It Was a False Flag

Let’s discuss the latest false flag event. who did it? the kikes? the cia? maybe muh russia? whoever did it, it wasn’t pol, see pic. Perhaps china did it. but if so, the chinese are more kiked than i am aware of.

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??? what the hell has happened to Zig Forums. nobody here anymore? is everyone here a governmnt agent puffing up fake threads?

Next you will try to control the narrative by iphopping and saying people who say it is a falseflag are boomerfaggots.Not gonna work kike.

this thread isn’t bumplocked or anything, but zero replies?!!!

nice get, giga satan

read the image, comment intelligently.

ebin quints can’t into (yous)?!

Why can they seem to make threads, but normal Zig Forums users can't?

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Have you read the news articles? They all point out the same thing. They want the FBI to start harvesting I.P addresses and monitor potential terrorists. (((they))) are afraid of national socialism arising, or worse, another hitler.

checked. read the image if you’re not another fedkike and reply intelligently.

Also, reminder. The mods are with the deep state, they have not banned or purged any of the tarrant threads for the past 3 months.


it’s lulzy, because they tipped their hand. see my image. i don’t want glow nigger bots to know how we caught them red handed in a false flag.

i’m not pol anymore, used to be. gabbed a while, then torba went full nigger on gab, so meh

Can the mods ban please.

fuck off shill, we aren't buying your garbage

Its not illegal to own guns.
Its not illegal to hate spics.
If you get caught planning anything its your own damned fault.
Literally any american could be a mass shooter tomorrow. There are so many guns and so much ammunition.

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You're just a pussy that can't handle some gore.

Seriosly, the only reason why you (((tarrant))) niggers arent banned from this site is because the mods allow it. This website is compromised.

oh, you’re gore trolling. i didn’t notice. i’m greyscale pilled.

Will you false flag schizo stop this bullshit.

you don't belong here sweaty

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i don’t pay much attention to people whose worss don’t stand alone, alart from graphics. images of text are fine. disgrams can be admitted. intellectual or fuk off nigkike


you’re a kike, and i smell your fear.

convince me i’m wrong. i’m genuinely
because i can prove beyond all doubt it was a clumsy (so i lean cia or mossad, dum niggerkikes) false flag. read the image for the beief explanation… if you’re not a bot.

sweaty, you don't understand
these shootings are just going to get more and more common the more spics you bring in
its every white man's duty to fight back

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i believe you now, sorry for being so fucking slow.

i’m not bothered by gore. i’m a vet of the meme war. i don’t bring anything anywhere. ‘m just an unemployed incel without a cushy underpaid job for mossad like you have my dear sharmuta

kys nigger.

Prove us wrong!

or just learn how to change browser settings ffs

cope harder

this is so exciting, because they messed up big time. they have no explanation for the elision! THIS IS HUGE!!!!

read the image bot.

then use your free time to train and accomplish something for your race instead of tearing down people who fight back against the invaders you dumb nigger.

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OP is a ZOG-faggot.

??? you can’t load and read images, can you? your software doesn’t allow it!

Come on bro, not everyone here blames the Jews for their problems.

He was just a regular user.

😆 you’ve got sero chance kike. u lot done goofed. we know now!!!

Deflection agent detected!

What the fuck are you talking about?

i’m so excited, because this is bigger than building 7. this is the whole enchalada, not just part. big. ass. motherfucking. deal.

read this image faggot

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if you could load my op image and read it you’d know, but you are a bot or agent with limited functionality to your software.

real pol goreposters don’t seotch to gay porn, because they have none.

Come on guys. Not all Jews, mkay? He was just a normal user, who maybe happened to be Jewish.

unironically, in this moment i am euphoric!


Beto O'Rourke laughed about this while pretending to be sad. What is up with this? A message or secret meaning? Did he know beforehand?

You are a fucking moron. The guy went to shoot up mexicans. Doesn't make much sense to bitch about the kikes when you are giving jose a couple new burrito holes.

