Shooting in Dayton, OH

Shooting in Dayton, OH


Kinda sounds like a shootout to me. Half chain is saying that there were two gunmen, one shooter was supposedly killed (they're also saying he was black), haven't seen confirmation so I don't know.

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Nice, more fun with auto generated captions.

Retards on twitter are already calling him a "white supremacist" without any motive or any more information than we have here and leftists think we are the ones praying for every shooter being a non-white or anti-white? We cannot continue to co exist with these people.

Gun control is definitely comeing

Only in liberal shitholes so the non-whites can kill their anti-white worshippers faster.


Local news here in Ohio says the guy had body armor on. Could be /ourguy/ again

May the best race win.



Anyone can buy body armor.

Found the guy
Raymond Egloff

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True, but the niggers who usually shoot each other up here never do

In most of those cases, they surely don't intend on taking much return fire.

stop posting links you lazy nigger
webm,mp4,or gtfo

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I predicted it, played hitman this tuesday and decided to shoot up a bar just for the feel of it (exif data, if you don't believe me), now people do the same irl.

Lole, even the victim count is thereā€¦

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You didn't get the police outfit? Shame

your logic is asinine retarded. please shut the fuck up

Why is this sliding?

10 dead including gunman, 15-20something wounded, reported on radio also
And aren't the cops great, they responded with one minute to violence at the hippest bar strip in Dayton on sat nite
Mayor gonna speak
governor gonna speak
Sherrod brown flying in to kvetch about guns, certainly


Nope this society is over. Either we kill them or they kill us.

No shit

hey dumb fuck!!!! post videos man for real!!! not fucking links dumb fuck!

Does anyone have a link to the thread he made or a copy of his manifesto? I heard he's desciple of Tarrant.

Dayton Ohio shooter is an antifa faggot. Go look at his twitter, all Zig Forums memes.

As far as I know it's some guy who got pissed off that he wasn't allowed into a bar so it's not like the manifesto shooter from yesterday or the nigger violence that happened today.