White prison gangs are based

Why does Zig Forums shill against white prison gangs? White prison gangs are the largest white nationalist groups in the country and contrary to what some here claim, are very jew-wise. I know many of them personally and know they are extremely based and redpilled, and if they could be united into a revolutionary army to challenge ZOG's police and feds, the white race might have a fighting chance. Zig Forums refuses to recognize because they are stuck in the (((BlueLivesMatter))) reactionary mentality, or else they are promoting false-flag lone wolf terrorist acts

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Because they're in prison, what's the use of them if they're inside a concrete jew cell? Unless you can break them out of prison yourself.

most of them don't stay in prison forever

Virtually all of them are in prison for being trash people. Thieves, drug dealers, violent acts etc. Typical nigger behavior. I'm not saying there cant be the odd one out who's not a total degenerate.

Besides, loads of faggotry in prisons.

white prison gang guys are hot and have big cocks.

I dont see anybody ever talking about prison gangs. They only exist because whites that go to prison have no other choice if they don't want to die. They are a necessary evil and should just be nodded towards respectfully.

If you end up in prison you know who's side your on, though.

Yeah, 70% of it being niggers.

because the Aryan Brotherhood is about dat life and most skinny-fat faggots have their will broken very quickly so they are insecure around real gangsters, broski

They're all fucking low iq degenerates. They might be useful tools in a revolution. But beyond that, line them all up against a wall

Shut up nerd

incel scum like him should be lined up against a wall

White boys are pussy. In prison gangs or on the streets. Running around with their guns and manifestos and bacon like we scared or something I guess. Whatever. Keep your bitch ass white supremacy conspiracy theorist shit to youselves. And do something about your opioid addicted women having them white opioid babies.

Dumb enough to master combat & survival in literal hell that you would be quaking in fear in?

Bet you’d be the first white boi to get fucked up the ass.

Fags are not based.

Okay skinny fat

Lmmao at your post. Get off their dick. You sound like a faggot talking that fag shit.

"White Power" prison gangs exist to peddle harmful drugs like amphetamines and opioids to white people. That's literally why they exist. Gangs in prison have "territory" as far as the drug market is concerned.; black gangs sell to blacks, Latino gangs sell to Latinos, and white gangs sell to whites. These people exist to poison our race for their own short-sighted degenerate gain. If they were truly on our side they'd be beating within an inch of their life anyone who even dared try to sell fentanyl and meth to whites. But they're not merely ignoring the drug problem, they're the cause of it. Fuck these people, in the ethnostate "white power" gangs wouldn't be imprisoned they'd be put up against the wall. The people pushing for aligning with them are obvious fed shills trying to co-opt our movement so that it can be put into the same checkbox that shaved-head meth-addicted boomer WN 2.0 ended up in the 80s and 90s. We're better than them.

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Hitler and the SS used based meth. And one of the worst things about the alt-right is that it has lost connection with the based prison gangs. I will gladly align with them against YOU you fucking kike

what the fuck?

The SS pioneered the use of stimulants on the battlefield, a strategy that's used today by every major military force in the world during multi-day operations including the US military when they're bombing mudslimes Benny Kikeberg in Israel. If you think the use of stimulants to be more productive during military operations is equivalent to taking advantage of out-of-work middle Americans who have no purpose in life other than drug addiction, then you're a fucking kike plain and simple. You're literally sitting here trying to argue "UR A KIKE IF U DONT SUPPORT THE RAPISTS AND MURDERERS WHO PEDDLE FENTANYL TO WHITE AMERICANS". You're like the fucking avatar of fedposting, old man.

also not all white prison gangs exist mainly to sell drugs it depends on the gang and the individual

Any major one that you can name off the top of your head like Aryan Brotherhood or Nazi Lowriders exists almost exclusively to sell harmful drugs to white addicts. And the smaller ones inevitably get caught up with the bigger ones because that's how gangs fucking work. If you're a small guy you deal with the big guys. There are no actual National Socialist prison gangs, they're all WN 2.0 skinhead meth dealer "neo-nazis". That's not anyone here should want to associate with, those people are degenerates and use the glories of past peoples as a cover to sell their poison.

ok go on, ignore this potential revolutionary army and let ZOG win because you are a pussy and think we are going to win by redpilling bourgeois republicans

They're not a "revolutionary army" you retard. National Socialism is an ideology of the soldier-peasant, the perfect national socialist holds a book in one hand and a rifle in the other. The fucking Aryan Brotherhood is not literate, they're fucking brutes and that's why they're jailed meth-dealers. They'll do anything for profit just like kikes they're just not smart enough to make their profit within the current system. Commies call these people "lumpenproletariats" but we call the degenerates because that's what they are. They're not ideologically motivated, they're not soldiers, they're not national socialists, and they're not an army. These people are traitors to their race and no actual pro-white movement would want anything to do with them. They played their dumb fucking meth-dealing hand in the 80s and they lost like the stupid boomers they are. There is nothing nationalist socialist about shaving your head, getting tens of tattoos, and selling meth from prison to addicted unemployed people. They're the embodiment of what we stand against.

