Cripplekike isn't happy

spread his message as he knew people would save it and spread it, and that the
board is a receptive audience for domestic terrorists.

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Fuck that genetically defective traitorous christcuck retard.

Why wouldn't he be able to move on?

Figuratively speaking I should add…

He right tho ,This shooting shit is sad, but ain't nothing new smh. This why I don't like going anywhere. Imma start calling the pigs whenever I see a crazy looking white mf, which means any white mf.

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Mark Zuckerberg's website showcased the killing of Muslims praying in a mosque. Shame on him! Facebook needs to be taken down for hosting Tarrant's hate fuelled antics! Pull the plug Mark.

true. the website owner is not responsible for what people post. HW needs to cool his shit

Whiteboi kills 20people and not one cop had the thought to shoot this peckerwood ….privilege like a muthafucka.

Daaaaaas riiiiiii

Dey dun get dis boi faaast food like dey dun did dat church shooter mofuggah?


Are you cognitively impaired?

It's 10am in Tel Aviv.
That explains why you're so active right now.

I don't want to associate with traitorous cripples.

Where is kikewheels these days? Last time I saw him on here, he was chilling in the Philippines.

With ladyboy prostitutes in a dive bar.

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Hotwheels has taken ENOUGH shit as a disabled paraplegic from leftists. To commit shootings with his work while calling him a traitor is downright insulting. Kindly fuck yourself with a rake.

I didn't commit any shootings, and the weird mutt trotted out by the glownigs that did commit a shooting is nowhere near savvy enough to correctly label the cripple a traitor.

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Because Zig Forums will forever be the only thing that cripple has ever done with his life; so "what happens in Zig Forums" is essentially his only call to fame. He could ignore it all and just continue to diddle underage mutt hookers as usual, but he'll read "Zig Forums" on a newspaper and remember that's the only thing he ever did and will ever have done.

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How tiresome.

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Calm down Fred.
Yes, maintain additional industries.
No, don't fuck yourself.
This should answer your position.

Picking someone his own size.


kill yourself

Hotwheels, keep in mind most of us here are calling him a faggot

KFC and watermelon ape.

So because something is first posted/announced on place X, it somehow makes the place bad?
What is this retarded logic?

Do people shot down newspapers if said newspapers were the first to recieve a manifesto from a shooter?

Looks like he's preparing himself for a mass-shooting

He had a FB and Twatter too


It sucks but Hotwheels didn't do anything. Zig Forums didn't do anything. The shooter would have still shot down people if Zig Forums didn't exist. He didn't just wake up one day, and decide he wanted to kill people, solely because of this place. He would have posted his manifesto somewhere else

Wtf man this makes me want to cry. That poor dude is blaming himself for all the shit that goes on here. I have half a mind to make a Twitter account to try to tell him to let it go. That's really sad, he has a rough life

Why do those outraged about a shooting done by a white man, not give the same amount of attention to shootings done by non-white people?


Well that doesn't sound very Christian now does it

Go easy on the guy, he has a decade left on this world at most, he just wants to break even

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You can't be so sure about that. People get radicalized here.

Turns out he can talk the talk but he can't walk the walk.

Zig Forums is lost and a honeypot. The best course of action is to redpill as many as possible each time a mass shooting happens.

Logic, intellectual honest and reason? In MY planet?

The thing is, these people are either crypto-authoritarians or so stupid. It doesn't matter that you can go do killdozer or steal a truck and mow down faggots in a gay parade, they seriously believe that locking down freedoms is going to make a lick of difference.

Now watch them go ahead and not put this comment on the big screen on CNN, the evil cunts.

Reminder that cripplekike sucks Josh Moon's circumcised cock for money for his medical treatment.

A larp account or the cripple had a personality transplant going from a logical metered thinker to an emotional assumption based on distorted misinformation sjw reactionary.


You mean like the Chronicle publishing letters from the Zodiac killer?

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I think that twatter may have been fake, and somebody just changed the name afterwards to troll.


Posting a Twitter screencap as a thread in an effort to rage-snort the population should be a bannable offense.

He's probably just trying to distance himself from it and avoid getting blamed.

