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Alright, so the 2016 elections, Tarrant and now Texas have officially killed this site and this board. It was already impossible to have an intelligent conversation here and now it will be flooded with even more glowniggers, shills and Zig Forums cucks.

ITT: Discuss alternative sites or site ideas ASAP because in a few days Zig Forums will be shut down or kiked.

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I have no idea how to post here.

(((4cuck, stormcuck, ironcuck, MPC, gab, 8cuck)))

IRC still exists, you know.

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what's a 4cuck?

Gib good IRC channels.


as well as .onion chans and other darknet sites


Somethingawful cspam trump thread. We all pretend to be super faggot leftist cucke but it’s just code, we’re actually all nazis. Hail satan.


if your going to buckle down then go to IRC or something.

Fucking newfag raid has begun.

Farewell Zig Forums, it was nice knowing you. ITT we say our goodbyes.

Stop being so over-dramatic.

How about going outside and doing something productive for your race instead of shitposting all day.

can't vpn and there it's full of cucks.

they're betraying us why would we support them.

Well I don't suggest twitter. Pic related is what you'll find circulating and many #WhiteSupremacyTerror tags are trending.

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You're not wrong on the intelligence. I remember mass casualty threads were actually interesting and not grug brained. Honestly, twitters more interesting but still only good for trolling largely unless you follow the right circles.

Starting to think removing imkamfy was a bad idea it seemed everything went worse since.

No. You're a COMPLETE fucking Trash Retard. Kill yourself. Now.

I haven't read about any black mass shooting. Black people don't seem to be doing damage.



In a city like Chicongo it's not unheard of to see 30+ shot just over a weekend. Combine that with a few other enriched areas, and you get a few El Paso's every weekend. Just because the media doesn't cover it, doesn't mean it isn't occurring.

I mean anti-government.

Things will get disorganized.

The anons with redpills and the ability to distribute will flock to discord, game chats, telegram(especially this).
Some random guys will start asking why the world is shit and someone will point him in the right direction.

Why isis lost but alqaeda is still around?
Because defeating a enemy of ideas and not of a place is much more difficult.
Taliban lost the war in 2001 because it tried to form a centralized state with a conventional army, now due to its fragmented structure, it still controls the countryside and inflicts major damage against the (((occupying force))).
We're a major enemy now because we have no home, no face.
Everyone they see around could be a 8ch pol user and they know they can cover all the bases.
Up to now, it was just some disgruntled civilian, but when it's a hardened veteran? If a random channer can cause such damage with a simple firearm imagine what a veteran could do?
The Romans thought they killed the Jews when they burned the temple and scattered them to the world, they will do the same here and make the same mistake.

mass ones. not some versus gangs.

ms13 got cleared up without much fanfare or media attention. they didn't do mass shootings when they had the capability.

Maybe because one didn't resist and the other is a sub-human?


Why are you even here if you answered ignorantly like that…

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Yes, an alternative so the faggots will leave finally.

You are the IT

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Put down your Doritos and read a book you stupid fuck.

It would be great if leftists took down the board. We would scatter and spread redpills without shills monitoring and attacking us. Not to mention that we would have better optics when presenting our ideas too.

Zig Forums isn't a group, it's an idea.

If you want to beat them. Show images of the DC sniper being apprehended.

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Get out mustards

Get out, try competing on a level other than nigger.

End chan.xyz/pol
Remove the spacing.

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What happened to that guy?


It's one of the high profile shootings that disprove your bullshit. Remember the niggers who tortured a disabled kid on facebook? They also weren't brutally apprehended.

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DeWayne Craddock

Egads!!!!! If any more republican states copy Saint Tarrant the Dems will win for sure. Sigh

"Tell us what places we need to ruin next."

You deserve a spot lined up against the wall.


Sieg Heil Zig Forums kreigsmarine , I’ll work on Antarctica mission while offline
See you all in Valhalla!!

so thats what the new hastag "resist" means. OK got it, too stupid goyims oyy

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We need onion based chan. Nothing else will do.


facebook, instagram, skype, twitter, discord, msn … i mean c'mon bra they are so many how can u miss it ? wish u the best fell

Sage all demoralization/shill/FBI/jewnalist threads


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Go back to Reddit, faggot nigger.