just more of your fucktarded caricature. gas yourself. the people I know aren't boomers either and white nationalists really need to reach out to them

You will never not be a nerd.

what the fuck kind of stupid fed shit is this. fuck off I've seen these people first hand they should be killed just like how duterte wants vigilantes to execute drug dealers. anyone trying to support degenerate fentanyl dealers is a fed or a retard

Come on, gimme a break. Many of you faggots would be grateful as fuck the Aryans took you under their wing when you most needed it…eg. your time in the can. If that meant letting a big and hard white guy fuck you up the ass, suck his cock once in a while, or likely both, you would do it and be happy doing it. You have to realize, most of these men are in for the long haul and it will be a very long time before or even never, they have the pleasure of intimate female contact again. And YOU may be in the same boat along with them. So if it's not female, then they have to compromise their values to recieve that critical comfort of the intimacy of the flesh from a fellow man. It's like a real Spartan trade off the same way in that the prolonged separation of Spartan warriors from family and life mate in Sparta caused them to seek the exact same thing in the same way. Besides you may be taking it in the ass and sucking cock one day but eventually the same will be returned to you, and you'll be even more grateful for that. SO GET OVER IT, ITS NOT GAY! (unless of course your a nigger, wetback, the rare jew, or the white guy too cowardly to hang with his own aggressive kind!)

White Nationalism, 20 years of failure on the internet. Yet it's everyone elses fault. Sounds familiar?

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.



You here 24/7 Schlomo?

This has to be fake, that shit is not even plugged in, actual retards are smarter then the average nigger .

Sounds like the first members of the brown shirts. There is a place for everyone in this struggle Aryan.

Mohammad was White
Buddha was White
Mahavira was White
Krishna was White

One of the top leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood is Tyler Bingham, a racial jew with a star of david tattoo.

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Yeah and this fucking board is full of them, why in the world did you create this thread anyway

Because gangs are primitive organizations that usually misunderstand and misuse nationalist symbols to simply intimidate their enemies, and because they are both victims and perpetrators of rampant degeneracy.
Being redpilled is simply the acquisition of knowledge, but it is how you utilize that knowledge that determines whether you're virtuous or not. Most Skinheads just stew in outward-facing hatred and violence towards their enemies just to defend their perceived territory - or just peddle drugs and sex at the expense of their kin to personal profit. They could act better and more effective under a different framework, but emotionally and culturally they promote degenerate cycles and are ultimately ineffective at doing anything but getting themselves and others into prison.

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Zig Forums shills against white prison gangs because they want to take the high road. The reality is that white criminal elements are just as important to our cause as white noncriminal elements. Look at how some anons here are criticizing them for moving drugs. The reality is that they don't force people to use drugs, they do it on their own. Thus, would you rather have a white dude controlling your local drug trade or a nonwhite controlling it?

Criminality, especially drugs, is one of the ways niggers flex their power on whites. You want to know why a lot of white women fuck and suck up to niggers? Drugs. MDMA, fent, coke, and weed are all moved by these niggers. Same to a lesser extent with spics. The white criminal class, regardless of how much you hate criminals, is an important part of maintaining our race. The black market is just as important as the white one.

And on a more personal level, if you get sent to prison as a white man, AB or one of the other white gangs will be your only source of protection. And the fag shit isn't true. Source: I have a brother who's doing life for a murder, he's a member of AB, and they regularly kill ChoMos and fags there. Admin often has to put them in adseg so they don't get killed.

White prison Gangs fuck white boys in the ass and extort them. Get fucked.

White Nationalism, 20 years of failure on the internet. Yet it's everyone elses fault. Sounds familiar?

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.


Nice bot

This is a cross posted data mining thread. It's currently on three boards across two chans. stop replying to garbage you stupid niggers

The retarded spicspam bot hits EVERY thread. EVERY day.
It's obvious the Era of Debate is over. Our enemies are not interested in anything we have to say.
Where does that leave us, lads?
What's next?

Notice to FBI, the admin and mods keep deleting anti violence posts and don't touch the ones promoting violence.

White Nationalism, 20 years of failure on the internet. Yet it's everyone elses fault. Sounds familiar?

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.


Kill yourself.

