So let’s think about this: the Jews claim that Hitler killed six million Jews between the years of 1939/1941 - 1945. Assuming it’s true, that would’ve devastated Europe’s Jewish population. It took just 5 years for Hitler to completely BTFO these cowardly kike losers, when it was open genocide time. And yet that same thing has been happening since 1948 in Palestine, except for the fact that it wasn’t the Jews who were the victims this time, but it was the Palestinians. Except they haven’t given the Palestinians the “slow boil” approach like they do us, but instead they’ve been in full open genocide mode against the Palestinians, and yet the Palestinians are still here and stand strong as a lion. They are fighting the occupation themselves and don’t need America’s help in doing that, unlike the cowardly, traitorous, verminous kikes in Israel.

This is thing, because it shows you how weak the Jew is physically. Tom Metzger and a few others had once beat 13 - 15 buffed up JDL thugs when they were only 6 in number. Shows you how weak the Jew is.

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Implying Palestine exists and is not a fake state created by the islamists in Judea

Who gives a fucking shit?

The war that matters is in Europe and America.

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Discussing, dissecting, and disseminating jew crimes no matter where their targets are located is extremely important and always relevant.

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because it gives us the moral highground or at least justification. Also having the favour of the largest and fastest growing religious group on our side is an advantage.


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The only problem with muslims is that they are invited by jews and jews are using western countries to attack their countries.

We do not need muslims you dumb ass. If you need them so much go, live and plot with them.

Israel is Palestinian land.
Jews are global mutts and have no land.

You should check the Arab-Israel wars from 1949 onwards before spewing bullshit like this. Pretending to be weak and harmless from position of power is the oldest trick in the book.

Kill the pissraelies yourself shitskin.

That isn't implying, it's a fucking fact.

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Yeah okay, mustard.

Palestinians are Jewish. (When I say Jewish , I mean descendents of Abraham)
90% of Palestinians at the time of the initial siege had Israeli DNA.
This is nothing more than Khazars killing and robbing the land of Jews. Anodah Holocaust

Israel was renamed Palestine by the ROMANS - as a ROMAN province after they sacked it and sent most the ISRAELIS living there into exile. During WW2 a muslim nutbar invented the whole idea that muslims had some sort of BS claim to the land (he was in league with Hitler and Mussolini btw), despite the ENDLESS amount of archeological evidence the area was populated by Hebrew culture for thousands of years. It's amazing how many of you continue to make such a claim, when the only "evidence" exists as baseless rambling. Read a fkn book.

Genetics prove that Palestinians are native to Levant and Israel and jews are more further from them and come more likely from Southern Italy than from Levant

And who made this claim? Haj Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem at the time. Nazis wanted the muslims to fight with them, so they supported that bullshit idea as a rallying cry. Nice try.

The zionist fake state argument… what a load of crap!

In the 2,000 years after the Diaspora no one lived there, had families and put down roots.

And just because a nation has never existed before doesn't mean it has no right to. The United States didn't exist before 1776.

Nations do not need ancient mythic bloodlines, they are formed by people. There are 2.8 million people who have been under a military occupation for 50 years who want an independent sovereign nation.

I don't want to pay for their suppression anymore.

The United States made itself.
Isreal, and the "jews" who occupy that space, lied, cheated, and stole, to make that happen. They lie, cheat, steal, and murder today to keep the lie hidden.
It's not working anymore.
You're totally fucked, yid.
I'm glad to watch you fall.

100% Guarantee:

There WILL be some unfortunately bloody attempts to divide this land in the near future and give it to others. EVERY single one will FAIL in epic fashion, regardless of how anyone feels about it. It WILL remain Israel forever, and quite probaby increase in size. The only sad part is how many lives this will cost.

Yeah, ,zionism was a crap idea. But I hope they go the South African route and peacefully turn over power.. They have nukes you know.

Is God going to do that for you? Because I don't see Israel doing very well when the American gibs stop flowing in.

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Look, I'm just another human being, so I don't need you or anyone else to take my word for it. And actually you shouldn't.

Just keep watchin….

If you wait for god,, you will wait a very long time

Fun fact, Israel was founded by jewish atheists were sick of waiting for the Messiah.

Palestinians need to stop trying to piss off the kike for once. They always end up starting some kind of fight and get pissed when the Jews retaliate. Start by getting rid of Hamas.

Literally no one is falling for your spam. Commit suicide, moishe.

Maybe the Zionists need to accept the Palestinians will never surrender… I don't know. and to tell the truth I don't even care that much. I'm just pissed off this conflict on a tiny patch of land looms so large in American policy because of Jewish Billionaire Lobbyists.

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Jews killed 6 million Palestinians in the holocaust.


The Brits once offered the Jews a part of British East Africa (around Modern Kenya) in 1903. It was a temperate, fertile, and relatively uninhabited piece of land. The World Zionist Organization voted in favor of the proposal and scoped out the place for a few years to come to a conclusion.

Did the Jews accept this? Free fertile land for just the Jews as their homeland away from persecution in Europe? Nope, instead they rejected it because they were too scared of lions and the thought that some jungle monkeys might throw some spears at them and decided to get Shoah'd instead.

The British don't want it, that is part of the foundation of this mess. They promised the area to three different political players to get stuff they wanted, and then fobbed the whole thing off on the fledgling United Nations.

Oh it's more than a just a homeland, they want to restore the old ancient Israel. They have a special hard-on for that particular piece of real estate. Even an atheist jew thinks they are somehow entitled to it.