I am forced to leave this place

Due to recent events. They are cracking down HARD on anyone fullchan related.
I've been here since 2013 and was lurking on halfchan before this place existed. It's been a wild ride with every HAPPENING. But now I need to turn in the towel.
Why? Because like everything now, it has changed from what it used to be. We used to have valued discussions, we used to dig into things no matter how much they were censored, we would expose the Jew and be a constant thorn in the side of our enemies.
Now it seems a bunch of dumb newfags who are so green they piss grass have neglected the simple rule of "lurk more". Some weak looking kid shot up a bunch of spics and namedrops this place again.
We were always under the gaze of the media since about 2014 but now the dominoes have been lined up to make this place fall at last. Pig fucker Jim is a retard who only keeps this place up to boost his ego. He's a very shady person and will sell you all out for a cookie. If you don't know about him lurk more you pathetic newfag.
Zig Forums has been caught up in one thing of late, laughing at these shootings and acting as they're some sort of grand victory, it's fine to laugh at it and shit, who gives a fuck if a couple of spics die right?
The problem lies in your obsession for this shit, you've let feds walk all over you. The shilling is far beyond anything I've seen. You have to either be a retard or a fed to encourage such acts to others.
Even if you think violence is the answer, we do not have anywhere near the amount of people, connections or capabities to fight like this. We are just a few hundred autists on the internet… We always have been and we always will.
Focus on getting your lives sorted out instead of being autistic SIEGEposters. Some of you dumbasses took the memes too far and now this place will never be effective.
To normies, this place is a hive of extremism, a great title to have if you want to discourage them from being here. To intelligance agencies, this is a place of useful idiots who can be coerced to do shootings that kill literally a drop in the ocean of rapey third worlders while doing NOTHING to expose or harm the Jew. In fact it helps them paint whitey as violent people and prevents any serious action being done.
You played yourself. This place has turned into an autistic echochamber of glorifying baby attacks. Meanwhile Muslims are raping white girls in Europe and America is becoming less than 56%…
The light is fading on this place. It's no longer safe to even lurk here. Don't think "muh freedoms" is going to stop this place from being shut down or stop you from being v& for posting edgy memes. You have no freedoms when you're considered a terrorist.

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Noone is reading your blogpost newfag. And pol was never good

They only target you if you're a dumb spree shooter.

I've been here since the beginning too… so what? It's worse then it used to be but it always is. Voat was actually not so bad until recently either. I remember when 99chan used to be the best… such is life.

When things settle down there'll be somewhere else worth going, until that too becomes shit.

mhm, who's the new fag.

OP is a ZOG-faggot.

Take your own pseudoephedrine and lurk more bitch cunt.

Such a dad aye, leave then.

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Absolutely not, i've checked the analytics, it's in millions, dumb fucking nigger

You're right, but Zig Forums is simply too stupid to understand it.

Agreed. Honestly, Tarrant was the end. It's basically unusable now - between the constant shills, bots & siegefags (including self-admitted Satanists ffs) spamming there hasn't been a worthwhile thread in months. It's just a fucking waste of time now, and even the lulz of irritating obvious Feds is over. Even if you wanted to talk about actions like building communities or social outreach efforts (you know, like actual political movements have), it's just a wall of "REEEE SHOOT PEOPLE". Pathetic, and not in a funny way at all. No new memes, no decent OC, and meanwhile actual news that should've been huge like Assange going down or Epstein getting caught are ignored. Now it's just gonna be false flags and idiot shooters that didn't get ironic shitposting when it happened - who even gives a fuck about spics ffa? It's actually finally over.


Good riddance, now kill yourself.

the replies proved your point. apparently, oldfags are nigglets who have no reading comprehension and attention span.

Coward. You thought you could play patty cake, hidden in the dark corners of the internet forever? This is it now. Try and keep up, fuckers. We are never going back. It's not even up to us.
You ride the wave, or you drown.

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Got a source on that brew?

You're partly right about what happened to this place. but what you say it's like saying video games are responsible for the violence of our youth. This is stupid. After that there are stupid people and there will always be with or without Zig Forums


Nobody cares what you think op.
White race is on and we will mobilize, organize, accumulate white power and resist.


Jesus this post glows. So either you're the exact kind of milquetoast weakling we wanted gone decades before this place existed, or a fed terrified of the idea of Whites taking up arms. Either way kys and fuck off.


nice try Zig Forums is a board of peace and happiness

No it doesn't the two can be named together. You don't name the white o zogbot which makes you suspicious

2014-2015 this was prob the best place on the internet tbh

So was my year in fourth grade. Life moves on fag.

So when things get tough you just quit?

Thank you user, very cool post!

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He is refining his 'white cuck' routine. If he can't 'out coward' and run away the best, he looses.