This one's in Oregon!

No news yet so place your bets now - nigger nigging? Montezuma's revenge? White jihad? All's fair in love and war.–law/police-responding-active-shooting-oregon-district/dHOvgFCs726CylnDLdZQxM/

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Where's his manifesto?

white jihad, I like the ring of that.

manifestos are gay and overused now

the oregon district of dayton ohio you fucking simp

It's not a jihad, it's a crusade. White Crusaders.

two shootings in 24 hours? soon there's going to be a dedicated news channel just for mass shootings, I can't keep up

I'd pay for cable if they actually carried a channel like that.

Thank you, I'm tarded.

OP has a room temp IQ. It's in Ohio, you fucking idiot. Stop posting here, you're too stupid.

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3 mass shootings in 24 hours; WTF!?

Antifa shooting white boomers in response to jew gunning down spics.

isn't life the best soap opera?

If it turns out to be that.
I'm just guessing.

probably niggers


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Oy vei that’s antisemitic

Maybe, but it is a Saturday night.
Bars aren't closed yet.

Take this with a grain of whatever you take random tweets with.

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They're very good and every anti-replacement shooter needs to leave one.

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This one posted his manifesto to a beto orourke forum.


Societal breakdown soon, moarpheus hates this!

post here

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Now who's the terrorist?

Where was the third?

No laws are going to fix the breakdown of society. Hell you figure they should be happy people are only using guns at this point, the most inefficient way to kill people.

is the boogaloo starting early???? Hope you faggots are in shape

Like pottery.

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I've been eating fast food and smoking for the past 4 months, so no I'm not ready

I wish.

i assumed same, but now im wondering

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we need one every minute


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Probability of being actually white just went up.

I was mistaken because of OP

something about fat shaming and being misgendered. the orourke team were quick to take it down I think.

What's in Dayton that's worth shooting for a white positive individual?

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The violence will continue until there are alternatives.

not much info or video on this one.

We need a violence clock like the kaiju clock. The clock resets closer to zero every single day until it zeroes out permanently.

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Video of gunshots:

10 dead so far, 24 injured. He shot up a bar, doesn't seem to be a gay bar. Wonder what the motive was.

Niggers nigging?

heard guy is still at large. drove off with gun and clips. on the fag side of dayton — is that right?

Apparently he's a fatty.

It's said to have been a White man using an AR-15, so perhaps it was a degenerate bar? Could just be a random shooting to be honest.

Another ruined city niggers destroyed. Not much else besides that the city is tanking faster than Detroit.


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Sounds like someone working late tonight.

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Epstien's back at it again

P.S. I'm so sick of seeing this nigger on twitter. No, I will never sign up. Fuck off.

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Not enough gun control, zog masters said kill. Shit like this doesn't happen out here because 90% of the men carry but watch as faggots say Oregon needs MORE gun control

The "wtf dude" sounds like a spic.

Prove it!

And have the clock on Zig Forums at the top of every board counting out.

If you want to guess, it's going to be neoliberalism.

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what a fag


You know what kind of so-called shooting this adds up to!

The OP is a retard, this didn't happen in the State of Oregon, this happened "in the Oregon District of US city Dayton in Ohio state…"

the jews did this

what else would you wear in the summer? gym shorts? those have shitty pockets and tend to fall down, they're only good for working out

So is this how Donald Trump will get Iran Invasion by White Nationalist False Flags that'll get all the non-jewed media sites shutdown. How clever Mr. President or shall I say (((Jared))).

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Jeans, always jeans.
Endure the heat.

scanner feed:

nice video. gun sounds are good.
Dayton, OH shooting at some bar. Initial reports of 7 dead.

Mossad just can't get the staff these days.

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overheating your balls kill test, they hang outside the rest of the body for a reason, they're to be kept cool. you need to wear shorts in the summer, and cargo shorts are the best shorts

Gunman killed according to eyewitness.

Soon vid related will be everyday.

And it will be great.

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Magazines, faggot.

Thats a shame. Hopefully the subhuman count is high

my fucking sides.

First reports said one killed, one escaped.
inb4 FBI handler got away >>>/x/

Man, I bet Alyssa Milano is going to have something to say about this. Bitch needs to go raw dog her tv brother.

great webm friend, saved. love you guys

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That's just a homeless guy getting some sleep.

Is that an anqueefa mask?

god I hope so

zoom in on face in pic. definitely wearing black mask.

Doubt it. But if it is, it could be a targeted hit.

Shoot identified as Paul Denino

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Ave Maria is the ultimate kino song

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I don't see a skull pattern so I doubt it's a siege mask at least.

no it look plain. also this guy doesnt look too fit.

look up who that is you galactic faggot

Wtf, is this the dude from 4lions?

>only kills

im listeniong to scanner they are tracking sdome one by cell signal at an apartment complex\

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feds took over el paso, this shooting right after, multiple reports of this guy having a driver, el paso multiple reports of multiple people. seems coordinated

stream it

Every shooting it's like you faggots are spinning a wheel and instead of prizes on it, it's races, with 99% of them being white but everyone here keeps praying it lands on another race that isn't white


where are you getting that?


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