If you are in prison NO ONE IS ON YOUR FUCKING SIDE.

shut up shill

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*record scratch*
*freeze frame*

Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation…

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sucks my whore mom fell victim to jew brainwash and now I'm a product of miscegenation. I'm going to ask but I probably know the answer. If I went to prison ever and was fully down for the white cause they probably still wouldn't accept me as one of them right?

So based they fuck each other

His chest says homo loyalty LMAO. Fuck the Aryan brotherhood, they're drug dealers that ruin lives. They're only kike-wise because they see them as competition, not enemies of the race. This is as stupid as the fags who call the mafia based while they import shitskins into Italy because there is money in it.

because they are degenerates, i can't claim to have a problem with niggers if i support white people who act like niggers.
besides the vast majority of those guy who make it out of prison and go on to lead normal lives turn on us in the end and repent for "believing in such bigoted ways".
their ideology was nothing more than a convenience and came from a place of being nothing more than self preservation.
yes, white nationalism has an aspect of self preservation to it but it's not the core of it and would/could and should exist without that component being needed.
let me ask you this, if all the niggers,kikes,spics were disappeared from our country tomorrow would you cease being a white nationalist? or would you still have pride and strive to do what is best for your people?

This is what peak optics look like

Fuck optics cucks

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Please nigger, you're obvious

If you're half black, probably not. If you're hapa or half spic, you might be able to work with them after proving your loyalty. Just don't ever expect to be "one of the guys."

This, it has nothing to do with the practical use. Its the same argument as "well weed cures cancer, that is why smoking weed is good" to which I oft reply "well do you have cancer right now? Did you have it diagnosed? Or some genetic worry on the family or…"

In a similar vein I also encountered yet another degenerate who said "well Buddhism has tantra and stuffs, it means that its all around degeneracy and sex" even though the main practice of the religion is abstinence, meditation and general non sexuality.

There are people part of the core message, of the core philosophy who get it, and then there are those who are part of degeneracy and are looking for excuses. The skinheads are obviously of the latter variety.

Half spic man. Ok cool. I'd rather do anything in my power to help the cause than be a fucking braindead communist coward. I try to convince full white people of what's going on and I seem to be the only fucking dude with a clue.

reading siege as we speak lol.

just because you read a meme book doesnt mean you wont get lynched nigger

Then what do I do lmao. I literally have zero options it sucks. I don't wanna be a fagged out commie. Just because my mom is retarded I'm doomed to death, you guys could have an entire new group to fight for the cause but you'd rather exclude the most ardent people for the cause because of there skin color. Shit man. Well, I'll still bop a couple jews on my way out and leave the torch to you guys, maybe that's the best thing.

Kind of funny how people are open about wanting to kill me and still have a better argument than other political groups.

I think it's a pretty safe assumption to make that this is a fed/shill thread meant to probe the strategy of getting new clean-cut anti-degeneracy WN movements to associate with typical late 20th century degenerate WN 2.0 movements like Aryan Brotherhood. and are probably some kind of shills. They tried to argue their stupid fucking point and when it was pointed out that it's retarded they just resort to trying to shame you for not wanting to literally go to jail for selling fentanyl. It's the same strategy the spooks used to undermine niggers, create an anti-intellectual culture that glorifies genuine criminality. is probably right.

yea pretty much, we were warned constantly to not to allow subversives or subversive ideology in our mids, even a small change right now, can have cataclysmic changes later. Its a bit like a wedge that they use to widen the garbage.

Which is why unapologetic adherence to the norms that we have of natsoc/fascist lore is so great. It is actually bringing us to where we want to go.

Go postal on some high society jews and politicians, dont expect to come back alive
Race isnt skin deep nigger, it affects everything from your bone structure to your brain
The cause is extermination of other races and survival of the white race, you could fight as cannon fodder
dont flatter yourself nigger, white youth are the most ardent for the white future

This nigger is growing on me.

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No you are the shills. One of the worst things about the alt-right is has abandoned the recruitment of prisoners, the homeless and the poor. Prison gangs are extremely based and even if we dont approve of all their behavior we should reach out and support them. Classism is anti-white and anyone discriminating against "white trash" should be garroted

fuck off alt-kike, dont you have some ZOGnald fellating to do on some other thread? prison gangs are nigger tier as well as the prisoners, usefull people are criminals that never got caught

No faggot, just no

Now where have I heard this word before? Hmmm….

yea because the maga, based blacks, and pro jew zionist garbage that came here from the T_D is a great thing. NOBODY outside gets to enter. We may do outreach to them but nobody gets to be part of us. All of those who do not abide, who do not learn the lore, and who do not have our philosophies at heart can just go kys.

But those prison gangs they are doing much worse than many of the immigrants even. If they sell drugs, and hook people up to them. It is considered of the greatest of heresies. It goes against out core beliefs of self improvement. And our desire to uplift people. These people aim to bring them down.

