Supporting mass shooters is for faggots

I don't know if the latest shooter is a false flag or not, and it doesn't really matter, it's the same either way.

You have to be incredibly dumb to support mass shooters. Even if you think political violence is justified (I don't), it still doesn't make sense as a strategy for us.

Think about it like this: there's a small minority of people who are ideologically committed, and a lot more people who are potential converts to either side. Call them "Swing Voters", or Normies. What these Normies are exposed to determines who they side with: they could one day end up becoming Zig Forumsacks or PC bugpeople.

If white nationalist Zig Forums guys kill random people, all the normies are going to associate our beliefs with being a crazy murderer. If people associate that shit with us, it's curtains, even if we keep shitposting online we're never going to see any of those normies wake up to the truth.

If you're feeling driven to sacrifice for the cause, there's room to do that: talk about stuff, organize, go public. Redpill your friends and family members. Be like that one guy at the free speech rally in DC who held up a sign that said "Jews Rule The World". That redpilled people, killing normies doesn't. It seems pretty obvious, and besides, isn't killing your own folk the most degenerate act?

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Well rejoice because the shooter wasn't even white.
Indifference and laughing at retards is best in these times.

They fake the votes, retard.

Vote for a thousand years and it will still be the same kike system.

Voting isn't the important thing, it's being relatable to average people. Getting them on our side.

It's stupid to go after average people and then expecting them to be on your side later.

Tarrant's a really good example: after the NZ shooting, most people there went further left and they passed antigun laws. Great job fixing your country, dumbass!

Hi glowie faggot, sup?
1. Reducing the nigger pop is one the first steps
2.>muh supporting mass shooters is duuuuum dooode
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yeah give me more of your (((clown world))) (>just don't do anything, sit and laugh at death of evropa) memes, or (((accelerationist))) (>just let us do our thing and boost our support, as soon as we will have our full 1984 dystopia with zionkomissariats all over the map we will fall, I swear, goy) memes

Get ready goy

OP is right. These attacks drive away support and help the enemy recruit. They are completely counter productive, not to mention immoral and illegal and they ruin the life of the perpetrator.

Only someone who wishes you and your political movement harm would support these attacks.

Fuck off, Amish.

Found the kike

You do that by killing the enemies that infect and kill your people.
Confirmed shill. The mexicans are not "average people", they are invaders.

shit thread and shit OP

Nobody supports Iran war, kike.

But shooting spics is not a "jewish false flag", in your wildest dream.

If you stand up and defend your race, you are a kike.

Good job.

I don't remember losing ONE single supporter over Tarrant attack.

Also friendly reminder that you should NOT organize. Especially at this time when MOSSAD and the FBI are trying to kill/entrap as many anons as they can. Just keep shitposting lads.

In minecraft of course!

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Retard, read it again. It didn't decrease the people who are already on the right (white) side. It stopped a lot more from joining who hadn't joined yet. And it probably helped the enemy recruit them instead. Absolutely retarded tactic.

I don't remember or see a SINGLE WHITE MEN who join the enemy line after Tarrant's attack.

You are virtue signaling and being incredibly bad at it.

OP is literally a fucking Faggot Posting. a Black hole should've formed by now from this Paradox autism

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New Zealanders all supported banning guns right after the shooting.

And there were protests against "racism", and "hatred", full of masses of normies who had become convinced that being redpill meant being a genocidal nutcase like Charles Manson.

Tarrant literally inspired hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders to join the anti-gun pro diversity left. If he actually wanted to help white people he would have been better off just staying home.

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I think we have more latent support than we know.

There are a substantial number of Whites who know what's happening but say nothing.
You see it on their faces when a pack of Vibrants cut in front of them in a line or start arguing over who owes who money.

They can see the future and how grim it has the potential to be. All the crap we have seen and heard about Vibrant Diversity begins to fade away and they, despite always trying to ignore it, will have the seed planted in their minds.

How do we begin to make that seed turn into something more substantial is what we should be asking ourselves.

These shooters were nothing more than an expression of pure rage - useful in that some brown idiots dies, sure. Harnessing that rage will prove a better outcome.


I'm indifferent to mass shooters. I think lone wolfers who don't get caught would be pretty interesting though.

a good video on why political violence is generally ineffective

the rage needs to be harnessed far more productively

Not if they targeted politicians.

Go away faggot

yea how many guns got turned in? Couple hundred? Out of 1.5 million+? Shill poster confirmed.

White boys are all pussy. They get no respect.


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I'm tepid on shootings. The spectacle is always worth it, though.

I feel there is a rift beginning to emerge here, those who think direct action is needed and those who want to play the long-game.
Both have their pros and cons.
I am quite torn myself on which direction we should be going.

The long-game has gotten us nowhere so far, for every 1 person we wake up, there are hundreds doubling down on their insistence that we are on the wrong side of history and that we should embrace it and get an asian gf.

New Zealanders aren't Americans.

The long game has won over a lot of people whose help won't come till SHTF. But it will come then. I think you know what I mean. Most people aren't willing to / can't give up their lives and families. But once someone arrives on their doorstep to take it from them..

Lone Wolves are usually driven by what I said, pure rage.
I would love to see someone actually go full guerrilla and not get caught let alone die. But once some people wake up they cannot control themselves.

And yet NONE of them turned in there so called assault weapons go figure glownigger

There is no long-game. One more market crash will collapse the entire economy. The government is completely fucking broke and driving the national debt exponentially. The kikes at the Fed can only print so long. All of this shit happening now is just the bleeding edge of societal breakdown. No laws will fix it, there are no solutions. It will accelerate until the SHTF.