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Nigger please, your conspiracy theory is just as retarded as I would've guessed coming from a flaming autist like yourself. Stop crying about the Jews and have sex, you fucking incel

it just slipped his mind. which proves he’s not pol.

If you were from here you would know thats the anus of Mark Mann, king kike of the /v/ board. You would also know he hates it when people post his anus and that hes a jew.

you underestimate virgin power.

i’m not into gore. it just doesn’t bother me, because reasons

this is massive. i can’t sleep. for once, we got ‘em. they done goofed.

You are a fucking moron OP. He was shooting up mexicans(the largest threat against whites in the USA). He was not shooting up jews. Would have been really silly to rant about the jews and then shoot up a bunch of beaners.

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wrong. jews are bringing the spics here through their policies. we got ‘em. they goofed. he wasn’t pol, it was an operation.

everyone from here knows he’s not pol.

We know the truth DEMON!

in fact, elision of the jq is a major topic on pol. this is huge. he talks about trump, republicans, democrats, and new sealand muslims… but…

ha ha ha my euphoria is hitting again. we cinched it.

Yes folks, people really are this dumb!

mods must be scared of something.

xD love orourke now. what a bro

Le Funnee shooting xD


check me, faggot!

Like Tarrant you guys. Just a regular user.



Notice how it's always the nerds who have balls? I haven't seen one good looking shooter who is popular. It's almost like "chads" are flakes.

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Here's his arrest video. He's about 6 foot 7 and taller than the nog cops perp walking him to the cop car.

nice, but i hesitate to use such images as the cia/mossad issues them (like kind) to poison the system, with provable scams, thus discrediting the messenger.

basically, i’ve been screwed before.

Who “happens” to be Jewish.

lol @ him being tall and pretending to be a loser.

but what s tome to be alive! they fucked up and did s false flag in plain sight!

I mean… garlic fest shooter and this nerd we're practically twins

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Here is where you can post information on all the victims of the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting.

As the media has been sure to tell us, all of the victims were Hispanic or Latino.

El Presidente de Mexico confirms 3 fatalities were Mexican nationals.

First American fatality identified as

Jordan Jabrowski Anchondo

A blonde-haired, blue-eyed 25-year old mother of a 2-year old baby.


Just another classic Hispanic name.

Find more victim information
Post it here

[New thread limit exceeded. Posting elsewhere as instructed.]

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straight out of cia central casting!

looks like a spic to me

fuk off jew

fuk off jew

so a mother who didn't give a shit about anons and probs hates incels?

why are you supporting obvious spam?

what the hell has happened to this place?!

cancer, incels, etc

how is calling her a selfish whore supporting?

she didn't give af about anons did she?

you replied to a copy-paste (1).

this is unique in us history!!! never before has it been provable that a shooting was a false flag. there were suspicions, but never proof, affirmative proof of a false flag. this is simply astounding. what a tremendous blessing they got sloppy!!!

Hello, everyone. I'm a journalist, working on a story. I'd like to speak to an actual Zig Forums/poller and not an FBI agent, if that's possible?

Jesus christ. Same shaped nose and everything. That's definitely not the same guy?

it’s never happened before that you could prove it was a false flag. it’s definitive. this will be legendary, this is so hugel the elision, they didn’t recognize their lision, showing the most likely culprit is the cia. mossad wouldn’t have that error, i suspect. but the cia has a bad habit of the kike blind spot.

not impossible, highly improbable..

Pius truth teller, DEMON!

that’s a very kike face. (i just turned on color, turned off invert).

Yes, we support violence.
No there is not a peaceful path forward.
Yes, the FBI wants us to stay docile.
Yes we hate the jews.
Yes we hate the invaders.
No we are not republican.
No we are not democrat.
National Socialism was for 1930s germany we must form a new american movement.
Hitler did have some good ideas though.
The holocaust was a lie made to justify the huge mistake that WW2 was.
Trump is a zionist boomer who hasn't delivered on a single promise he made to his base.
Yes, we are disillusioned with voting.
Yes, there are more of us than you think.

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but, ehat about my op image? comments, or are you a chinese bot?

We prove it every time!

Copy-patsy look on his face