Or retards like the journalist in the picture are going to pressure Jim into deleting the board. second pic related: how the media will attempt to smear Zig Forums. Dear stormfags: If you want to post a manifesto do it on a TORchan, they won't delete your post, and after the fact some user will screenshot it and the media will know.

ITT: we post alternative services for shooters post their "glorious" thoughts

Attached: sun tzu.jpg (606x618 513.63 KB, 54.71K)

Other urls found in this thread:

If this site still stays after this incident it fully confirms it is run by feds and we all know jimbo is a mason fednigger.This place will further become a tool during Trump's second term like the anonymous faggots in obongo nigger's second term.

i'm pretty sure monkeychan or some pedochan would allow it because they have shit mods, but the issue is of course whether the file would get noticed at all or deleted. the mods here did a good job by deleting the manifesto immediately, but of course anons will try to recover the information.

Fucking kill yourself nigger. Fuck the mods for deleting it. Fuck you for supporting that bullshit.

Attached: b7f2c26c09279760f86b361b9709750b0439adb8777694d20814118a5cec3c29.jpg (500x384 460.08 KB, 61.43K)

OP blames the Spic and Span Shooter.

OP is clearly a faggot.

These are phony false flags, complete with 'planted' manifestos! Get a clue already!

hold the fuck up, sauce?

I can see your post history and this is the second post you have ever made on this website.

You must be awfully bad at tracking people!

Oh no, Jim will delete the board!?! Where else will we go to get banned by retarded mods?

This. You aren't going to out-shitpost an australian. Don't be a copycat.

Attached: dehumanize yourself.jpg (234x400, 41.83K)

here you go

Attached: manifesto.jpg (1536x2709, 1.02M)

the media has been smearing the chans since the mid 2000's and literally nothing has happened (except FBI). quit being such a fag.

seriously stop doing this shit.


Shooter looks like a literal deep fake or just a nerd virgin incel

Attached: c64bd0b5d7b44741b8a867eb9862721bec528968748e610edf2bc50e24ef8cb3.jpg (720x900, 87.05K)

Their posting their “manifestos” here to shut down Qresearch.

Come at me abc niggers

Why is every shooter such a retard? They go for literally nothingburger targets. When will they realize that politicians and (((elites))) are the problem?

Attached: shimamoto-h30-1018-sc-low.jpg (1145x680, 117.52K)

That isn't his picture. Stop spreading misinformation moshie.

Nobody gives a shit about >>>/qresearch/ because its total bullshit. Get out boomer.

No u



No, he looks like a mixed spic.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (507x477, 502.25K)

does this mean if you post a manifesto on here the FBI will come talk to you. Even if its a bunch of fake satire bullshit?

damn thats pretty crazy to think about

Over 20% of Mexicans have Jewish DNA, fednigger

This spic looks Jewish.

They already hate this place and want to delete it.


imagine if this board got flooded with a few hundred fake manifestos per day, the FBI would never be able to do their job.


Which stormfags are you advising this bullshit with faggot?


==SUM TING WONG!==>>13566498

Don't post manifestos here?

WTF else is Zig Forums good for???

>Why is every shooter such a retard? They go for literally nothingburger targets. When will they realize that politicians and (((elites))) are the problem?

Genuinely good question. Pity it will be buried by the shills. Let me see if I can answer you.

What we are seeing, and what we have been seeing for some years now, is the tip of a huge iceberg. The conditions under which we live are intolerable to any thinking person, but taking direct action is extremely difficult for a variety of reasons.

The first and most serious reason is that we have been heavily conditioned to not act in the way we must to survive. First, we must see our race, then we must re-learn our history with us as the good guys, and finally we must cross the psychological threshold between blackpill despair and action that brings catharsis and real change to society.

Our schools, media and peers all work against this psychic journey, and it took us all a huge effort of the will to make the trip by ourselves. Easily 99% of Zig Forums is currently inactive, shoot-wise, but we are the most prepared people on the continent for industrial scale genocide, which we will immediately do if somebody gives us the thumbs-up.

The shooters we've seen tend to be sociopathic losers because that's the exact personality that doesn't need permission. The inhibiting education and daily influences from all around us no longer work on them, and the reason the demoralizing propaganda no longer works on them is that they've become deranged. They were the first men to break, and the first symptom was the direct action of murder.

