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Crusius at El Paso:

Please post pictures of the typical members of retard-chan - I mean, Zig Forums's Zig Forums. I'll start.

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Yes, you're right. We just need to keep our heads down and vote for Trump again. That will stop white genocide.

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MIDF trying to feel relevant when there haven't been mudshit related shootings since Tarrant? wew lad.
pro tip: arabs and kikes are both our enemies.

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Indeed, the only way is to be retarded and never give flowers and choclate to the Federal Reserve or help get child rapists in prison, indeed :))))

Yes goy, Muzzies are just as bad as Jews, Jews are not infinitely worse :))))) Never treat the HIV, only the common cold, that will save you :)))))

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I suppose those Israelis were dancing for no reason? Sage for "its not the jews" thread.

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Also, you should always target civilians, never cartels, child rapists/murderers, Mossad, or anything like that, that might cause people to sympathize :)))) You should also always go for killing them, never getting them in prison :)))))))))

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Yes fellow tribesman, kippahs are definitely not Jewish, now ignore this thread please :)))))

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How is calling out jewish false flags that actively work in jewish interests jewish? Did you let the monkies on the computers at the SPLC again?

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Mudshits are semites so yeah, they're as bad as jews. Acting like muds dont actually kill innocent white people is just retarded.

Wrong replied to?

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Excellent strawman my fellow tribesman, Jews should never have a much higher priority than Muslims :))))))))))
Also, do you like the attached pictures I took of you at our last Purim celebration?

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looks like faggit is leaking heavily



You're right. They never Name the Zogbot or White. It looks like we have to go back to the Democrats since they appear very "comfy" with their relationship with the Zogbot, despite Waco, the 1488 guy getting 60 years in the 80s.

I'm voting Democrat in 2020. I hope all anons realize the boad is full of "comfy" White Supremacists who never name the people putting them in prison or attacking them.

Pfft. This board is dead.

Enjoy your mass shooting you incels.

have sex

See once these shills are called out their whole agenda is neutralized and revealed.

This is a kike. This shit is coming to Israel. The Palestinians are going to be upgraded.

Listen up anons the media is going to come for us, they are going to lie about how Zig Forums is making people do this. Their playbook is old watch what they say, stay smart if you like this website don't post that manifesto the Jews want that. This is all apart of the plan to get rid of this site once and for all, CNN MSNBC and ABC are shitposting hard about Zig Forums.

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I'm glad there is someone still on 8/pol/ that remembers the (((flight schools)))

>it was CGI, the airplanes I mean

((( )))
Remember when Zig Forums found out they exist, AND were Jewish?

This is becoming really clear that when this information about the White Zogbot is posted the shills pretend it's non-existent. I'm going pro-Democrat and anti-White Nationalist from this point forward, because of you Eurofag morons.

Hi Mossad! Yeah, murdering unarmed Amerindians is much more cowardly than going after the cartels, amirite?

Retards of Zig Forums showing.

Not getting your claimed message here. Are you saying thay losing more quickly is the best approach? Or going for the most wretched and evil and worse-than-useless options that serves Israel the be- I mean, is best for us stupid goyim? Why not go for the child rapists? Or disrupting existing )))media(((? And doing so non-violently? And if you really were going the violent way, why not the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, or similar, in Minecraft? And without loss of characters in Minecraft, only buildings? Of course, that might destroy evidence in Minecraft, the same as Epstein being killed in prison would serve Israel the best.

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Of course I am from the media, I couldn't possibly be from, oh maybe 4chan, getting bloody stupidly tired of how you completely retarded turbo-faggots here at Zig Forums keep falling for the bloody glow-niggers again and again and again and again. But I am writing to a Jew and/or a glow-nigger, aren't I?

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Tose Muslims are correct, before inventing Islam, Mohamed was a (((Torah Believer))).
"They placed a cushion for the Apostle of Allah who sat on it and said: Bring the Torah. It was then brought. He then withdrew the cushion from beneath him and placed the Torah on it saying: I believed in thee and in Him Who revealed thee." -Sunan, Book 38, Number 4434

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Talk about being a coward. I bet you sign up to have them all take turns on your wife huh?

I bet they were all (((Trump))) voting DACAryans huh?

Why not deport every single one of them instead, citizenship or none? No, that would not help Israel, so that is of course a no-go.

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Amerindians are crap, especially the Aztecs, who sacrificed extreme numbers of humans, and which the cartels seem considerably similar to (I don't have my images or videos of cartel stuff here, such as the chainsaw beheading of two alive prisoners). But why murder civilians? Why not just deport them? Is the problem that such a course of action would not help Israel?

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So what about the synagogue shooting?

I think Zig Forums is invaded by non-whites who try to shift all blames into kike in order to avoid persecution.

Why not kill everyone of them instead? They are human trashes and their host countries wouldn't miss them.

Why deport them when killing them is economically cheaper?

They come here illegally, why give them back legally?

Your nose is showing. And was it supposedly a number of elderly Jews, who might already have died of old age, that "died"?
But there are some questions that I would really like Jews to answer, such as whether one can take the survival of the human species for granted, not on the surfrace, but in depth. And whether Jews are a threat to the survival of the human species, themselves included, with no sentient life afterwarda, not by the hands of others but by their own hands.

How genocidal of you, Moshe.
Like your genocides against various groups in ancient times, such as the Khanaanites (described in the Torah/old testament, an extreme, 100% genocide, including newborn, eveything that breathes, even the livestock), claimed against the Egyptians (where the Jews marked their doors with blood such that their "angel of death"/Jewish mass murderers would know which houses not to target. Some Orthodox Jews still mark their doors in modern times using much more covert signs, and some Bantus might be doing the same), the Persians (where the Jews accused others of seeking to genocide them, likely an intentionally false accusation, and used that as justification for pre-emptively genociding their targets, see more here: ), Cyprus (see ). And then there modern times, especially the )))early Soviet Union((( as well as )))ISIS(((. I can list some of the many genocides the )))early Soviet Union((( committed against non-Jews if anyone are interested.

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The horn gesture is the icing on that photo.

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