A solution to increased unwanted attention

The media callouts and popular references to Zig Forums are constantly on the rise. For a long while already the board has been degenerate, dominated by constant stream of posts by schizo boomers, JIDF, discord trannies and fuck knows who else.

The increasing media attention is only going to bring more. We need a platform that can filter out the worst of it.

I suggest something like iqchan. A site where a half-hour intelligence test grants a code for access. It can be easily be done with a randomly generated raven's matrices test, and though it is imperfect and gameable it will work as intended, a filter against low-effort posters and braindead niggers.

IP bans can already be circumvented with ease, banning access codes will make it so shitposting puts a half-hour test between JIDF and their slide attempts.

What do you think? A site without boomers, retards and curious normies. Sounds better than the hellhole 8ch is becoming. The difference between the site now and a year ago is already staggering.

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I agree, the shills are going to be filling this place, i suggest that the board owner adds some sort of bot that filters JIDF.

Like this JIDF dude who's spamming White Nationalism is Jewish in red text on every thread, the bot would filter that automatically, ant then the board would be saved.

Cool, more people to redpill. Shoo shoo jew.

You fags aren't redpilling anyone. You've said this shit now for how many years? And yet when men act like men you betas just fucking whine like women and act like typical bluepilled normies

Why don't you do it already?

visitors came and all i have are redpills visitors came and all i have are redpills visitors came and all i have are redpills

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no thread without a redpill pls no pdf

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Jews are responsible for ALL of the wars for the past 7000 years or so
Niggers create all crime problems and should be shot like animals
Spics should be gassed
Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams and there is only one solution

What? Judaism has been around for only 3000 years.

AOC is right, if mainstream sites stopped with the leftist propaganda and the demonization of white men maybe people wouldn't have to go from "I don't think gays should get married" to "1488 sieg heil", it's not a breadcrumb but really a rabbit hole.

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Proto or crypto Judaism began with that niggerest of niggers , the jungle nigger adam
There were judaic and shemitic rituals and practices in Mesopotamia dating back to at least 3500 bce
Those ( ( (rituals) ) ) sprang from somewhere

these people should be lynched.

The racewar has begun.
Survival of the fittest now.

There's only one person that can save you guys, and save America.

The American Alpha male/true patriot himself

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The beaners will not let this stand.
Be hyper vigilant the fire is blazing pretty good now

I pray every night that it will be so. The blueballs are killing me.

Biden and AOC won't even mention 8/pol/

Natural selection will decide who survives this. If you get killed by a nigger at this point, it is your own fault. The war has started.

My dear polacks,

1. Stop panicking. Being hysterical doesn't help you, and it won't change the outcome.
2. Use the current opportunity to deliver redpills. Now is the time most normies and media-[insert insult here] will read your redpills.
3. Make sure, that they know, that extreme rightwingers are one of the most peaceful groups on earth. Niggers, migrants, muslims, and so on, are killing far more innocent people on a daily basis, than rightwing shooters.
4. The group with the highest bodycount by far is not any radical group, but the mainstream. Millions of people died horrible deaths as a result of the US-led wars in the middle east and afghanistan. Those wars were facilitated by lies and propaganda spread by the mainstream media.
5. The mainstream media and mainstream politicians have far more blood on their hands, than Zig Forums, or any other radical group, even if you include terrorists, criminal gangs, and the whole islamic world. Let me repeat this: The mainstream media and mainstream politicians are responsible for many orders of magnitude more violent and unnecessary deaths, than even ISIS.
6. When compared to the violence and aggression done by the western mainstream in the name of israel/democracy, even the muslim world, with its huge numbers of fanatical terrorists, appears reasonable and peaceful. And extreme rightwingers cause even less bloodshed than muslims. Blaming white nationalists for violence is blaming one of the most peaceful groups of all for violence, while ignoring far more violent groups. This is especially distasteful, because the mainstream media is part of the most violent groups of all, and is using lies like the WMD-lie to facilitate the most extreme form of violence possible.
7. Consider the possibility, that the shooters are posting on Zig Forums, because Zig Forums not heavily censored, and will not help the mainstream to lie in order to spread the narrative. If you're a shooter, maybe you just want the public to hear what you have to say, and not be lied about. It's obvious, that the media will spin the narrative, lie, and leave out facts. If the media would report accurately, shooters would contact the mainstream media with their message, and wouldn't have to rely on small image boards such as Zig Forums.

Better tell those professors in universities to stop reminding white people that they'll be a minority by 2050 then.

How the fug did you manage to post on tor? It's unusable.

✓ czeching that id as well

A better captcha is your panacea? You must be a dumb jew who wants use to wall ourselves off. Proper moderation handles the trash. That's what is needed. Being open is duel edged, On one hand, we red pill normies (just look at the reports of our posts on moderators on normie sites) and on the otherhand, in floats some shit. Stop being such a faggot and deal with it. The site is more or less the same as it's always been. You just don't remember.

it won't filter out the glow-in-the-darks, though
or the kikes

I would say to shut it down temporarily to prevent copycats. It is stupid yes but the normies will forget and those with heat can spread an be active somewhere else. A shutdown will be better for pol in the long run. Heat is lowered and the nomads can move if they want. As long as alternatives exist during the elections and the market crash. Its fine.

The media is already lying.
The last shooter is a confirmed antifa and the media is saying that he was a WN

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Good. I want the media to lie.
Everything they do just makes things worse for them.

Post a gore thread.