I ignored it entirely, but wasn't he allowing non-nude "child models" and pedophilia advocacy because of his lolberg principles or whatever?

this always gets me

I doubt it's him, it's out of character.

Can I get you to host my wife's son's bar mitzvah?

nice spacing, fellow channer
Be more specific.
We weren't remote controlling anyone.

It's definitely him.

how so.

Little fucker's a born traitor.

He betrayed Wizchan and then he betrayed Zig Forums.

Are any of you sure "cripplekike" is just a humorous name and not given as a moniker to him for actual Jewish ancestry?

At a guess, I'd say a mild incline + gravity.

What a faggot

Because @HW_BEAT_THAT has been his Twitter handle for 5 or 6 years now. Are you saying that someone hacked cripplekike's twatter to post like a sjw? He has other accounts on other sites and would say he got hacked if that was the case. The fucking IQ is lower than Somalia's around here because of niggerfaggots like you.

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Seems pretty reasonable from a legal point of view.

Hey Yuri! Back to support your new pianoboy? Now a a good time to post that sweet odessan jew dancing video, right buddy?

Hotwheels sold us out like moot sold halfchan out

Hmm, I don't recall following what a cripple does being on the IQ test. Speaking of low IQ:
That's all you could come up with? Not even him being a cripple to suggest to you scenarios other than hacking? Seems Q rather than IQ is more your speed.

He got sidelined by gook-fucking Jim "I gave 2chan users credit card info to the highest bidder" Watkins, who let his gook bastard Qlarping son take management of this board. Moot wasn't a total cripple though, he was way more insidious about fucking over 4chan.

Did his rabbi tell him to say that?

That's not very Christian.

This ^

Yeah he was, I miss that cripplekike.


Frederick Brennan is literally Jewish

Well let's be honest here, AOC laws are feminist kike bullshit.

For someone that doesn't give a fuck, he sure seems to care quite a lot.

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And now moot works for Google while the cripple is slowly dying in a third world shithole

They use real women there, it's not your favorite nigger bar.

Yes, I am talking to you, you Russian faggot.

equal fates, if you ask me.

i like how any action to go against the status quo, the lies they told us about history, or the fiat money system is immediatley labled as
who would have thought being exposed to truthful information would make people do extreme things. maybe you should have been honest with society and not tried the big brother i know better than you route.
youll never learn and neither will we.
the descent into chaos will be very satisfying to watch.

HW went native.

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Hahaha what a fucking loser.

I knew him back on 4chon.

Now he's all cucked and moralfagged.

Stupid gookfucker HIV-ridden crippled jew.

He just proves there are no good jews. Every jew, even hotwheels, must be exterminated. The jew always sides against the white race when push comes to shove.

White men with a gun can hit what they are shooting at. They get more respect.

Nah, jewt still doesn't get laid even when paying for it.

What a humongous faggot you are. Wipe those tears away from your face and man the fuck up. Hotwheels deserves no sympathy only hate.

that's a photo-shopped image, right|?

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Shutting this down will stop nothing

Shutting this down will cause thousands of shootings.

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If Jim takes his advice and shuts it down, where does everyone want to go? We need a backup, cuz autists are gonna keep using this site for manifestos for mass murder. We need a backup for freedom of speech. Not even a regular Zig Forums user, just a general site user who likes the user created boards and mods that aren't ridiculous moral/rule fags who thought police every user and ban the unwanteds.

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IT IS OVER FOR YOU Forums-shooting-manifesto.html

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So is twitter, and periscope, and twitch, and jewtube, and wurrrrrrrlstar, and the list goes on and on.

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I assume they'd just shut down this specific board and we'd head over to the next biggest board like it aka >>>/fascist/

If they shut the whole site down, someone will create a clone, and we'll go there.

Maybe lolifox or some other imageboard that is known for its freespeech could host us next.

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Even if Zig Forums doesn't get shut down the massive wave of normie newfaggots this new york times article is going to cause to flood here will be its deathblow.

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We're at 2700 and a few days ago it was 1800. There are a lot of faggots among us right now.

Bring it.

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Freedom of Speech is gay

I fail to see how a forum is a megaphone for shooters when as soon as they post their retarded "manifestos" they're taken down.