Embrace the coming chaos or get trampled by it.

I remember after NZ there was the big debate about accelerating it all.
I'm coming around to it, that's for sure.

But we all know it won't be one of us doing it.

Well said, but I must stress that this should only be calling into the fact that optics is important. Bad optics is not a winning hand, but moral high grounding WILL NOT WORK. Actively confirming that we are morally wrong in normies eyes is a losing battle.

It's important to understand we are playing a uphill battle. And that ultimately we can argue and debate and "redpill" but this will never be enough. You need to be able to use much more if you want to see your ideals upheld. Do everything in your LEGAL right to win.

Might is right all else is error.

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So what youre saying is might is right except the part where you never use your might against a stronger opponent like the american government.

Well I understand that the book points out that laws are made to cow the weak willed.
But who here is strong enough yet to take down the american government?
Work with the might you have instead of poking a bear.

Everybody look at the Jew and laugh

Not all physical wounds heal.

Cuck. All thoughout history it's been necessary.

We Support our Little Brother . We will get him out soon. ✡️

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You don't have Might

how many centuries longer? it's already been one.

This line keeps being repeated. They weren't our own folk, they were Mexicans. Muslims, Mexicans, and Nogs are not "our folk" they are the problem, the enemy, and the problem with society.

it's ok killing your own folk. that's what's been done throughout history because they attack and kill you. they are literally, enemies.

Well, I guess we need to decide.
Things are about to get a whole lot worse for us.

Do zogbots, their families and supporters think twice about killing their own folk? No they relish the opportunity and impunity

How do you know? It could be worse for them.

Do you understand what we are up against?

Reddit spacing newfag trying to larp as a pol poster

Get out faggot kike

I do that's why zogbots deserve death (and their enablers in the judiciary).

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you're never going to make any real change if you kill all your "enemies", id much rather support actual realistic changes like Trump

zogbots have been openly criminal since the 70s.

Ok, mate.

Back to reddit faggot

Notice how the zogbot on the right is never killed. He's deployed to safe zones. The cuck zogbots are deployed to dangerous areas. You have to get to the back line.


Getting to the back line will get the strongest acceleration.

it was a false flag. read this. there was a thread about this, but it was removed, because Zig Forums is compromised.

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What the FUCK is happening with AMERICA?
Why people killing their owns?
Why color of skin matters?
Aren't we find HUMAN?
Why are we going towards DARK FORCES?
Where is our GOD?
Why only money matters?
Why are we getting controlled?
Are we becoming weaker?

you're just going to get my rights taken away if you keep promoting your strategy

it wasn’t that. see:

guns are out of date tech. there’s nothing functionally speaking that outpaces ww 2, which is ag least 20 generations of warfare behind, and even then the rifle wasn’t the primary tool of war.

You assume that Trump is your friend.
He has friends, for which he looks out for.

Not us

I only see mass shootings being relevant if they provoke an escalating trend that aims to spark a two-sided physical conflict. That means the shooter deliberately chooses a specific target that's known to violently retaliate, and uses this cycle of violence to inspire others to fight. Otherwise these incidents are just momentary blips on the radar that politicians exploit for narratives as always; forgotten in less than a month when the news cycle shifts. I'm indifferent to mass shootings and just keep an eye on them in case there's a sign of something more larger going on.

I agree. Trump didn't help us because we didn't vote hard enough.

It's just some edgy kids, kikes and glowniggers. Zig Forums is a board of peace.

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Looked like the mall was full of beaners. Was the shooter a Mexican? Folk is kind of a German thing. Obama should not have said "folks" when referring to people of non-German descent.

i’m euphoric right now. never before has there been such a simple proof that a shooting was certainly a false flag (often there are inconsistencies and head scratchers, but only enough to wonder). today, for the first time in us history, we can prove the event was a false flag (it might not convince low iq people, but everyone 120 and up will get it, simply INCREDIBLE!!!)

i go to bed victorious. what tremendous power we now have!!!

B-b-b-ut we are all individuals!
How good are The Beatles!

it was a false flag. image:


i hope he doesn't look out for psychos like you, please dont lump me in with "us"

Why are you here, redcap?

well, it was a false flag, and we have the proof, and it!s now impossible to retract it. big fuk up lol



maybe. but he wasn’t from here, or, more correctly, the manifest, well, see here:


mmm wrong.

(((Big Liberal States)))

Poor Honklers in CA/NY surrounded by NPCs/Amerimutts.

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but yes, i am euphoric in this moment! we can prove this one was a false flag. the pure sense of purpose and perfect knowledge!

thing is, the shooting is unique in that we can prove it was precisely and certainly and necessarily a false flag. how remarkable! there has never been such in american history!

Yes. Murder is wrong. Please don't murder people.

The 'support' is hot air. Just don't do the murdering.

There's no anti-Zogbot posts except mine, because both shills and kikes are posting. You fags just don't get it.


ANOTHER (1) post? are realosts ever made here? discuss with me the evidence this is a false flag.

Jews should not enrage you to that extent. Is there a large Jewish population at this particular mall? I thought EMJ advised the Mexicans not to harm the Jew.

Even Waco doesn't have the site overall, anti-Zogbot. And that's because shills and kikes are around. Focus on the Zogbots they are the obstacle.


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the manifesto has been had for some time. see here for something to discuss:

it’s in an image, because sophisticated bots are deployed here.


Oh fuck, guess we can just ignore millions of illegal immigrants that invaded the nation already.

A lot of Catholics are zogbots.

Yes but Drudge is hosting the fucking manifesto for his 750 million visitors. Either he didn't host Tarrant's because of it's length or it's truth value.