Frederick Demond Scott

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Let me guess, this one wasn't a "hate crime" because hes not white?

I think the legal definition of "Hate crime" only includes crimes against minorities. By the legal definition, there is no such thing as hate crimes when it comes to white victims, no matter how clear the racial motives are. At least that's how it stood when i read up on it a few years ago.

You can't "hate" the majority until they're a minority. Makes so much sense.

Good, all niggers need to hang.

We aren't going anywhere (jew)

Implying anywhere we go isn't already kiked.

Something without

(((White Nationalism)))?

fuck off you trash nigger
go fucking die

Government is genociding white people and bringing niggers in. Why would niggers shoot up government which helps them to get all white man's wealth, land?

Because niggers are too pussy to do shit like this regularly.

The streets

fighting back at the non-whites hordes in white countries is wrong!!!

Zeronet Zig Forums

When will they start hunting down white people?

White (((White Nationalism)))

Notice to FBI, the admin and mods keep deleting anti violence posts and don't touch the ones promoting violence.

The girls got 4 and 3 years, the guys 7 and 8 years
Machael did not only leave bacon but used a machete to vandalize the mosque. The mosque is considered a place of worship
he also pleaded guilty

Kayla Norton and Jose Torres led a group of people who drove through a black community with confederate flags and shotguns threatening them including a childs birthday party

Not saying this is fair but at least tell it how it is instead of trying to make it look worse than what it is

You absolute fucking retard kek yourself nigger

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did the texan one make a thread that I missed? Been having to work a lot since it happened.

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nobody's going to tell you idiot, it'll just lead all the agents and jews and media there too

Communists did nothing wrong you cuck.

Fuck off, shit smear. The bill for your crimes is well overdue, mother fuckers.
You don't survive what's coming for you, faggot.

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why do communists always depict a germanic man in their propaganda? never a slav

Where? There's no where to go that isn't already heavily monitored or regulated, outside of places that are even more obscure than this. Who will you redpill in places that are more outside of the norm than 8ch? Nobody that doesn't already know or care.

You're not going to replace Zig Forums with 12 people on IRC.

The Akashic library obviously, the real battle is happening in the astral plane.

To psychologically maneuver and gas light their target with inversion.

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It's working about as well as the Russia narrative.

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You idiots do realize the more of these shootings happen the more popular the Zig Forumss become, the more popular the Zig Forumss become the more your IP and post history become background noise, the more popular the Zig Forumss become the greater backlash the establishment fears from their removal and shutdown. As long as they have us here they can if they ever decide to shoot the fish in the barrel - but if they decide to just blow the barrel up, fish are going to flying everywhere and if just one finds the sea they're all fucked and they know it.

This is something that simply cannot be stopped, many have been "red-pilled". As you stated more will come here and lurk and witness the truth, what Zig Forums is. This dark depth of filth refines all the mess that is poured into it and out of the darkness comes undeniable truth. It is why they are trying to shut this place down. In their vain attempt of destroying this place we will scatter into the winds. Too many have seen what the establishment fears and to many have become disciples of it marching like religious zealots to spread what they have learned. People call us crazy, racist, anti-Semites, Nazis, filth etc. But there is one thing they do not dare call us and that is liars.

The fire is rising, if you can't see it, you are blind because they see it and they are horrified.


Those are non-news from detoilet and shitcongo. Gentlemen of color had business argument that was settled with series of gentlemanly duel at noon with hi-points. Two dead and three wounded.

Anyone have the nanochan tor link?

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The bandwagon has begun, and hotwheels fueled the public narrative.

##Zig Forums on irc.rizon.net

It's where we left after #Zig Forums became rulecucked and now we're more active


fellow ##Zig Forums user here
rizon masks your ip
they do ban tor nodes, but you can connect from just about any vpn
register a nick and you can setup a bouncer or rizonbnc and connect from tor or anywhere

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I'm pants-on-head retarded, what does "onion" refer to?

Lmao your faggot site is about to go down for good

Nobody answer this braindead faggot.