Unfortunately, the shooters' paradox is that the very limitations that make them bad receptacles for conditioning into peaceful extinction also make them generally poor leaders and lame target analysts. They still learn from each other, though. We've seen the seemingly random progression from office and school shootings to churches, liberal get-togethers, and then mosques and a synagogue. The shooters are learning from one another, each one thinking about how he would have done it better, and then doing it. Gradually, they are converging on the real targets; those who deserve every bullet and more.

When a sane, rational, very smart person with a lot to lose (family, career, house, etc.) gets a maintenance job in the Federal Reserve building so he can sabotage the fire suppression system, then he burns the building down and kills 10,000 Jews and their slaves – then we will know the Happening has Happened. When sane and prosperous men join the fight, it means the message of killing the enemy has filtered so deep into the volk consciousness that the conditioning is fully broken.

Looking forward to that day. Until then, it will be pure trial-and-error by nutbars. In their madness, they see through the even more mad lies we've been taught.


Attached: Palmdale_Shooter.png (1064x596, 895.58K)

Enjoy your visit from the FBI.


Because these are all staged or they’d be posting redpill after redpill about (((them))) in their manifestos.

Even Jewish schools are heavily guarded by private security/probably mossad armed with full autos. Why don't they go after the elites themselves living in fortified compounds, cruising around in limos with bullet proof glass, watched 24/7 by their own heavily armed security team and instead prefer soft targets that will maximize the death toll and media outrage? Really?

Theres nothing illegal about writing up a document that outlines why you hate spics and feel like you are being replaced in your own country.
Theres nothing illegal about stockpiling tons of ammunition and firearms while you write it.
Thats literally the first two protected rights in the bill of rights.

Attached: 7dbf95331ce9832ba9c497c105b43f13782abbb8cc0a64e967d19d58843da998.jpg (450x304 26.04 KB, 14.96K)

Not going to happen. Breaking containment is the worst thing they can possibly do. Just like how censorship on social media is only making people more angry, and likely concentrating themselves on sites like this. Because this site have something social media doesn't, the ability to shitpost very controversial thoughts and ideas. Journalists who advocate for such things have no understanding of the long term implications. They're the kind of people who think if they can't see it anymore the problem has gone away magically.

As for manifestos being posted here, that's only going to escalate because Zig Forums will be seen as the "go-to" place for them. If anything glowniggers would see this as being useful and would encourage this. Because it means consolidating information into an easy observable location. All the more reason this site will never disappear and only be superficially blocked at worst (serving as a ultra-normalfag filter).

OP is a ZOG-faggot.

Back to your hole JIDF

You are the dumbest abc nigger on this board.

It is customary to lurk for two years before posting.

You don't get to make the rules here kiddo. That'd be the CIVUSNCIADINCWPNDIV(US) to decide what happens to you people.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (652x367, 248.69K)

We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.

Awful lot of (((reddit spacing))) in here today

You will know the shill by his attempt to discredit this post.

Yes, the civil war is coming. White men are slowly coming around. Remember the poem. "They were icy – willing to wait. Till every count should be proved, Ere the Saxon began to hate."

The first civil war took decades. The build up to 1933 was years and years. It won't be rapid. Some of us may not live to see it, but it will come.

And when it does, it's going to be the most spectacular conflict history will ever record. I almost feel bad for our enemies.

Leddit spacing is a meme made to derail thread.

Legible formatting is not "reddit spacing" you intolerable faggot.


Understanding Jewry alone is the key to the comprehension
of the inner, the real, intention of Social Democracy.


That isn't even needed really. All that matters is repairing our racial identity. Once we realize who is Us and who is Other, everything will fall into place naturally.

He who knows this race will raise the veil of false concep-
tions, and out of the mist and fog of empty social phrases
there rises the grinning, ugly face of Marxism.

This part I disagree with after reading Tarrant's work. He really cared about Ebba and his people. Instead of being deranged, he saw clearly what to say and do to spread his message. He didn't break, but instead he broke the mental chains holding him down.

on the one hand, the OP has a point. on the other, i'm really glad a bunch of subhuman spics were gunned down screaming :)

they're never going to stop posting here. we stand for free speech and we're not going to shut down for the media's agenda

The people in that video aren't mexicans, they're speaking Portuguese so they're probably Brazilians.

That'd be the divorce court to decide what happens to you paycheck cuck

Exactly. We're getting where we need to be.

Tarrant and Crusius both targeted 'low hanging fruit' and gave you the reasons why. This invalidates the majority of your post so you clearly didn't read the manifestos.