Do you know what hitler did to the brownshirts at the night of the long knives lel?

there is no tolerance for any of this garbage, we will give zero of an inch to any of the groups part of the decay. None of them get to live.

Ironically speaking, as it stands now, we would pay money to the pious islamics to kill the degens if we could. As they have many standards of health, and traditionalism in them as we have.

Because we dont need to tolerate any of this crap, look at this, do you think in nature, or in war and/strife, the default, the peak of the human meddles with any of this garbage? It it an insult to your ancestors, and an insult to our effort to be pandering to pure filth.

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Yes Hitler behaved as a kike there. Strasserites are our comrades and anyone who tries to exclude them deserves to be die more painfully than the worst jew on the planet. Remember all the heroes martyred by (((Hitler))) onbthe Night of the Long Knives!

And you aren't trying to help anyone improve if you just write them off as "degenerate trash" because you are a classist cunt

I talk to the commies sometimes but the problem is global capital in itself and since they refuse to accept the fact dirty Jews are behind it I can't see enough validity in there ideas.

All they spew all day is "more laws this", "special race treatment" that. Makes me kind of sick to my stomach. Idk I go to my best friends house and his dad has a poster of Hitler in his closet and he's the only person I can talk to for hours about Marxism and jewish subversion etc.

I'm literally a product of jewish subversion so you can only imagine why I'm mad about it. If you guys had zero say in being born as a mutt you'd understand as well.

- White prisoners battling blacks and latinos daily

- Anonymous online poster

You would piss yourself in their position faggot. Stay online and stay safe but stp hurling insults about men on the front line

This.. They might be useful as shock troops but what place would they have in the new order?

Because out of all of the faggots in White prison gangs - a bunch of bookish autists on here have killed more of our enemies, done more damage to the system and make them shit themselves. All the prison gangs do is have anal sex and get faggot tattoos.

If your REALLY that mad about being a mutt why dont you go read some military manuals?

I'm honestly not that mad about it. I'm more so mad I'm barred from this political movement I agree with the most because I'm not "genetically right".

Anyone bourgy incel FAG who tries to exclude prisoners from White Nationalism should be subjected to slow, cruel torture of their tiny dick.

Its a way of life, you are born into it and the only way out is death, it isnt some political belief you can drop at any notice.

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Chimping out on random ethnic minorities while letting the jews, bankers, and the elite go away scot-free

Bruh, look where you're posting

People here do everything they accuse the prison gangs of. Its just that autistic rich kids think that because they aren't "trailer trash" they cant be degenerates. Fuck them

visit a /sig/ thread and see for yourself. Straight edge is a core thing for all of us.

haha come on with this thread, you cant be serious. most whites in prison are pretty degenerate and prone to violent and self-destructive behaviors. could a jared taylor type maybe get them on the same page? maybe, for a bit. then their base urges take over (you know all about low iq being linked to impulse control) and they hurt themselves or someone else. you couldnt trust someone like this and i would have a hard time being ok with their living next to me and my kids in the ethnostate.

These people will be used as cannon fodder and the survivors will be put into work camps, you really think these wiggers are allowed within the ethnostate?

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what does burzum have to do with vietnamese gingers and tradwave

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well im glad you cleared that up for me, thanks. you have my vote for regional council representation in the first elections we hold.

Oh I do watch movies, trick is just to know that its programming, and that its fake, because too many people use it unconsciously as a guide for their behavior. But every piece of action put on a screen from jewlywood is artificial. Knowing this, you can stay with the current trends all quite well, while still being immune to them.

Besides that, its better to just read books

Lots of whites in prison gangs read books too. But you will write them off however well informed they are. Fuck you.

Fuck you Zig Forums. You're the laughing stock of the internet. And the funniest part is you still think you scare people, just because you associate with mass shooters and spew racist, homophobic bullshit to try and look edgy. Well you don't scare me. At all.

I'm a male webcam model on the site Flirt4Free, under the name Milton Hanson. I use pathetic incel virgin losers like you to buy whatever the fuck I want.

I'm better looking than you, richer than you and smarter than you. Basically I'm better than you in every single way. You suck and I think you're fucking pathetic.

I'm going back on cam right now so come into my room. I can't keep replying to this thread while I'm on cam, so lets see if your brave enough to talk shit to my face. Unless you're too much of a pussy?

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only reason to be in jail is for tax fraud, or otherwise resisting the zog state. All the other laws are pretty legit, especially around drugs. And I dont think that many of you are for the legitimate reasons lel. Niggers go to jail because they cannot control themselves. You go to jail for the same reason, that makes you quite like the niggers.

fuck off faggot

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