you think the wall is ever getting built or spics are ever going to get deported.
There are only 2 paths forward and they are largescale ethnic violence or the death of the white race.

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And most people, when pressed, will choose the latter and not the former because the latter is a problem for the next generations. We'll all be dead and gone well before that's completed. Violence would have to be now and would likely need people who have comfy jobs and 401ks, and maybe a swimming pool to give up poker night to fight in the streets.

normal healthy aryan bullet vs pathetic circumcised jew bullet

Better not take any Mexican drugs. Easy for them to put a toxic ingredient. Let you die slow and painful. Wonderful idea to get rid of a lot of Whites. What you guys think?

Not really. I don't think this works for or against the cause. The people who want to maintain our integrity will continue to do so, and those who virtue signal will continue as well.

The only thing that turns giant swaths of people is groupthink and that's done primarily by reaching them with various forms of media and messaging.

You can open a soup kitchen and have everyone against you the media makes it seem like everyone else hates you.

Oh, you are just a filthy coward. I get it.


Honestly, you guys are the biggest losers Ive seen online. And I have been to dark place on the net. The psycho shit you guys believe. Then you think other normie successful White will be onboard with your twisted fantasy. Its this shitposting? Cause you idiots sound like you believe your own bullshit spewing from the turd between your ears.

That's actually, hilariously, almost the exact context of the two bullet images I posted. Some Israeli group was trying to tie Sierra Bullets to IDF shootings. She claimed to have found the bullet in the single image in Palestinian territory. Their big claim is that the Sierra Matchpro (I think that's the name) is an illegal round because it has a cup in its nose unlike ball ammo.

You think the DEA would do that?

No, really. That's the long and short of it, people gravitate to status quo. Any change at all to the status quo is rejected on aggregate. Bread and circuses works for a reason.

Guy, you're just ranting on an imageboard. You aren't doing shit and have no room to call anyone else a coward for doing exactly the same amount as you.

Like WTF? What pathetic lives you guys live? Shit cleaning the parks? That not Julio fault. Its you own for being a retard. Bad genetics of European shit that migrated here.

This Ferris Wheel Cycles on. Hazardous at every altitude

You need to up your English game.

and stay there faggot

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kek, once again, nobody cares shitskin

Happened once before, who says it can't happen again? Sounds like you're just scared shitless.

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Tits or GTFO, whore.

Forgot pic.

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Literally back to your over radiated nuclear waste cave you fucking Toxin Gook mutation Reveling Kike Faggot Freak Show.

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Yet when people actually do shit you bitch and moan like a little cunt about how its hurting white people in for whatever stupid boomer reason you come up with.

right in the fucking head

You guys talk about Europeans genetics. But quite frankly, none of them associate themselves with you. I was having a conversation with a German/Russian in Czech Republic two months ago. He said something I never thought about. That Most in the USA are descendants of shit Europeans. Irish, Italians and a bit of crap elsewhere that where in the right place at the right time. Nowadays, its about brains. No Elites have loyalty to race or color. That is why most feel lost and angry. Their low IQ's and genetic makeup hampers their advancement and adaptation to the times. They cling to the past. Will go the way of the Luddites.

He also added, its the reason the Jews love them. Easily to manipulate and steal from.

One of these days you'll learn the difference between activity and productivity.

nah that is caustic femposting, learn the difference.

Don't tease me like that, user.

What is happening?
polite sage

that god on the image should be changed to g-d to be more authentic.

I find it interesting these countries attack leftists, who are friendly toward them, leaving the rightists untouched who are the killers of the arabs.

Look around you. Surrounded by negro culture. Your women love them. Because they see you in them. No difference but color and penis size. Fair to say, the only difference between you guys and the negros is the hue of the skin. Lets look at the similarities. Violent outburst. Little to no thought and foresight. Degenerate. Dumb as a door knob. Easily to manipulate. Easy to steal from by the (jews). Overweight. The list keeps going. Look around, you are not a beacon of European Intelligence. What make you different than a negro beast?

why did you think that the jews want all the race-mixing they are pushing?
read up on the kalergi plan.

Feds are trying to set this place up and name dropping the chans within an hour of the shootings with some buried manifesto that was cached should be proof enough both times and watch this new one follow route.

Not sure what they can actually do other more monitoring but it'll definitely be used to hammer any pro-white in the legal system. Expect James Fields treatment for parking tickets. Just saying.

and i must add, hello moshe, how is the weather in telaviv?

The neoliberals and zogbots are very discriminatory in their application of the police state. Most people live in a police state now.

so the al capone maneuver, got it.

Remember, Amy Biehl's mother loves to hang out with the stink nigger's that slit her daughter's throat. Seriously it's shits and giggles time when this old bag gets together with the murderers of her daughter. Do they dick her roasty cunt for her? Who knows/

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You glow immensly. So will it be Jews?

You guys are retarded. Be careful of the Jews. They are gleeful opportunist that would sacrifice a few of their own for long term prosperity. We are not going to achieve our goals by randomly murdering Jews or engaging in acts of terrorism. We are also not going to achieve our goals by dressing up like the stereotypical Jewish depiction of a Neo-Nazi and marching through the streets. Normal people will never be on board with these things. This is just an objective fact. We have several decades of history proving it. The only way towards gaining long lasting political power is by persuading a significant majority of our people in the worthiness of our ideas. People like her makes it more difficult to do this The good news is that we are winning the battle of ideas. We just need to stay the course. Our out reach on the Internet has been hugely effective. There’s also been some good real life activism happening as well. We have no reason to engage in violence. Let the anti-fascists be the one’s to act like violent niggers. Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany because he had the support of the people. This wignat garbage is cancer and will not give us the support of the people. It is not a viable path towards achieving our goals.

That's what I'm thinking. You'll know if they repeat the chans on this third incident. If people weren't around during the militia era you're about to see it.