Today I would find it difficult, if not impossible, to say
when the word 'Jew* gave me cause for special thoughts for
the first time.

lmao at all the other shootings happening today. like shutting down one website can stop it.

i like the last pic

I blame Soph…

Ignore everything OP said but make sure to name the Jew don't be that guy

Attached: 666.png (1000x1425, 1.32M)

They're a bit slow today. I guess the doors just opened in Tel Aviv

this place is run by the jews anyway, so who gives a fuck?

Attached: Emperor_Jimmu.jpg (438x674, 212.43K)

Retard beta incels do America a favor and just kill yourselves like true Patriots.

why is she in a bin?

She just feels left out.

because she's trash lmao


Attached: 30f25b6b2300988346629b8073684e17d471b26e9268f7686bd56537f6f84810.jpg (1439x699, 262.29K)

Thats a bullshit website that anyone can edit. Stop spreading misinformation.

People post and do bad shit on Facebook every day but there's no calls to shut down Facebook.

Websites have no control over their users on things like this where people can post whatever they want.

And we shouldn't have it any other way.

People who actually post here regularly rather than glowniggers or larping jewcucks from reddit have no problem reading large blocks of text without double linebreaks like in almost every book ever written you fucking degenerate

thats fake. anyone can edit that site

Attached: walmart patrick shooter diucbd (1)

If this ain’t the dumbest bullshit I’ve read all day. These white boys sure do talk a lot of shit. Bet their all faggots too. What about their white women and their polluted wombs, giving birth to opioid addicted babies. Guns and butter as y’all say! Get off your ass and be productive in society. Top spreading false lies and conspiracy theories. Who the fuck writes a manifesto?? Maybe a pussy white boy….

The insults are hilarious. Sorry ass white boy needs a fat dick in his faggot mouth bet then he’d shit the fuck up and stop writing this bullshit.

this is all very sad to see. all of it. if you have issues with our country or the direction things are going, there are so many more non-violent ways to go about it. it literally made me devastated to read someones "manifesto" about "why" they thought ending people's lives was the answer to the issues they believe we have as a country. choose positivity, choose public protest, choose standing on a rooftop and waving your message loud, but please please please always choose and respect life. we are all better than this as people. I hope this affects and changes some of the folks' on here's minds for the better and makes a positive impact on this world. As someone who never even knew this existed before seeing the news about it today, it's very troubling there are so many of you out there that feel like the only answer is violence. I wish and hope you can find peace, love and purpose in your lives without harming others. bless you.

You've a lot to learn here newfag


These shooters don't actually come from here do they? Zig Forums would, hypothetically speaking in minecraft and not in real life, be more likely to shoot up a bunch of jews than a bunch of spics.

Nothing you say can piss us off. You are like an insect trying to insult a human. The insect has no idea what its trying to communicate, or even how to attempt communication. Even if an insect could communicate with a human, nothing it would say would even phase the human.

Or, you know, we could silence Julie

She needs a Manifesto, just for her.

Attached: violence2.png (500x593, 153.68K)

Attached: Untitled.png (566x386, 536.32K)

A true hero

Nobody here wants to hurt anyone where here to shit post fed

Nah, fuck that, we need to upload more manifestos. We need to have an entire team of fanfic-writing Hunter S Thompson motherfuckers just banging garbage out by the truckload on every topic imaginable, from polar bears to crazy straws to god damn teletubbies. We need fuckers reading the dumbest shit possible and trying to see if there's any real threat level involved in it. Keep them guessing until they get sick of mind games on the internet and just start patrolling like good cops should.

Attached: crazy_straws.png (330x416, 52.79K)

Can we just have Zig Forums seperated onto a different website? This is the only decent site on the internet that is pro free speech and I don't want it to be taken down because a bunch of violent sociopathic dipshits that happened to post here decided to shoot up some brown people. Have one website for hobbies/interests and another for retarded political bullshit.

Attached: kaminaisnotimpressed.jpg (768x432, 84.49K)

Go back to cuckchan.

Attached: 9c2716c687388cde31f5868550a1090244c6cbf31f49a0b226eec87afa25857b.jpg (307x463, 24.83K)

I don't want to go back to 4chan /a/..

Attached: Gasp.webm (1280x720, 562.53K)

The shooter's manifesto is hosted on the front page of right now one of the largest boomer conservative websites for news. If they take down 8ch they would have to take down drudge now.

Why don't shooters post on resetera? "Journalists" post there, their shit would be seen by people that need redpilling and mods there would probably not know how to handle feds sniffing around.

Because they would just delete it as "hatespeech". Like it or not 8ch is one of the only outlets left for unpopular opinions.